Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Vintage Wardrobe: Easy Peasy 1940's Casual Outfit

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day! Here at the bunny house we had planned a vintagey family inspired trip but alas a bike race took over most of Manhattan and Brooklyn. We had to changed our plans last minute because we knew the traffic would be killer.

On the spur of the moment I had to go from dressed up to dressed down but I didn't want to dress as my usual mama self. I sprang into action and scooped up my trusty vintage jeans and a 1940's top I purchased recently on Etsy. I decided to put my hair back in a snood because I wanted to be able to more accessible to the children since we decided to take them to an indoor playground. I figured a dress wouldn't be so comfortable for me so I went with my jeans and trusty snood.

What did I learn from this? I learned that I defiantly need to have more accessible casual 40's and 50's outfit on hand. Some folks are comfy with dresses all the time but with three small children and the need to carry things, lift them, and "chase" (I can't really run anymore lol) after them, I have to be super comfortable. For me, it has to be trousers or jeans. With summer around the corner I also find it wise to have some handy dandy easy peasy casual outfits on hand. Don't you?

This is what I put together today:
1940's Causal Jean Oufit
A typical 40's look requires one to tuck the blouse or sweater into the pants but I wanted to be a little extra comfy today and so I didn't. I felt great in this outfit and yet I was still vintagey/retro without being super obvious that I was-which I liked. I put a black snood in my hair and added a white flower for decor and a simple pair of vintage black stud earrings.

I felt like I could carry the diaper bag and get invovled with my children playing and still be able to move around and function, yet still feel/look cute with my vintage self.

I am now thinking about ordering these Freddies of Pinewood Jeans. Has anyone worn these before? What do you think about them?
Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
As well as adding a few more tops to my wardrobe to go with the jeans or trousers, I want to also do more research on different ways one can dress them up. It is so much fun when you figure something out for yourself. In my case, when I figure out clothes that work well on me or colors that look good on me-I find that to be a huge deal because well...Bunny is not a fashion diva. Not yet anyway hehe

What do you think of my easy peasy 40's casual outfit? 



  1. You look fantastic!

    I have those Freddie's jeans. I have a little problem with the fit but I think I ordered the wrong size. Other than that, they are very well made. I think you would really like them.

  2. I think you look terrific, dear Bunny - a snood was a great call for a busy day of bopping around out and about. I don't have those particular Freddies jeans, but I do have their classic side button ones and utterly adore them. They don't have any stretch and are very true to size (aka, they are whatever measurements they claim to be), so if you're between sizes, I'd suggest going up one (I'd say these points are true of all the Freddies pieces I've tried so far).

    I'm particularly keen on headscarves and wraps worn 1940s style with my Freddies, the combo is just so cute and fun - I don't think there's a vintage loving gal out there that wouldn't look cute in that combo.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Very cute! I am in need of a snood.

  4. I have a side button pair that I really love, makes me want to buy more. I really like this look on you (not just saying this lol). The top is fabulous! I am having the same delma as you. I've just started to add a few more vintage inspired tops to my wardobe since you can wait around along time for just the right authentic one. I think I would like to add a couple more pairs of jeans too, at some point.

  5. You look divine!

  6. Very cute indeed! I was eyeing some freddies jeans too and then wearing history came out with that awesome trousers/overall pattern and I thought "even better!" I've read that a lot of girls have issues with the fit of them. I really want to sew a few of Mrs Depew's 40's wrap blouses for myself this summer too. They look comfy as a t shirt but totally retro!

  7. I've heard nothing but the best of Freddie's jeans in their manufacturing and structure, but you have to get the right size and that can be difficult. Whatever you do, don't purchase anything from Nicole Katherine....ugh!! I would stick with Freddies or even Vivien of Holloway. VOH not only costs less, they have traditional 40s button jeans and are roomy for us hippy gals. I think they even go up to a size awesome for ladies of all sizes.

  8. Thank you ladies for your sweet compliments and advice!!! xox

  9. You look adorbs, hun! I've been thinking of buying the Freddie's jeans also. I REALLY need a pair of jeans! If you get them before me let me know how you like them hehe!!! xoxo

  10. Adorable outfit! I love light weight slacks, capri especially, with cute tops. They're easy to wear, and cool enough to get things done!

  11. Very cute! Casual 40s styles are really my favorite for my lifestyle. And I love Freddie's jeans. LOVE them. It may be that you have to have a fairly "typical" butt/hip/waist ratio (whatever the size) for them to flatter, as I know they don't work on everyone, but they are great for me. Downright an essential, even. On days when I work from home (which is 4 or 5 days a week!), I am very often found in them. I still feel cute and retro even if I only have a t-shirt on with them, but don't feel silly for wearing a dress sitting at my laptop in front of no one. LOL You can see examples of 40s "tee" type looks in the Sears catalogs along with trousers, so it's completely appropriate for a casual look nowadays, mimicking workwear or sportswear of the 40s!

  12. What a great outfit from head to toe!

  13. What Tasha said is right! You must have a good ratio... I have some of them in 32'' waist, they are OK for my hips but too big at waist but 30'' are OK at waist but too small for my 43'' hips...
    It's easy to find casual repro vintage style.

  14. Its practical but pretty Bunny- something I often strive for in the everyday outfits I wear! Come summertime, I love my 1940s shorts that look kind of skirt like!

  15. I'm also working on getting more casual pieces into my wardrobe. They're so comfy and versatile! The Freddie jeans look amazing, but I'm in the process of saving up for them, hopefully someday! Those look fabulous though, so flattering.

    I found an easy 1940s blouse pattern you might want to check out. I sewed it up quickly (and I'm no professional), and it works GREAT for tucking into trousers, really comfortable! Good to dress up or down:
    (Simplicity 1093)

  16. I love my Freddies! I don't have this pair, but the pair I got fit me perfectly ~ I just bought my waist size and they are lovely. I can definitely recommend them 'coz you really can't go past a good pair of jeans for those high-energy mom days!

    bonita of Depict This!

  17. Thank you for all your fabulous and sweet advice-I scored myself a pair-cannot wait to share it with you all on another post-HUGS!

  18. Those pants look amazing on you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree that one must have an everyday vintage wardrobe.....Something I do no have! I have pretty dresses and skirts but nothing that you could wear without feeling you need to have your hair set and makeup on. Some days a girl just wants to be vintage without the glamour.

    1. Thank you sweetie! Seperates are imp I am learning-hard to find but worth finding and investing in for sure!!! xox


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