Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sammy Davis Vintage: The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online

Sammy Davis Vintage
Have you ever wondered if there was a book or online source of some sort that had a ton and I mean a TON of information on the best vintage online shopping? Seriously, look NO further! 

Sammy Davis Vintage created something special for all of us vintage lovers. Something that took courage, creativity, and incredible amounts of passion. She put together this outstanding ebook called The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online.  

Many of us scour every online source (ie Etsy, Ebay, Google, etc) searching and searching for the best sellers or for the perfect dress. It is a lot of fun to search for vintage but wouldn't it be so very helpful to have a source to guide us through all the vintage that is out there?

Sammy beautifully put together for all of us a guide in which we can not only focus on where we are looking for our vintage but also how to look for it. She explains what to look for in an online shop and how to shop for your vintage. Here is a little peak into her table of contents page:
This ebook is a fantastic resource for all vintage aficionado's but I would especially recommend it to those just beginning their journey into the vintage world. I am two years into my journey (full-time) and I still consider myself a beginner in many ways. The way Sammy breaks it all down and explains the importance of vintage to wear to shop for specific era pieces. Gahhhh....its just dripping with information that you really should not pass up. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the knowings of the vintage online world of shopping, there is much that you can gain by reading Sammy's ebook. 

What I adored the most as I was reading through the pages, was just how much love and care was put into every word and every selection. There is nothing more that I love when I see someone so passionate about something that they just pour their heart into it. And that is what Sammy has done.

I attached links to Sammy's Facebook page as well as to her Etsy shop above, so you can grab your copy of "The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online". Let me know your thoughts after you have read it and whether is has helped in your search for the perfect piece of vintage to call your own!



  1. Oh! Thanks for this. I was debating buying it but now I will!!!

  2. It is soooo worth it! I found it very helpful-actually I am still going back and re-reading pages! Let me know what you think!! xox

  3. It really does look fabulous and I imagine so much hard work went into it. I might just have to get myself a copy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I know it will be very helpful. Im going to head over there now!

  5. Thank you everyone for checking out the book and most important, to Bunny for sharing the news! #vintagelove

  6. So where is the link to buy the book? I looked everywhere but the right place :) Thanks

  7. Yeah! Happy you all like it! My pleasure Sammy!! Barbara I posted the links here on my post-just click on it! Let me know if you have any other problems! xox

  8. Terrific overview of Sammy's new e-book, dear Bunny. I was super touched that she included Chronically Vintage and I on her page devoted to vintage style inspiration (under the North America heading). I completely agree with everything you said here about this great e-book and definitely give it my seal of approval, too.

    ♥ Jessica


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