Sunday, September 11, 2011

Victorious Victory Rolls!

Bunny Moreno--Wonder Woman via 1940's hehehe

Today I feel like Wonder Woman! I conquered VICTORY ROLLS! Whoaaaa! Well of course I still have to practice lots and lots, but I did it!

I knew I only had a small window of opportunity when my husband went out on errands with our daughter to finish getting the things she needed for her first day of school tomorrow. Then my boys--one by one--fell asleep and I said to myself, "Now is your chance!".

I decided to focus on the video that I posted last time from Diary of a Vintage Girl. This hair tutorial was really simple and to me seems true to the way women did their hair in the 1940's--without hot rollers and all these gadgets that we have today. Don't get me wrong, gadgets are great but they can also complicate things. Over sixty years ago not every woman had a curl iron and I am unsure if they had hot rollers then, but I highly doubt it. Women used what they had. Their comb, brush, bobby pins, and hairspray and the rest is vintage hair history!

I found my right side to be the hardest and when I felt my hands cramping up and my arms were burning I knew I was in trouble. My disability affects the nerves (and muscles because nerves conduct muscles) in both my arms and legs basically from the elbow down and knew get the picture. *smile*

Anyhoo, I kept on and told myself no pain no gain. I then re-watched the hair tutorial I mentioned above to refresh my memory because I was getting stuck on the actual peak of the roll. And it happened--MAGIC! I did it!

Here is a closer view! And yes those
 are white hairs you see LOL

Thank you to all those who gave me such great hair advice and awesome tips--keep them coming because this is only the beginning!

Hope you enjoy my little video!  xox

PS: I felt so great having my hair this way. I loved how it was away from my face and yet I could leave my hair down so it was very practical and yet feminine. I didn't take out my rolls for while and enjoyed feeling like I stepped out of 1945. Yeah!!


  1. Congrats! I think you did a terrific job!
    (I am not so good at victory rolls, when it comes to doing it on my own hair!)oh and the little video at the end is so cute, "I did it, Wooh!" hehe. :)

  2. Heheh thanks hun-youre so sweet! Cant wait to conguer more! xox

  3. You look gorgeous Miss Bunny! What a top job you did! Penni xxx

  4. Woo-Hoo!!!!! Way to go Momma! I am so proud of you!!!! You look super duper fantastic and cute as a button in your wonder woman shirt :)

  5. Heheh Thank you Lucy Anne! I felt like a superhero after I did them heheh xox


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