Thursday, May 23, 2013

Miss Subway Book Winner and Being Curious...

The winner of the Meet Miss Subway book is...Wendi from Haute Rockabilly Fashionista! Wendi just contact me via email at Thank you all for joining in the fun!

So along with my announcement of the winner of this fabulous book.  I am curious to know since many of you are either vintage bloggers or read many amazing vintage blogs-what topics do you yearn to see/read more in the vintage world? I have just been curious lately and wanted to hear what my dear vintage sisters thought. :)

I'd love to hear your feedback. Til then-I hope you all have a super fab weekend!!!! 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bunny's Book Club: Miss Subway New York: 1941-1976

While I was at the Transit Museum last weekend, I encountered the coolest exhibit ever! What happens when you blend the New York City train system with a beauty contest? You get a Miss Subway!

Of course I was fascinated by this exhibit and wished that they still had this contest in New York. It really changed many of these women's lives! It ran from 1941 to 1976. I found it ironic and cool that it ended the year I was born LOL
About 200 women held the title and it was said that thousands of people viewed these "car cards" (the ad on the subways about them) daily. Imagine that! Remember that this was pre-internet time so that number is impressive.

I just loved that New York celebrated women of all sorts and types of beauty in such a creative and meaningful way.

They also had phones along some of the images of the women where you could hear some speak about their experience as Miss Subway and how it changed their life. Along with their "car cards" was also a photo of each Miss Subway as they are today. That was so neat!

So, how would  you like to own your own copy of the Meet Miss Subways book?
This giveway is open to U.S. readers ONLY. Simply share this link on one of your social media outlets and tell me if you would have applied to become a Miss Subway? This wasn't your ordinary beauty contest-these women were creative and super smart.

I have been promising my International readers a giveaway for a bit now and I haven't forgotten. It is in the works!


FYI: I only order used copies of books for myself and I do the same for most of my book giveaways-just keep that in mind in case you wanted a new copy-many thanks!

PS I forgot to mention when I will announce the winner......Thursday, May 23rd!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Choo Choo...Next stop...Mother's Day at the Transit Museum!

Happy Mother's Day to you all-wherever you may be in the world!

Typically on Mother's Day here in the states, families take their mothers out for dinner. Since I have small children, I wanted to do something that could be for all of us. And of course I wanted a reason to get all dolled up!
Brooklyn Transit Museum
 We went to the Brooklyn Transit Museum located in Brooklyn Heights. The neat thing about this museum is that it is literally in a train station!
My children had a blast with all the touch activities they had. Figuring out how electricity is made was a thrill for my kiddies.
The way they set up the museum was fantastic. They had an area where you learn how the tunnels were created and an area where you learn how trains are conducted. There was also an area where you can see all the various turnstiles that were used starting from 1894!
Yes they had a real bus for kids to get on! My lil ones were in heaven as you can imagine. Even I had to join in the fun hehe
My husband and I are both graduates from St. John's University so it was a hoot to see a part of the bus that was used in commuting to the school when it was originally a part of Brooklyn.
 This is the closest I got to having a photo with all three of my babies. I love them...sigh.
 Inside one of the antique trains. This one was from 1916. The seats were sooo comfortable and spacious! I also enjoyed looking at all the ads they placed on top. So neat to see up close!
After visiting the museum we walked around the neighborhood which was stunning and went home for some proper rest and relaxing. Honestly, it was a perfect Mother's Day. I couldn't have asked for anything more than to be with the two things I love the most-my family and vintage.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Art Deco Summer in New York

I cannot wrap around my head that summertime will soon be here. The entire year seems like it has been going in warp speed let alone the seasons! 

That means that like many of you, I have been looking into what activities I would want to do with my family or on the vintage front. To my surprise it looks like the spring and summer will be a very Art Deco one indeed! 

This month the fourth film version of The Great Gatsby will be coming out. I love Baz Luhrmann's work. I don't know if I will like all the flash that this film seems to have but it seems to attempt to tell as full of a story about Gatsby and Daisy that has ever been placed on film. If you would like to read more about all the film versions, check out this fabulous article here.
The Great Gatsby Film
 Not only is the film finally coming out but Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra are hosted The 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party this June and August at Governors Island in New York. I went last year in August and knew I had to go back. I just scored my tickets and I am bringing the entire family with me! Now let the outfit searching begin!
8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party
 Another fantastic thing I found recently is called the Great Gatsby Boat Tour. How neat does that sound?!!! So I clicked on the link and found out that the tour is located in Long Island (not far from where I live). F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in LI for a few years as did many tycoons during the 1920's and 1930's. It is a 90 minute tour and it is music to my ears. I just think of the breeze on my face and all the beautiful houses we will get to see. My hubby is on board and cannot wait to do this together. We decided this would be a wonderful date day for us and are already looking at days in June when we can make our reservations (its just $20 per adult!).
Great Gatsby Boat Tour
So, if you live in or around New York or are traveling here in the summer-these two events I mentioned may be something you can check out. For those who many not be here, do not fret-I promise I will take loads of photos and share with you the things I have seen.

And you know what this means ladies, right? I have to find the perfect 1930's dresses for these events! Luckily-I have found two already-just need one more and a few accessories. Gahhh-I'm so excited!

Do you love the 1920's/1930's? What do you enjoy about those decades? Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine is coming out with an Art Deco issue-we hope you tune in and enjoy it. It will come out this Saturday (May 11th).


Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Vintage Wardrobe: Easy Peasy 1940's Casual Outfit

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day! Here at the bunny house we had planned a vintagey family inspired trip but alas a bike race took over most of Manhattan and Brooklyn. We had to changed our plans last minute because we knew the traffic would be killer.

On the spur of the moment I had to go from dressed up to dressed down but I didn't want to dress as my usual mama self. I sprang into action and scooped up my trusty vintage jeans and a 1940's top I purchased recently on Etsy. I decided to put my hair back in a snood because I wanted to be able to more accessible to the children since we decided to take them to an indoor playground. I figured a dress wouldn't be so comfortable for me so I went with my jeans and trusty snood.

What did I learn from this? I learned that I defiantly need to have more accessible casual 40's and 50's outfit on hand. Some folks are comfy with dresses all the time but with three small children and the need to carry things, lift them, and "chase" (I can't really run anymore lol) after them, I have to be super comfortable. For me, it has to be trousers or jeans. With summer around the corner I also find it wise to have some handy dandy easy peasy casual outfits on hand. Don't you?

This is what I put together today:
1940's Causal Jean Oufit
A typical 40's look requires one to tuck the blouse or sweater into the pants but I wanted to be a little extra comfy today and so I didn't. I felt great in this outfit and yet I was still vintagey/retro without being super obvious that I was-which I liked. I put a black snood in my hair and added a white flower for decor and a simple pair of vintage black stud earrings.

I felt like I could carry the diaper bag and get invovled with my children playing and still be able to move around and function, yet still feel/look cute with my vintage self.

I am now thinking about ordering these Freddies of Pinewood Jeans. Has anyone worn these before? What do you think about them?
Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
As well as adding a few more tops to my wardrobe to go with the jeans or trousers, I want to also do more research on different ways one can dress them up. It is so much fun when you figure something out for yourself. In my case, when I figure out clothes that work well on me or colors that look good on me-I find that to be a huge deal because well...Bunny is not a fashion diva. Not yet anyway hehe

What do you think of my easy peasy 40's casual outfit? 


Friday, May 3, 2013

Help Save Bomb Girls!

Bomb Girls
I cannot believe this but Global TV has decided to not bring back Bomb Girls for a third season. This show is so incredibly inspirational and I am a huge fan!!If you are too or if you feel we need to continue having amazing shows like this that spotlight strong and courageous female characters, please check out this link!

This campaign is outstanding and I am hoping it will make our voices be heard. You can also contact Global TV on Twitter or comment on your own Twitter page using the hashtag #savebombgirls. You can also follow and share the links of Save Bomb Girls Tumblr and Save Bomb Girls Facebook page and share them on your own social media networks.

Get the word out. This show is something special and in a world of a 300 channels and only perhaps 10-15 incredible shows-we NEED to save the incredible shows when their life lines are being threatened. It's time to KEEP CALM and SAVE BOMB GIRLS!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sammy Davis Vintage: The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online

Sammy Davis Vintage
Have you ever wondered if there was a book or online source of some sort that had a ton and I mean a TON of information on the best vintage online shopping? Seriously, look NO further! 

Sammy Davis Vintage created something special for all of us vintage lovers. Something that took courage, creativity, and incredible amounts of passion. She put together this outstanding ebook called The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online.  

Many of us scour every online source (ie Etsy, Ebay, Google, etc) searching and searching for the best sellers or for the perfect dress. It is a lot of fun to search for vintage but wouldn't it be so very helpful to have a source to guide us through all the vintage that is out there?

Sammy beautifully put together for all of us a guide in which we can not only focus on where we are looking for our vintage but also how to look for it. She explains what to look for in an online shop and how to shop for your vintage. Here is a little peak into her table of contents page:
This ebook is a fantastic resource for all vintage aficionado's but I would especially recommend it to those just beginning their journey into the vintage world. I am two years into my journey (full-time) and I still consider myself a beginner in many ways. The way Sammy breaks it all down and explains the importance of vintage to wear to shop for specific era pieces. Gahhhh....its just dripping with information that you really should not pass up. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the knowings of the vintage online world of shopping, there is much that you can gain by reading Sammy's ebook. 

What I adored the most as I was reading through the pages, was just how much love and care was put into every word and every selection. There is nothing more that I love when I see someone so passionate about something that they just pour their heart into it. And that is what Sammy has done.

I attached links to Sammy's Facebook page as well as to her Etsy shop above, so you can grab your copy of "The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online". Let me know your thoughts after you have read it and whether is has helped in your search for the perfect piece of vintage to call your own!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meeting a Star!

Marilyn Monroe
Wouldn't it be nice if we could meet our favorite actors/actresses/singers? If you love film and television, I think its nice have the chance to say "thank you" to the artists you have admired or enjoyed on the screen.

This past weekend I went to the Chiller Theatre Convention. I have been to horror conventions before, I know-Bunny going to horror conventions? But hey, I love film and I love socializing so why not? Conventions are not for everyone. I have never been to a Comic Con or a Star Trek Convention, those make me a tad bit nervous because they seem so intense.

The Chiller Theatre Convention happens in New Jersey and basically film and television stars-past and present, as well as, musicians, singers, wrestlers etc attend to be able to greet their fans and interact with them. In this type of convention you can actually chat with them and I think that is just so neat!

My main goal was to meet Patty Duke. I have been a fan of hers since I was about eleven having grown up on 50's and 60's television shows (as well as the usual 70's and 80's of course). I got a chance to tell her how much I admire her strength and bravery as she has battled mental illness throughout her lifetime. What a moment for me. Ms. Duke and her husband are true gems.
Patty Duke
Ricou Browning
Dennis the Menace
I also met Rico Browning who was The Creature from the Black Lagoon and the last living Universal monster. As well as Jay North and Jeannie Russell from Dennis the Menace-another show I grew up watching. Meeting them was just out of this world!

I also met Jeffrey Combs, Barry Bostwick, David WarnerLarry Wilcox, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith who were all so kind, sweet, and were such gentlemen. They each complimented me on my vintage look and that just made my day even brighter to say the least. We met a few other amazing people-what a enjoyable event! Even my family starting getting into it-all nine of us(the five of us plus my brother's family)!!

I posted all the photos I took of the event and you can look at them on my Facebook page. I am so glad I brought the kiddies-they enjoyed themselves as much as we did and we hope to go again in the fall! 

If you ever get a chance to meet your favorite artists or to speak to them, I highly recommend doing so. It is a little nerve-racking at first but they are people too! 


My Outfit:
Dress: 1940's from MidnightMart
Accessories: MO Antique Mall
Hair Flowers: Claire's Accessories

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