Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Seven Year Itch

"The Seven Year Itch" (1955)

When my husband told me he never saw "The Seven Year Itch" I was really surprised and super excited! I thought it would be fun to watch this movie together because I just knew he would love it just as much as I do and he did.

It starts with an average Manhattan husband named Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) who is sending his wife (Evelyn Keyes) with their son to Maine for the summer. It is true, New York City is very hot in the summer so I can totally understand why so many husbands would send their families off to an area where they can partake in water sports and staying in nature orientated environment. Way better than sending your child off to summer camp without you I think hehehe But it is insinuated that many of these husbands sort of rebel against their wives and the household rules while they are away. (naughty boys!)
A sweet moment shared between co-stars while filming the "skirt" scene.

According to Mr. Sherman's psychologist played by Oskar Homolka, he believes that is it during the seventh year of marriage that men usually begin to have extra-marital affairs. Mr. Sherman shrugs it all off until a living doll steps into the picture played by the stunning Marilyn Monroe. At first he finds himself hugely attracted to her and even tries to seduce her with some piano playing but he really struggles and attempts to fight his temptations.

Trailer for "The Seven Year Itch"

To me, this story is so completely and utterly charming. I have a few reasons I think this and here they are:

  1. The color used in this film just makes everything look like eye candy-including the ice cubes!
  2. The character of Mr. Sherman has these well thought out and vivid daydreams and fantasies-you cannot help but get carried away with him.
  3. Marilyn Monroe is so adorable and sweet and just elegant!
  4. The sets were oozing of details from the books to the records to the just makes you feel like you are in 1955!
  5. The friendship between Mr. Sherman and the "girl" (you never learn what her name is) is just perfectly charming, innocent (and not so innocent), and really endearing.
  6. It is soooooooooooooooo funny-you will be in stitches!
  7. Of course there is the infamous "skirt blowing" scene *smile*
  8. Makes you appreciate the idea that there are good men out there that are still madly in love with their wives after seven years (or more)!

Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe were a delightful pair to watch together.

As Mr. Sherman struggles with his wandering eye he ends up developing a sweet friendship with his lady love that leads him to build more inner confidence. It also leads him straight back into his wife's arms. He was simply a man in love (with his wife) who doubted he could ever have anyone fancy him after all these years of marriage.

I will always love this film and if  you ever want to watch a film that is charming in ever way possible, totally hilarious, creative, realistic, and visually delightful then this is a must see!!!!



  1. It's a very enjoyable movie!

    I remember reading somewhere that it was a good movie even if marilyn was fat in it. I do wonder what references that person had...

  2. OMG are you serious!!!?? Omg fat! Holy cow! People are mad I tell ya!!


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