Sunday, March 18, 2012

Special Cinema Spotlight: The Artist

"The Artist" (2011)

Can a film really tap dance its way to your heart? Yes, well did one certainly did for me! I have been wanting to see The Artist for some time now and didn't know if I would have the chance. But my chance came this past Wednesday and my husband and I got the chance to spend a little time together.

The movie theater wasn't packed and the film being silent was a first odd to get used to but I got into it right away. I think what really captured my eye was a blend of George's smile and Peppy's humor. The two together created on screen magic!

George Valentin and his amazing dog "Jack"

The film stars Jean Dujardin as "George Valentin" who is a silent film star. He stumbles upon a fan by the name of "Peppy Miller" played by Berenice Bejo who eventually becomes a film extra. In studio George sort of takes Peppy under his wings a little and after working together they both realize there is a mutual attraction. Something Peppy is always able to do is make George smile and laugh-its special connection they have with one another but George is already married so he does not pursue anything romantic.

I ADORE this scene-Peppy is enamored with George and
puts her arm through his jacket and pretends that he is
holding her. It was endearing and touching. Love it!

In 1929, the film company that George worked for decided to end the making of silent films and go head on to sound pictures. George's reaction was classic-he was both amused, astonished, and down right prideful. He wanted nothing to do with it so he was let go of his contract. He then decides to make his own silent film and finance it himself. While he is doing this, Peppy slowly works her way up to the lead in a sound picture.

Needless to say, people flocked to Peppy's film and she was an instant star. But although George's film didn't fair too well and with the stock market crash he became penniless-Peppy always looked out for him in every way she could.

Trailer for "The Artist"

I felt like the film created an aura of magic and although I had a major crush on the 1920's and 1930's, after this film I have fallen madly in love! There was something special with Hollywood, that while the country and the world was suffering terribly from the aftermath of The Great Depression, they made films that were fun, romantic, exciting, and epic (ie "Gone with the Wind").

George and Peppy in the final scene of the film.

To those who have yet to see this film, be prepared to be dazzled. I know I was and still am! I tap danced my way out of the theatre hehe And don't think that this film is just all about pretty costumes, it also holds a lesson for all of us on the issue of pride. What pride can do to us if we allow it power over our decisions in life.

Go see it! If you have-will you see it again? I plan to own it when it comes out and watch it over and over again!


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  1. I really loved it! It's already in DVD here in France but I think it was good to see it in a movie theater!


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