Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Trouble with Angels

"The Trouble with Angels" (1966)

In honor of the completion of my daughter's first week of school (yeah lil Bunny!) I bring you "The Trouble with Angels" starring Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell

I attended Catholic school my entire life from K through Grad School. I don't often watch religious films or films with nuns in them (aside from Sister Act, can't resist a good Whoopi movie!) but when I find one that is entertaining and heart warming I  defiantly need to watch it!

I won't get into religion or my beliefs or anything of the sort but I have had about 99% beautiful experiences having been educated by the Religious. I have an deeper understanding of the Religious life having spent time with them not only at work but also at workshops. Its a beautiful thing to be Called to the Religious life.

I personally believe that everyone is called to do something special and beautiful in their life but its up to us to be willing to listen. When that happens something even more amazing occurs--- when we get that Call---we have the choice to answer it or not.

As a very young child I knew instinctively I was Called to two things---Family and Service. I just knew I wanted to be married and have children. I have also always felt the desire to comfort and help those in need. Sometimes both my Callings would battle it out with each other and as a teacher I thought I was serving my second Calling but now in retrospect I don't think I was. Family is the Calling I have answered fully too and my hope is that one day I may spend some time dedicated to Service.

On that note, this film centers around a rebellious teen named Mary Clancy (played by Mills)  who with her sidekick Rachel (played by June Harding) resent the authority of their Mother Superior (played by Russell). The films follows the girls through their years of High School and all their mischievous misadventures. And some of those misadventures are hilarious (giggle, giggle)!

During her Senior year, Mary begins to watch the nuns praying and is captivated by their devotion. Much to the amazement of her friend Rachel (and even to me lol) Mary receives a Call to the Religious life.
Marys difficult decision.

I think making a decision like the one Mary takes just as much effort, thought, and care as it is to choose to be married. They both require a process and deep insight (or they should anyway!).

This film is light-hearted and fun with a dash of deep, reflective thought thrown into the mix. Neither Mills nor Russell will disappoint but then again these actress were and are phenomenal.

Here's to all those who answer their Callings and to my daughter who has begun this wonderful journey in her education.



  1. Hi Bunny,
    Wow, you know this is one of my favorite films, and even my 10 year old daughter puts it in her top 10 list. We are both big Hayley Mills fans!:) I too, went to religious schools from grammer school to University, so I can relate. My very first teacher was a Nun. On top of that, my mother seriously contemplated becoming a nun, when she was a teenager. My grandmother talked her out of it! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this afternoon.

  2. Oh thank you Maureen! I love when I "find" a film when I am flipping through channels-this one caught my eye right away. So glad I could put a smile on your face!! If you ever want to see a film spotlighted let me know! Hugs-Bunny!

  3. I've watched this movie my whole life--so nice to know other people have it. I love the character development and changes all the characters go through. It's a deeply touching movie.

  4. Its so nice to know others enjoy this movie as well-its very touching. And how can you not love Rosiland Russell as a nun! hehehe Thank you for reading!! xox


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