Friday, September 30, 2011

Post Adventures~Philly!

Leaving Celeste's studio

My magical afternoon with Celeste Giuliano had ended and my friend Rocio and I met up with my husband who was patiently waiting for me. I loved the look on his face when he saw me-his eyes popped out! I loved it!

We headed straight for our cheese steak sandwiches at Pats King of Steaks and then at  Geno's to decide which we liked best. My husband and I must have seen a dozen or more shows about these two cheese steak places and it was like a foodie dream come true for us to be there.
Right before we stopped at Pats for our sandwich

Genos sandwich with provolone cheese

Which will I choose?

Geno's had the softest bread and the provolone cheese went really well with the meat--it was defiantly tasty. BUT Pat's won hands down!

I enjoyed every bite!!

Pat's to my palette was more savory and I loved having the cheese melted. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised that I would like Cheez Whiz. I  don't think I have had that since I was a kid, a few moons ago lol

WWII Weekend Flyer

Right above where we sat was this flyer for The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend which is an event I recently discovered online. After seeing it here I figured its meant to be! Hoping to at least spend one full day at that event and dress up 1940's style from head to toe!

Feeling amazing!

All in all it was a spectacular day spent with amazing people and loved ones. I learned a great deal which always makes me happy. One important thing I realized for myself is that you really have to be pleased with the body and face that you have at this very moment. Its important to focus on the postives of what you look like and not on the negatives. If there are some things you can change then its something to work on little by little. Otherwise being content with the shape you are in actually builds more confidance. The more confidance built the happier you are with yourself and in my case the more amazing the photos will be.  I couldn't be happier with where I am personally in my life  and look forward to many more adventures and many more photo shoots!
Thank you for your support!! xox

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adventures in Pinuping: Part Two

Philly is around the corner!

So if you guessed that we made it to my photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano then the answer is a huge YES!

While we were impatiently waiting to hear from the car rental place a really great guy we started talking to named Jamie said that he would call them up himself and see if they could come and get us a little faster than the hour they said it would take. Because of Jamie's kindness and good deed we were able to get picked up and they gave us a car (ironically an older one compared to what we had-we had to roll down the windows ourselves haha!

My husband drove carefully but fast, thank goodness he has an AMAZING sense of direction and he's super smart so even thought he has never been there before he got me to Celeste in time! I was able to do one out of the two themes I was originally going to do so I was thrilled with the opportunity.

My friend, Rocio, allowed me to use her "fancy" phone and I managed to let my pinup friends know what going on and my friend Brittany said, "Everything happens for a reason". It's something I have said to myself a zillion times but at that moment hearing it from someone else made the difference and she was right. After a long day driving and all the drama with the car and lack of sleep, doing one look ended up being perfect!

I met Celeste and her fabulous team who gently took me under their wings and made me prettier (yes I said prettier heheh) and at the end of my cheesecake transformation I looked like a living doll!! So cool! Let me also say that Celeste's studio is stunning. Its both cozy and visually pleasing. There are beautiful images of classic pinups all over including the bathroom! Her studio is incredibly clean, tidy, and organized. And maybe its the mommy in me----ahhh okay its not the mommy in me----its the detailed-oriented person in me that appreciates organization. Her studio is where art happens and you can see it all around you.

After I settled in I went straight to get my hair started. I have to tell you that my MUAH team was gorgeous---these women are both beautiful, talented, and really passionate about what they do. We talked about life and our kids and it was nice to meet such interesting and incredible women. Girl time is on my to-do list now. Its something I forget to do especially with the schedule I have but I know now its good for a girl to get out and chat it up with other girls *smile*
The beginnings of my hair by Raina

From hair I went straight to makeup with the fabulous Kirsten who painted on my makeup-well it felt like it anyway. I felt like a canvas and it was very calming, soothing, and relaxing-LOVED it! My only gripe is next time I don't want to talk as much as I did and just sit in quiet and enjoy the pampering a little more. 

I am all dolled up!!!

Makeup is a magical thing I tell you. Look fwd to learning more about it! Raina then took over and within minutes had my hair looking like I stepped out of 1952. She made it look so easy but that whats makes professionals professional and both Kirsten and Raina certainly are. They both inspired me to keep practicing my hair at makeup at home.

I then began to get dressed. I chose a cobalt blue dress that was super pretty and flattering on me. Celeste suggested I wear stockings and a garter belt. I have never worn a garter belt so this was fun. Its nice to dress sexy from the inside out even if no one sees it. I didn't do the poses where I lifted my dress or anything. After this photo session I decided I defiantly will not show my business from below the waist. Its just not me and I need to stay true to whats right for me. Now showing off the cleavage is another story. Thanks to my papi (first son) mama has a nice rack hahaha did I just write that? Oh well, yes I did and yes I do. So I don't mind much giving a little peak to my goodies *chuckle*

The photo shoot itself was fabulous. I felt like a doll-truly. Celeste was so easy to work with. Shes funny and gave great direction. I felt very comfortable around her and with her. I knew she only wanted me to look and do my best so it made me feel at ease. I won't describe my props or anything because I want it to be a surprise but I will give you this hint---it has to do with something I love dearly.

I must admit I love being in front of the camera. Doing my pinup practices also helped because I remembered a lot of the faces and poses. It was just so much fun. Cheesecake pinup is flirty, pretty, classy, and a good time all rolled into one. I loved it. I could do it all day!!!

Celeste and I hamming it up for the camera!

What can I say about my day? That everything happens for a reason and I feel blessed to have met and worked with Celeste Giuliano. It was on my Bucket List to work with amazing photographers and she is defiantly amazing! She has good and vibrant energy, is a sweetheart, and a GREAT hugger! heheh I hope to work with her again in the future.

You can find Celeste's Facebook page by clicking on the word facebook and her website is located at the top of this post by clicking on her name.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano. Tomorrow's post will be about my adventures after my shoot. It will surely make you drool---just a little anyway *smile*


 PS In two weeks I will share with you my photos from my shoot! I cannot wait!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in Pinuping: Part One

Finally the day had come that I would have my long awaited photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano Photography. It had been swirling in my head for two months and I was all ready for it. I made my to-do lists and made sure the kids were prepared for the day, bottles were made, house was cleaned, and my bag was packed. I had my podiatrist appointment on Friday as well as my eyebrows done, Saturday I spent it cleaning and packing, and Sunday was finalizing everything. I had a manicure which I haven't done for many, many moons and I took my little girl with me. It was such fun to do something girlie together.

Monday, September 26th was no ordinary day in our household. I got up extra early and we got our daughter ready for school. Should I have known that things were not going to go by plan from the way the day started? Perhaps, but I decided to just go with the flow.

My husband drove her off at school and went to go pick up our car rental. Our car isn't doing so well so we figured  renting a car would be the best route. My father was running a bit late which is rare because he is a stickler to schedules but he was driving from another borough and had to cross a bridge so these things happen. By then I was dressed and getting the boys dressed and it was almost 8:30am. That was actually the time we were supposed to leave our house.

I was beginning to think something was up because by 9:30am my husband was still nowhere to be found. I was thinking something must have happened at the car rental place. My friend, Rocio was going to join us on our day trip for three reasons: (1) She loves the process of hair and makeup, (2) She is one of my biggest supporters/cheerleaders (and the President of my Fan Club...just kidding hehe), and (3) She is just the coolest girl I know (aside from myself of course...not kidding heheh). So Rocio was waiting in Mahattan since 8:30am and it was 9:30am and I was trying not to panic.

Finally my husband came and he told me they were giving him trouble, asking for $350 deposit when it stated nothing of the sort on their website or when he booked it in the first place. Yeah, who walks around with $350 in their pockets these days...nuts I tell you!
In the car rental and on my way!

After helping my dad place all three carseats in his car we were finally off. We picked up some yummy bagels and drove through the City to pick up Rocio by 59th Street and Columbus Circle. After passing Central Park I made my final decision that I MUST do a Vintage style photo shoot there. It's something I have been wanting to do since August but alas finding photographers in New York willing to do TFP has been impossible so far. But you know I won't give up on that idea  because I think that park is gorgeous and would be perfect for that kind of shoot. Until I find someone willing to do TFP, I will continue to work on my Vintage Wardrobe *smile*

We picked up my friend way later than expected and we dashed out of the City with at least three full hours to make it to Celeste. We were good to go! Except when we started driving along the I-95 in New Jersey our car rental began to stall and what happened you may be wondering....yeah it STOPPED!

I couldn't breath but I remained calm. I think maybe it was because I only have five hours of sleep (because of course the babies were restless the night before lol) and my tummy was aching from the new car smells and movements...ughhh thinking about it makes my tummy ache again!

Thankfully we had a cell phone and after a few phone calls we were told we would have to be towed and then from there contact the car rental place. Mind you the car was a 2011 and our is like 2001. I think we could have made it in our old car but its a lesson learned!

I wanted that day to be an adventure but I had no clue it would be many little adventures packed into one full day!

Footage of us being towed *giggle*

Can you believe this happened? I still can't! Thankfully everyone was super nice and helpful to us! By the time we got to the Tow company (in Edison, NJ called Mandy's) it was 12:30pm. And it was time for me to call Celeste-I was so worried because I didn't know if I would be able to have my photo shoot or not. I mean after all those days of preperation, my pinup practicing, grooming, getting family to babysit, hubby taking the day off, and all that jazz, I was filled with worry at that point. You see my shoot was to be at 1:30pm.
I was willing to hitch it to Celeste!
Just kidding hehehe

Now the question that should be asked is...did Bunny make it to her photo shoot? The only way you can find out is to stay tuned until tomorrow's blog post!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Mildred Pierce

"Mildred Pierce" (1945)

I don't like to be tardy with my posts but my weekend was a bit mad due to preparing for my photo shoot. I now know better for next time lol Last week I was honored to be able to spotlight four fabulous Pinup Mamas so I wanted to spotlight the ultimate mama movie---"Mildred Pierce"! Hope you all enjoy and if you haven't seen this film yet it is a definite must!

Have you ever looked back and thought of all the things your mother or grandmother may (or may have not) done for you during your lifetime? The sacrifices, the care, the times you drove them up the wall---being a mother is a lot more than we imagine it to be. Its amazing what a mother would do for the love of her child. This film makes you wonder if giving too much is a good thing. It also can make you re-evaluate your relationship with your parents or with your own children.

Mildred Pierce is played by Joan Crawford who after a divorce struggles to find ways to financially support herself and her two daughters. Her eldest daughter Veda is played by Ann Blyth, she is a ruthless, social climber who sees nothing wrong in taking everything her mother has...including her husband! Her youngest daughter Kay is played by Jo Ann Marlowe who dies from pneumonia.

Mildred is constantly trying to win her daughter Veda's love and approval. She begins to work as a waitress and eventually works her way up to owning her own restaurant. After Kay's untimely death, she throws herself into her work and in time makes her restaurant a successful chain.

Joan Crawford as Mildred

Unable to win her daughter Veda's affection she decides to marry Monte Beragon played by Zachary Scott in order to improve her social standing and hoping she will finally gain approval from Veda.

Things go downhill quickly as Monte lives out a Playboy lifestyle and Veda gets everything her heart has desired. Unfortunately because of Mildred's inability to say no to those around her she loses her  business, but that was only the beginning of bad things to come. One night Mildred finds Veda in the arms of her husband Monte which then leads to explain what happened in the first part of the film.

The films begins with a peak into what happens at the end with Monte being shot but we don't know why or by whom until the end of the film. Shall I tell you? Well of course I do! Mildred deeply considered protecting her child from the realities of her actions but she finally puts her foot down and walks away from Veda. Veda was the one who shoots Monte because he told her he would not marry her.

Joan Crawford in 1970 discussing the film
that won her an Oscar, "Mildred Pierce".

So what is the moral of the story? Do we not spoil our children? Do we not have children til we acquire our own sense of self-love, therefore not having to manipulate those around us so that we can win their affection? Should we only marry for love and not for wealth? Should we even care what our children think of us? And lastly, what would you do if you were in Mildred's shoes?

I found the film captivating! Watching Joan Crawford play the part of a insecure yet driven woman was fascinating. Ann Blyth's character was a chilling portrayal of what greed does to a person. I don't know how many times I wanted to grab Ann Blyth's character and slap her in the face! And my goodness Ann Blyth made her character of Veda just bounce off the screen. The tension between mother and daughter was incredibly intense and it really makes you wonder what sort of boundaries you need to have as a mother with your daughters or sons.

This film is one every mother should see---heck--anyone who loves films should see!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Button Rios-Sherman

My final installment of my Pinup Mama Series goes to Miss Button Rios-Sherman. She is a multi-tasker extraordinaire! She is the mother of five children, a the blogger of She Wears Spectacles, designer of pinup hair accessories, and an amazing cook (that's what I have heard and I have my fork ready when I visit California hehe). Believe it or not but Button also home schools her children! Yes, can we say amazing?!! I think we all can.

Button also finds the time to also be a supportive friend, devoted wife, and dedicated to her family in every way. I admire her ability to focus on the positive and leave the negative at the curb.

Her blog is filled with inspiration and she always make herself available to her readers. Button is her namesake-she is as cute as a button and super duper nice!!

Miss Button Rios-Sherman

What attracted you to the world of pinup? Why did you choose to be a pinup?
I remember growing up and my grandpa had some old pinup pictures from when he was in Korea. I always thought they were just stunning women. Through the years visiting various military museums and seeing them painted on fighter planes just made me love them even more. I would love to be a pinup because, I love the glamour of it all. You can be sensual and alluring and still have clothes on.

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
Well, as cliche as it may sound Betty Paige is my number one inspiration. She was one of the first truly black haired woman I ran across when discovering pinup. Also, a young Rita Moreno. So very beautiful and curvy.
Button looking beautiful!

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
I have yet to have proper photo's done but, I am will just balance itself out naturally like all my endeavors tend to. With five kids it's like holding fine china while roller skating. While it sounds hard, it can be done.

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc)Being plus size lady, I'd like to inspire others who are to love their bodies and embrace them. That is my main goal, and well obviously get some good clothes in the process.

What ways have you changed because of it?
I think I am more confident now. AS my husband says I have gained a DGAF attitude. I could care less any more what people think of my weight and shape because I have grown to love it.

Button makes hair accessories-check them out at

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you scarified in order to become a pinup?
I don't see any of it as sacrifice as much as a journey. Nothing has been sacrificed for me.

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My husband is supportive of it. He thinks it's about time I have learned to love all my curves!

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
Don't try and be someone else. Draw inspiration and but your own twist on it. Be funky, be fun and laugh a lot.

Thank you Button for being a part of my Pinup Mama Series. Thank you for keeping it real and honest and for always being a sweetheart. I really appreciate it!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Lucy Anne Riggs

My third installment of my Pinup Mama Series is my beautiful and freaking awesome friend, Lucy Anne Riggs. She is a full-time mama to two punkins (as she calls them), work full time at night, crafts by day that she sells at LucyAnnePinupShop, and is an amazing woman all around.

I truly admire her strength, sense of humor, and perseverance. She is a woman of great character, devoted to her loved ones, and incredibly insightful. Like me, she is a nurturer by heart and really enjoys pouring her affections on those close to her heart.

What can I say? This Pinup Mama simply ROCKS!
        Miss Lucy Anne Riggs

What attracted you to the world of pinup?
When I was a kid I was always fascinated by looking at old photo albums my Mom had of my Gramma and our family from the 40's and 50's. Everyone looked so elegant and so sophisticated. Women were real women dressed like every day was Sunday in their finest attire. They presented themselves in such a way that just took my breath away. It looked so effortless. The men were always so dapper looking as well. People truly cared about looking their best and how they presented themselves. As I grew into my teens my fondness of these albums grew. My Grandmother passed when I was 12 and this was my way to stay close to her. I continued to fall in love with that era through the eyes of my Gramma and generations past. I would find myself day dreaming about how my family lived and the fashions and mannerisms they had. This affair has lasted to this day. It only grows more and more, as I wish more and more, that things would revert back a little to those simple times.

Why did you choose pinup?
I chose pinup because of what it stands for. I am already in love with the women of that time. To me a pinup girl stands for strength and confidence. A respectful girl with a little devilish side. She boasts  a confidence that makes other gals scream..."I want to be that girl!"

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
For me my inspirations are mostly other pinup Mamas and real life gals. I adore a new upcoming model named Magenta Costley. To me not only is she a beautiful girl on print, but in real life too. I love scouring the Internet for old photos from the 40's and 50's of just every day normal girls looking the part.
Lucy Anne's Gramma

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
For me it can be tough to balance things. I work a full time job on the night shift. I also work my crafts during the day for my new Etsy store. I make pinup props and rockabilly accessories. I have a large old farmhouse with acres of gardens that can be tedious to maintain. In addition to that I am a Mamma first. I am involved with my children's school activities, sports and I help with girl scouts. I am a hands on Mom. Those things always come first before the pinup stuff. It can be hard to fit it in. Thankfully I am great at multi-tasking and have an amazing man who helps out and backs me.

What do you want to gain by being a pinup?
I can honestly say pinup has changed me as a person. My past was not a good one. I was in a bad marriage of sever domestic abuse for almost 9 years. It left me with no self worth or confidence. I struggled in life with depression for 8 years after that. Living almost in a robotic trance. I turned to those old family photographs. It seemed to be what snapped me out of my dark spells. To see the happiness on their faces and the closeness of "family" I knew things had to change for me if I were to give my kids that same kind of family. My Aunt had given me some new pictures she had of my Gramma. These I had never seen before. She was doing all these wonderful pinup poses and looked like a Hollywood starlet to me. That's what I wanted to be doing! I knew then this was going to get ME back.

What ways have you changed because of it?
When I first decided I was going to push ahead to do this a few thoughts came to mind. Am I crazy? How am I going to make this work? Being the artist that I am I decided I was going to kill two birds with one stone. This was the perfect opportunity for me to kick start my art. I hadn't done it since my early twenties. I knew I wasn't at the comfort level yet to be photographed by someone. I scouted out some areas I thought would photograph well. I got myself dolled up in my vintage best, set my camera tripod up with the timer....and the rest is in print. I couldn't believe the images I created of myself. I just wanted to do more and more. My confidence in not only my art, but in myself rose to the highest levels. I can honestly say the experience gave me a new outlook on life.
Lucy Anne and her punkins
(I LOVE this picture, don't you!!??)

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you sacrificed in order to become a pinup?
There is a certain pull when doing this. You have to give a little to get. When it comes to my family there are never any sacrifices. They usually come from self indulgent things. I sacrifice new clothes and opt for thrift store finds and department store clearance racks(in my opinion I usually score better anyway with the styles I am looking for). We don't go out to eat as much or spend gobs of money on frivolous things trying to keep up with the Joneses. Our money is spent on paying off debts, and staying home to eat or watch movies. We find creative ways to have fun on a budget. Garage salin', thrift store shopping and antique finds are how its done in this family. I wouldn't have it any other way. I would rather be surrounded by objects from the past that tell a story than new items with no character.

To me those aren't really sacrifices. In doing these things it has actually brought my family closer. Keeps us all grounded and grateful for everything we have in life. I feel better about myself and in turn I am better able to take care of my family. We live simple and we like that. I sometimes have to sacrifice the professional photos because, lets face it, it cost an arm and a leg to shoot with the best. I am actually just now able to go to my first professional shoot coming up in a few weeks. My self portraits so far may not be of the same quality but I still like them. Its the real me.

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My guy 100 percent backs me. He understands the journey I have taken in life with gaining my self worth back. He loves the confident woman I have become and he adores the pictures. He is supportive of my pages on different websites. If a guy happens to comment on one of my pics he never ever gets jealous, but instead gets a prideful grin and says....oh yeah that's MY girl :)

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
My advice for any girl thinking of doing this? Well, I want to say jump right in, but I won't. I found it better after I first did some research. As with anything you need some knowledge on it. Ease into it if your nervous. Perhaps take some self portraits and study your own expressions and poses. After your first photo shoot you will soon be wanting more and more. The confidence you gain is outstanding! Just remember that any girl, any shape, size or color can be a pinup girl. That's the best part about it!

Thank you Lucy Anne for being an inspiration to me and to all women out there. Thank you for always being so support of me and cheering me on when I want to give up. You are truly a genuine and beautiful person. I am blessed to know you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Kitty Deluxe

How fun it is to spotlight such incredible women? Lots! Today I bring you the multi-talent Kitty Deluxe all the way from England! She's super sweet and sassy and I love how she embraces everything she does. Not only is she a mama to a gorgeous little munchkin but she is also a pinup model and a  Jewelry Designer! How does she make it work? Let's find out!
Inspiredphotos Photography
(and my favorite photo of Miss Kitty Deluxe
--how beautiful are these two!!??)

What attracted you to the world of pinup? Why did you choose to be a pinup?
I love the glamour of it all- the clothes, the cars and the buildings of the 50's are so beautiful! I like how the women are curvy and come in all sizes, you don't have to be a size 0 to be a beautiful pin up.

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
 Bernie Dexter for sure, she's beautiful!!

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?

For my first couple of shoots I was allowed to bring my baby and chaperone's who could look after him, and with my latest ones he's now old enough to be able to stay with his grandparents whilst I have my shoots. So I have been very lucky really! My little man is brilliant and very patient.
Inspiredphotos Photography

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc)
 I just want to build up my self esteem which has been at an all time low since I had my baby. I have lost 56lbs and 3 dress sizes since I had him, so I wanted to do something to celebrate my new curves too!

What ways have you changed because of it?

I am more confident, I have lost weight since my first shoot so its been like a documentary too!!! I always wanted to be a model and I feel like I'm achieving my dreams. I have now worked with online boutiques as well as local shops to piece together outfits and accessories. I am one of the models for clutterfly and I am so proud of how far I have come in such a short time! Most importantly I feel sexy again :)

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you scarified in order to become a pinup?

I have had to sell some old things I don't wear to fund new outfits- I love corsets! I have moved my baby onto bottles for when he is out as he wont breastfeed in public (too much going on!) or he is at his grandparents, so not much really :) My baby will always come first.
Inspiredphotos Photography

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?

He likes my pin up photos rather than the Alt ones. Hes concerned about my safety more than anything so I will only use photographers with a good reputation and be accompanied by a chaperon.

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?

Go for it!!! The hardest part is finding your feet, I have moved into more alternative work too and I feel much more "me" and have found a style that suits both the Alt and Pin Up Model in me.

Thank you so much Kitty for allowing me to spotlight your fabulousness. You show that it is possible to go after your dreams even after becoming a mama!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Brittany from Va Voom Vintage

This week I will be dedicating my posts to my fellow Pinup Mamas. I love celebrating (birthdays, holidays, any days lol) and I especially find joy in celebrating other people. I have been lucky to be able to connect with a few amazing Pinup Mamas who each have their own unique style as a Pinup and as well as being dedicated  mothers.

My first spotlight goes to my friend Brittany. She a stay at home mother like myself with two little munchkins. She is a dedicated wife, mother, daughter, and sister as well as a blogger, crafter, vintage enthusiast, and Classic-Vintage Pinup Model! I admire her kindness and creativity as well as the beautiful way she celebrates all her curves. She is an inspiration to me!

Her blog Va Voom Vintage is jammed packed with crafting ideas, inspirational musings, thrift store discoveries, and  vintage lifestyle techniques. I must admit its one of my favorite blogs. I highly recommend it to anyone. A true genuine doll!
Photographer: P.J. Sherman

What attracted you to the world of pinup? Why did you choose to be a classic vintage pinup?
I love the classic cheesecake pin up girls. I always thought they were beautiful and sexy without being too raunchy, you know? I've been a ham for the camera since I was a little girl. I love the chance to get dolled up so it seemed like a fun, unique hobby.

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)? 
Betty Grable- THE pin up girl. I love her bubbly personality and always try to remember Betty's great smile while I'm on set. For inspiration, I look to the pin up art of Harry Ekman, Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, Rolf Armstrong and Billy De Vorss. I love that classic cheesecake! I also love Clara Bow, Jane Russel and Jayne Mansfield.

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
Well, I certainly would not be able to do this without my family! My husband attends as my escort because it's always scary meeting someone that you found online. He is always so helpful to photographers, moving sets, helping to carry things and of course, remaining quiet and pleasant while we're shooting. My parents and mother in law watch the kids when I have a shoot. I couldn't do any of this without them!

Being a mom and a pin up model is...interesting. I'm still nursing so I have to pump and wear heavy flow nursing pads while I'm shooting. I would be mortified if I had a leak on set! haahaa!! My daughter, Olivia loves to get into my makeup which has been problematic lately. I found a train case with a lock, which seems to do the trick. When I have a shoot scheduled, I pack my things the night before so I can focus on getting kids ready the next day.
Leah Fauller, Fauller Photography

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc) Really, I started it for the sake of having fun....and my own vanity! haha! Being a stay at home mom is hard. I'm almost 26 now and my youngest is 5 months. He won't start school till I'm in my early 30's. Some days, I thought about the prospect of getting older and thinking that the only thing I've ever done is stay home with the kids. I adore my babies and being a stay at home mom is my dream job but I wanted more adult interaction. I wanted to be able to look back on my life and say I was a stay at home mom, a housewife and a vintage model. When I'm sitting at home with baby food in my hair, wearing my sweat pants and my day's big event is that I finished all of the laundry, it feels good to look at my pretty pictures and see that there's more to me than just being a mom. I want to be able to show other moms that they can be beautiful and sexy. When you're a mom, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself and modeling has made me focus a little more on me. Now, I have a job styling hair and makeup for a pin up photography with Reverie Revel. It's really fantastic because I get to make a little extra money for my family and help make other women look and feel beautiful!

What ways have you changed because of it?
I haven't been doing this very long so I don't think I've changed too much. I do make sure to not fall asleep in my makeup and I take care to moisturize and eat better! 

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you sacrificed in order to become a pinup?  
Well, being away from my babies while I'm at a photo shoot is hard. I made the mistake of booking 2 photo shoots in a weekend and it seemed like I didn't see them at all for those two days. Now, it's one per weekend! Since I'm starting this pin up styling job, I'll be spending a little more time away from my family but the job will really make a difference for us, so it's worth it!
K Murray, Reverie Revel

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband react?
Pj's feelings and opinions are extremely important to me. There's no hobby worth hurting your marriage over! When I decided to do this, we had a long talk about it and I asked him to be frank and honest with me. Of course, he said "Why do you want me to be Frank? Don't you love me as Pj?" hehe! And then we got serious. As a pin up model, you can get into uncomfortable situations very quickly. an off-the shoulder sleeve can turn into more cleavage and more cleavage can turn into toplessness in the blink of an eye. We talked a lot about how short a skirt should be pulled up, how much boob is too much? Is underwear okay? What about swimsuits? What kinds of poses or sets are too risque?. Some photographers also require that a model removes her wedding ring. Luckily, Pj is not the jealous type and we both have the exact same ideas on these topics but they needed to be discussed. A pose with a skirt flying up to reveal frilly panties might be cute to someone but it could make a spouse feel very uncomfortable. Setting boundaries with a spouse can also help you to set boundaries with photographers later. A pin up model should consider weather or not she wants to do nudes, topless or implied nudes and where will these photos appear. How will the photos impact your family or jobs? I feel like it's always best to talk about the what-if's before they cause an issue

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
Don't be shy, get out there! Seriously, anyone can do this if they work hard and put their mind on. it. Practice poses and facial expression in the mirror and ask friends or family to take some snap shots with you till you get the hang of it. Sometimes, it can feel awkward posing with a photographer that I've just met. I just focus on that camera lens and imagine whoever you want behind it. Your best friend or your boyfriend/husband. Breathe and relax and just have fun with it. When you're relaxed, you smile naturally and look calm. Since I started, I'm really trying to focus on my weaknesses. What poses look awkward, what facial expressions or characteristics of mine I need to pay more attention to. For example, hands are very hard for me to pose and I often hunch over, causing my large bust to hide my waistline. Looking at my flaws makes each photo shoot turn out better than the last.

P.S. A tip for mom's with less-than-perfect thighs- wear sheer pantyhose under your seamed stockings. Make sure they are as close to your natural skin color as you can get. If you do any thigh shots, they make your legs look smooth and toned.

Thank you Brittany for being my first spotlight and for celebrating the joys of being both a mama and a pinup so gracefully!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Trouble with Angels

"The Trouble with Angels" (1966)

In honor of the completion of my daughter's first week of school (yeah lil Bunny!) I bring you "The Trouble with Angels" starring Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell

I attended Catholic school my entire life from K through Grad School. I don't often watch religious films or films with nuns in them (aside from Sister Act, can't resist a good Whoopi movie!) but when I find one that is entertaining and heart warming I  defiantly need to watch it!

I won't get into religion or my beliefs or anything of the sort but I have had about 99% beautiful experiences having been educated by the Religious. I have an deeper understanding of the Religious life having spent time with them not only at work but also at workshops. Its a beautiful thing to be Called to the Religious life.

I personally believe that everyone is called to do something special and beautiful in their life but its up to us to be willing to listen. When that happens something even more amazing occurs--- when we get that Call---we have the choice to answer it or not.

As a very young child I knew instinctively I was Called to two things---Family and Service. I just knew I wanted to be married and have children. I have also always felt the desire to comfort and help those in need. Sometimes both my Callings would battle it out with each other and as a teacher I thought I was serving my second Calling but now in retrospect I don't think I was. Family is the Calling I have answered fully too and my hope is that one day I may spend some time dedicated to Service.

On that note, this film centers around a rebellious teen named Mary Clancy (played by Mills)  who with her sidekick Rachel (played by June Harding) resent the authority of their Mother Superior (played by Russell). The films follows the girls through their years of High School and all their mischievous misadventures. And some of those misadventures are hilarious (giggle, giggle)!

During her Senior year, Mary begins to watch the nuns praying and is captivated by their devotion. Much to the amazement of her friend Rachel (and even to me lol) Mary receives a Call to the Religious life.
Marys difficult decision.

I think making a decision like the one Mary takes just as much effort, thought, and care as it is to choose to be married. They both require a process and deep insight (or they should anyway!).

This film is light-hearted and fun with a dash of deep, reflective thought thrown into the mix. Neither Mills nor Russell will disappoint but then again these actress were and are phenomenal.

Here's to all those who answer their Callings and to my daughter who has begun this wonderful journey in her education.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinup Girl of the Month: September: Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

Before Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, there was Louise Brooks. She was a star of the silent screen in 1920's and was known to have brought the image of the Flapper to mainstream society through her films. She also popularized the Bob cut as seen in the photo above.

Typical Flapper Fashion (1927)

Louise Brooks was raised by father who was a lawyer and a mother who was an artist. Her mother inspired her love of music and reading. Unfortunately her family was unable to protect her from sexual abuse by a neighbor. Louise was once quoted as saying, that man "must have had a great deal to do with forming my attitude toward sexual pleasure....For me, nice, soft, easy men were never enough – there had to be an element of domination". Sadly, after she told her mother, her mother believed it was Louise's fault and concluded she must have led him on.

Louise eventually went into dance which led her to become a chorus girl which then lead her to the Ziegfeld Follies on Broadway which then led her to be noticed by a film studio. She was given a five year contract in 1925. Charlie Chaplin took notice of her as well and they had a brief affair over that summer.

Soon she was the female lead in silent comedies and flapper films. One of her first big roles was Beggars of Life (1928) which included some talking sequences. Eventually she felt disillusioned with Paramount and left for Europe to make films G. W. Pabst.

Pandora's Box (1929), Diary of a Lost Girl (1929), and Prix de Beaute (Beauty Prize-1930) were all heavily censored and were considered to be "adult" films. I think today people tend to assume that because something happened over eighty years ago that there couldn't possibly be risque. What I admire about these films is that they spoke about things that society deemed scandalous but in actuality prostitution, sex outside of marriage, adultery, unwed mothers, suicide, and murder happened all the time. Those are some of the subjects conveyed in these particular films.

She eventually made her way back to Hollywood and continued to work throughout the 1930's. Louise retired from films in 1938, worked odds jobs, but settled on being a "companion" to wealthy men. Lousie led a colorful life filled with a variety of lovers and husbands. She was also a heavy drinker since she was fourteen as well as a notorious spendthrift, leaving her bankrupt in 1932.

Louise Brooks was not only an actress and dancer but also a very popular pinup girl. To me, her look was flawless. I can look at her photos over and over and not get bored. I truly believe the allure of a pinup girl is held on her face and how she expresses herself through her features. She can be tall, curvy, petite, older---it doesn't matter as long as she is able to express human emotion through her photos. A nice body is well nice but if the face doesn't say anything then the entire photo is obsolete. I, personally prefer photos that tell a story, I want to be moved by what I see. Louise Brooks was inspirational, just take a look....

Can you say STUNNING!!??

In 1955 she was rediscovered by James Card who was a curator of George Eastman House. With his help she began writing and eventually wrote her biography "Lulu in Hollywood" in 1982 (its now on my Amazon Wish list lol). She gave few interviews at the end of her life but here you can she the aged starlet speaking about her life and times.

Louise Brooks went by the beat of her own drummer.  Perhaps she would have had a longer career if she wasn't so brash and head strong but I admire that she lived life perfectly imperfect.

When you think of the 1920's you think of the Bob cut and flappers and Louise Brooks was the one who brought that look to life.

Thank you Louise for the beautiful and often thought provoking work you left behind for all of us to enjoy!    


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Victorious Victory Rolls!

Bunny Moreno--Wonder Woman via 1940's hehehe

Today I feel like Wonder Woman! I conquered VICTORY ROLLS! Whoaaaa! Well of course I still have to practice lots and lots, but I did it!

I knew I only had a small window of opportunity when my husband went out on errands with our daughter to finish getting the things she needed for her first day of school tomorrow. Then my boys--one by one--fell asleep and I said to myself, "Now is your chance!".

I decided to focus on the video that I posted last time from Diary of a Vintage Girl. This hair tutorial was really simple and to me seems true to the way women did their hair in the 1940's--without hot rollers and all these gadgets that we have today. Don't get me wrong, gadgets are great but they can also complicate things. Over sixty years ago not every woman had a curl iron and I am unsure if they had hot rollers then, but I highly doubt it. Women used what they had. Their comb, brush, bobby pins, and hairspray and the rest is vintage hair history!

I found my right side to be the hardest and when I felt my hands cramping up and my arms were burning I knew I was in trouble. My disability affects the nerves (and muscles because nerves conduct muscles) in both my arms and legs basically from the elbow down and knew get the picture. *smile*

Anyhoo, I kept on and told myself no pain no gain. I then re-watched the hair tutorial I mentioned above to refresh my memory because I was getting stuck on the actual peak of the roll. And it happened--MAGIC! I did it!

Here is a closer view! And yes those
 are white hairs you see LOL

Thank you to all those who gave me such great hair advice and awesome tips--keep them coming because this is only the beginning!

Hope you enjoy my little video!  xox

PS: I felt so great having my hair this way. I loved how it was away from my face and yet I could leave my hair down so it was very practical and yet feminine. I didn't take out my rolls for while and enjoyed feeling like I stepped out of 1945. Yeah!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Devil-Doll

"The Devil-Doll" (1936)

How can I resist another Tod Browning film?! The Devil-Doll starring the great Lionel Barrymore whose sister was Ethel Barrymore (who was in The Spiral Staircase which I featured in August) and the great-uncle of Drew Barrymore. You might also remember him as the sinister Mr. Potter in the film It's a Wonderful Life (which happens to be one of my favorite films!)

It begins with Paul Lavond (Barrymore) who is wrongly convicted of a crime. He spends many years in prison on Devil's Island (nice name, huh?). He escapes with another man named Marcel (Henry B. Walthall, this was his final film before he passed) who was also a scientist. His experiments involved shrinking people one-sixth of their original size and the purpose was to help conserve the natural resources of this planet. Instead, after Marcel's death, it was used for revenge!

Lavond decides to join Marcel's widow Malita (Rafaela Ottiano) to seek revenge on those who framed him and vindicate himself in the process. This scheme of revenge includes a man dressing in drag, miniature human-beings (science fiction in 1936!), a crazed "Frankenstein"-esque woman, and a innocent daughter longing to see her father. Let's just say this movie keeps you intrigued and spellbinded.

I remember when I first saw it with my husband a few years back we were both amazed at the special effects especially for that time. Tod Browning did it again! He truly created a memorable masterpiece. Unfortunately at the time his films, "Freaks" and "The Devil-Doll" were not as appreciated and valued as they are now. The same can actually be said about "It's a Wonderful Life"-at the time is was a box office flop! Can you imagine that? I can't imagine Christmas without that film!

Excerpt from "The Devil-Doll"

After all is said and done, when Lavond is finished with his revenge plans he is able to focus his attentions back to the daughter he left behind many years ago. I have to say this closing scene is heart-warming and heart-wrenching all at the same time. Barrymore truly was an actor who mastered his craft.

Lavond with his daughter Lorraine played by Maureen O'Sullivan

In the end even though Lavond got the revenge what he wanted, he had to let go the one thing he truly loved, his daughter. His heart was filled with hatred but when it came to Lorraine it filled quickly with love.

This film has a unique blend of science fiction, horror, intrigue, love, violence, and a dash of romance. It's a shame I think that Tod Browning's work wasn't viewed as the masterpiece that is. His films made you "oohhh" and "ahhhh" and say "what the heck!?". I love that--don't you?

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