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My Vintage Wardrobe: 1940's Trouser Outifts

Glamorous everyday 1940's woman: Glamour Daze

I will  not lie, dresses and skirts are really attractive on women and add a certain amount of femininity on a woman as it wraps around her curves and showcases her beautiful legs. I stopped wearing skirts and and dresses in 2003 when I realized I could no longer "fake" being like everyone else and I needed to wearing my braces full-time. Through college and my early/mid twenties I would wear boots to help keep my heel down and give me support. In doing so I really damaged my feet and the bones in my feet. That eventually led to surgeries on my bones in 2001 and 2002.

With that being said, it doesn't mean I don't miss it because sometimes I do and sometimes-just sometimes I wish I could be like everyone else and put on my shoes one foot at a time. My case is different. I have to wear usually cotton (because they allow your skin to breathe better) socks all the way up to my knees and I put on my brace on both legs, then I put on my shoes. Nothing fancy-usually my New Balance sneakers LOL

Photo and Patterns from Sensibility

I could wear 1940's dresses and skirts but I honestly wouldn't feel as comfortable exposing braces-they make me feel stiff as is so I don't like to add to the situation. Trousers are it for me-so what kind of trousers can a 1940's girl like myself hope to wear and with what accessories can I wear them with? I know that in the 1940's trousers were worn like we wear jeans today-casual. My challenge and I have accepted it--is to figure out how I can wear trousers for every season and even go from casual to dressy and yet still remain true to 1940's fashion as much as possible.

In December I wrote a post about 1940's Trousers which you can read here. I now working on having my trousers that I had made altered because they were unfortunately too big. I also plan on adding some more colors as well as jeans to the mix especially for the warmer months.

What to wear with trousers???
You can wear a vest or a sweater vest like
this one that I found on Etsy-it is to die for!

Trousers with a Jumper (sweater)!
I found this one on Etsy that is just my style!
Photo from Little Jenny Wren

Katherine Hepburn worn mostly trousers and she was able to
maintain with style and flair! These are some example of Trousers with
Cardigans, Blouses, and Blazers. Photo was from Fashions from the Past.

From Etsy seller named FloraChild

1940's Reproduction blouse from Etsy
seller named SallySweetLove

Buying (or finding) trousers and blouses from the 1940's can be tricky for many reasons. The biggest is measurements. So with that being said, one way to have the perfect fit for your frame for your trousers is to have them made. There are many seamstresses on Etsy to make reproduction garments or you can always ask family or friends that sew if they can make some pieces for you. I firmly believe that those who work should get paid, so send something their way for their work.  *smile*

Material can cost anywhere from ten dollars and up-all depends and what type of material and how much you need. Etsy also has a wide array of vintage patterns for all decades! Check them out-they have dresses, skirts, trousers, pinafores, blouses of all kinds, and even knit patterns for those who knit. You can knit your very own 1940's cardigan!

Like I have said before my plan for My Vintage Wardrobe is to have a mix of vintage, reproduction, and modern but when it comes to accessories that is a whole other story. Stay tuned for tomorrow's peak into 1940's accessories!



  1. The sweater and blouse are beautiful. I think trousers looks lovely.

  2. I agree! I love how the designed everything to look so feminie--its as if they took great care to ensure that a woman was at her best. Something we are missing in todays fashions I think! xox

  3. As far as I am concerned- 40s trousers *are* really dressy compared to modern fashions ;)
    I think this is a great excuse for you to try out the overalls, palazzo pants and other exotic trousery things from bygone eras :) Have fun with it, right?
    I know I have been eyeing up the palazzo pants (I KNEW I should have asked my sisters to get me a pair from Primark while they still had them!) and I am dying to make some of the 40's overalls like these:

    The other thing is... can you manage with a really long skirt? I have seen some very dressy 40s styles with floor length gowns...
    It will be interesting watching your wardrobe accumulate- my own is just beginning to do so ;)

  4. I like vintage style.
    I can't wait for the 1940's accessories:))

  5. Thank you Sherene!

    Omg Rachel-I never thought of that-thank you-will look into longer skirts! Yes I totally am with you-even the trousers are feminine-cannot wait to put it all together too-thank you for your support! xox

  6. OOh goody- I am glad I mentioned it then :) They are usually formal dresses- but it would definitely be something nice for you to dress up in ;)

  7. Youre so sweet to mention them-thank you again! I found some patterns I love on Etsy-now to find a nice place for my hubby to take me to so I can wear one heheh xox


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