Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Five Spooky MODERN Films

This is the last part of my "Bunny's Spooky Flicks" series. Now these films are NOT for the faint of heart. I tried not to add photos that were too gruesome or gross because horror is not for everyone. And I won't like I cannt bear to look at the Linda Blair when she is possessed-that alone scares the heck out of me!

So these five films are some of my picks on the spookiest horror films from today. Most are from the 1980's but they are all very unique and they truly scare. I'd like to know what modern spooky films would be on your top five list?

Demons (1985)...doesn't that sounds like a terribly frightening film?? Well it is! really is! It was directed by Lamberto Bava (son of famed horror director, Mario Bava) and produced by Dario Argento. Dario Argento is one of my favorite horror film directors. If you have seen any of his films, you know why!

Set in Europe, a girl named Cheryl (played by Natasha Hovey) gets a free ticket to see a movie at a new movie theater. She decides to take her friend Kathy with her and at the theater they meet George (played by Urbano Barberini) and Ken. The film is violent and scary and depicts a mask that was also seen in the theater. One of the women watching the film goes to the bathroom to check on a cut that she got from trying on that mask earlier. What happens to her next leads to mass hysteria, gore, and infestation-its insane. Only George and Cheryl remain uninfected but things aren't always what they seem.

What began as an innocent trip to a free movie ends up being a quest for survival!
I know they did a remake of this film recently, but nothing compares to the original 1988 version of Night of the Demons. It stars Cathy Podewell as Judy, Amelia Kinkade as Angela, and Linnea Quigley (famous scream queen) as Suzanne.

It has cheesy moments, funny moments, 80's moments, chilling moments, sexy moments, and skin crawling moments. It is basically the perfect 80's horror film!

Angela invites a few kids from school to a Halloween party at the abandoned Hull House. Little do these over-sexed teens know that demons live in this house and they are waiting. What are they waiting for? Well, you have to see it to believe it! Kudos to the makeup artists because the demon faces were super  scary and the killings were VERY creative. I mean it, I have never seen some like that in any of horror film. It's a must see! Just be prepared to travel back to the good ole 80's!
The Exorcist (1973) is a must have when it comes to spooky tales. But I didn't and couldn't include a photo of the possessed Regan (Linda Blair) on this post for a reason. It scares the life out of me. No, I'm serious. I saw the un-cut version of this film when it came out in 2001 I believe. Yes, I carried my rosary. I may sound nuts including this film in my post because I do find it so horrifying but it is a horror masterpiece. I will not watch it for fun or if I don't have anything better to do. I haven't seen it since 2001 and its really because since having my children my tolerance for horror has lowered. I cannot believe I just wrote that...ahhh but it's true. For some reason, I just cannot bear watching some movies, especially the kind that involve children.

Regan is a twelve year old girl whose mother Chris (Ellen Burstyn) who move to Georgetown while Chris is filming a movie. Regan is a normal little girl but after some time starts displaying some odd behavior. Her mother worries that there may be something wrong health wise and numerous tests are taken to ensure Regan's safety. After Regan attacks her mother she goes to a Roman Catholic priest. She is non-religious and skeptical but is desperate for someone to help her help her child.

And help is what she gets. Possessed with a demon/devil, Regan tortures, harasses, injures, and frightens everyone around her. Will these devoted priests be able to help Chris and her daughter? This film is NOT for the faint of heart. I mean that.
Night of the Living Dead (1990) is a remake from the original that I spotlighted back in October 2011 which you can read here. Now I don't think you are aware of this but I am NOT a big fan of remakes. I do however believe that this one is as equally fantastic as the original. That says a lot me thinks.

Its stars Patricia Tallman as Barbara and Tony Todd as Ben. It really follows the original expect that the character of Barbara eventually changes. She evovles from a quiet, weak woman into a brave and strong woman. The Barbara in the original is always scared and crying, this one fights back!

I love Tony Todd in everything he is in but this film is my favorite. The ending really makes you question humanity. For those of you that are fans of "The Walking Dead", you would love this film as well.
I have been a huge fan of Jennifer Connelly since 1985. This film and Labyrinth are two of my favorite films of Jennifer's. I admire what she had to go through in this film, espcially the she falls into a pool filled with....ugh I cannot tell you! It's too gross!

This film was originally named Phenomena and directed by the famed Italian director Dario Argento. Jennifer (her characters name as well) is the daughter of a famous actor, he sends her off to a girls school in Switzerland. Its there that she discovers that she has special powers, she can communicate with bugs!

In the midst of all this there are murders happening in the area and Jennifer along with her new friends, Dr. John McGregor (played by the late and super amazing, Donald Pleasence) and Inga his chimpanzee, they begin to figure out who the murderer is. This film also has an amazing soundtrack! Just keep in mind Italian horror films like all others are different from American ones. There is a certain style they use that one may or may not like. 

I wish you all an enjoyable All Hallows' Eve! I hope you all get lots of treats!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Five Spooky CLASSIC Films

In continuation with my three part series of spooky flicks, I chose five classic films that I feel are bone chilling. It was hard to pick five, honestly there are so many classic films that could have made the list. But I chose them because they either make me think, make me feel, or make me cringe in horror!

What classic films have you found to be the spookiest and why?
Freaks (1932) is the kind of film that could NEVER and I mean NEVER be made today. People are more accepting and sympathetic to those with disabilities and deformities, but worse of all-we are just too politically correct. With that said, I think Tod Browning did a beautiful job with this films. He didn't disrespect any of the people involved or depict them in a lesser light. 

To me, he let them shine and show the world that yeah they make look like freaks but they are inside just like everyone else. And the lesson to be learned in this film is that "don't judge a book by its cover". The woman who is physically the most attractive may be the one with the darkest heart. I spotlighted this film in July of 2011, and you can read more about it here.

What a treat The Invisible Man (1933) was to watch! Starring Claude Rains as Dr. Jack Griffin (the invisible man), Gloria Stuart as Flora, William Harrigan as Dr. Arthur Kemp, and Henry Travers as Dr. Cranley/Flora's father.

Dr. Jack Griffin's experiments have gone wrong and he has been made to be invisible. He has disappeared suddenly and Flora longs to find him and know that he is alright. Dr. Cranley and Dr. Kemp discover the one of the ingredients that Griffin used in his experiments and grow concerned. Cranley informs Kemp that use of that drug and a person will be driven mad.

Griffin rents a room in a pub and attempts to continue his experiments and slowly you see (no pun intended) his mind deteriorate. There is a scene between Griffin and Kemp that gave me the shivers-a threat was given and the look on Kemp's face was sheer terror. Griffin goes on a rampage and it all ends tragically but not without a powerful lesson learned. 
Frankenstein is a masterpiece. I mean, you know it is and it is for a reason. It is the second film based on the Mary Shelley novel that was written in 1818. The first was made in 1910 and it was a box office flop.

This version stars the talented Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster. I know he is a monster but after seeing this film and its sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), I feel as though if he were given a chance he could have been much more. 

Being a creation from parts of other humans and pieced together by the mad and equally passionate, Henry Frankenstein (played by the fantastic Colin Clive), of course it is assumed that this creature is a monster. But there were a few moments in both this film and in "The Bride of Frankenstein" where you can see that he had potential-as we all do-to be good people and do good things.

All the icon scenes lived up to its fame, the scene where Henry says, "He's alive! Alive!" oh man-chills went up and down my spine! If you  love spooky tales, I say this one is must to see. There is also a third film called Son of Frankenstein (1939) in which Karloff reprises his role as the creature but it was to be his last time doing so. I have yet to see it but will try to soon especially since it is available on Netflix right now.

I know Rebecca (1940) is more of a thriller than a horror but this movie just freaks me out every time I see it. Actually I hope to add it to my small collection of Classic movies on dvd but I want to be able to see it again and again. I hope one day to read the novel by Daphne Du Maurier.

I spotlighted this film last October and you can read my review in more detail here. and I had to include it in my list because seriously, can you imagine falling in love with an amazing man only to be told you would be living in the home that his first wife lived in before she died. I mean to make matters worse, everywhere the young bride looks there are reminders of her husband's first wife. 

I can only imagine the terror, fear, anxiety, and hopefulness a young bride has but to walk into a situation where she could possible just be a replacement or worse. Its stars Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier, and they play their roles in such a way that makes you feel as though not only is the Manderly house haunted but they may be haunted as well.
Imagine being told that you shouldn't sleep. That you could never sleep unless you want to stay alive. Good grief! I think I would weep terribly if someone told me that! I like my sleep gosh darnit!

Well, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) not only tells you that you shouldn't sleep but that aliens are taking over humanity by using pods!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes it really is scary! Sheesh! It's bad enough that you will never be able to rest but if you do you will become one of many pod people taking over for world domination! Okay, I know I am sounded dramatic but this movie does scare me.

I spotlighted this films as well in October of last year because it really is one of my favorite spooky films. You can read my spotlight here. Thank goodness there is a happy ending! When I first saw this film I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. My grandma was worried that I was getting stressed out, but the end rocks! I love me a good and happy ending!

I hope you enjoyed Volume Two of my Spooky Flicks lists. Volume Three will be out tomorrow-just in time for All Hallows' Eve!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Top Five Spooky PERIOD Films

There is nothing better than a spooky story during the chilly, cardigan friendly days of October. Now imagine a spooky story in the form of a film, but better still....set in the past!

Let's take a peak at my top five spooky period films. They weren't placed in specific order. I do feel I must warn you...these tales are frightening!!!

First up is one of my favorite 1980's films, Ghost Story (1981). There are so many things that make this films special and eye catching. Let's start with the fact that it was originally a novel. It also starred four....yes FOUR of Classic Hollywood's finest actors; Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, and John Houseman. Ugh...just wow! It also stars Craig Wasson who is known for his role in "Body Double".

During the 1930's, a group of boyhood friends meet a newcomer in their town named Eva (played by the amazing Alice Krige. One night in an argument, one of the guys pushes Eva and she hits her head. They think she is dead, place her in a car, and drive the car off into a lake. It is at that point that they realize they had made a horrible mistake. Eva was alive!

Many years later, a women named Alma enters the lives of two of the sons of one of the boys from that fateful night. The boys, known as the Chowder Society, are now older gentlemen who lived very successful lives. But....but....they harbor a dark and sinister secret that is about to seek it's ultimate revenge!

The Others (2001), set in the 1940's during WWII, a mother and her children live in remote country house. Her children suffer from photo sensitivity and so she works hard to protect them from the sunlight. You see her randomly cry or get upset, you don't know why though. Then enter three "new" servants to help out around the house. Grace (Kidman) begins to become suspicious of them and the children feel as though they are being haunted!

It stars Nicole KidmanFionnula Flanagan, and Christopher Eccleston. Every performance was outstanding and heart wrenching too. You actually don't know why until the end. The end is beautiful done and I will NOT give it away for those who have yet to see this film.

Haunted Honeymoon (1986) isn't entirely spooky but it's good to laugh once in a while! It stars some outstanding comedians of the 1980's; Gene Wilder, the late Gilda Radner, and the late Dom DeLuise.

Also set in the 1940's, where Larry (Wilder) and Vickie (Radner) were radio stars in the Murder Mystery Theater. Larry has been on-air panic attacks and speech impediments since he proposed to Vickie. So how to solve these problems you may wonder? Scare the out of you of course!! 

They travel to visit Larry's eccentric family hoping this would solve his problem. The end result is a real life murder mystery just like in their shows!!! Totally hilarious and fun!!

Who wasn't madly in love with Louis??! I know I was especially after reading the book! Interview with the Vampire (1994), starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and set both in multiple time periods-1791 and 1870 primarily.

While you watch the film (or read the book) you follow the lives of one vampire named Lestat and one human (turned vampire) named Louis. You go with them on their travels, their killings, their conquests, and you watch as they live long, long lives without aging. Now to be pretty and not age sounds tempting but not for Louis who still holds on to the memories of humanity.

Okay, now I know most of  you have never seen or heard of this film. This one is for the really big horror fans! I first saw Dead Alive back in 1992 when my brother handed me a VHS tape of it. He was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of horror so of course I took his suggestion seriously. I watched it in my grandma's house and was left dizzy, overwhelmed, and saying..."what the heck??!" But I wanted more....soooooo of course its a winner!

This film was set in the 1957 in New Zealand, Lionel (played by Tim Balme) and his over bearing mother (played fantastically by the late Elizabeth Moody) visit the zoo where there is said to be a rare rat monkey. A rat monkey you say? Oh dear, I cannot even describe-way too gross and the story behind it, even grosser! His mother gets biten and all hell breaks lose. Not kidding!

Paquita (played by Diana Penalver), a shopkeeper's daughter and Lionel fall in love. Of course his mother is none too pleased but you see she has other problems on hand, like becoming a flesh eating zombie! These zombies are the kind you have never seen before-trust me! Mayhem of course ensues!

It is directed by Peter Jackson, yes "The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy" Peter Jackson-it was early in his career. But he created a true horror and gore masterpiece. I can tell you one thing, once you see the lawnmower scene, you will never think of horror the same way again! There is comedy, action, loads or gorey gore, and romance of course. This film is truly one of a kind! 

Are there any you are interested in seeing? Do you know of any other spooky films that are set in the past?? Don't forget to tune in for Volume Two of "Bunny's Spooky Flicks" tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed my little list!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Dracula

"Dracula" (1931)

I must confess I have never seen Dracula! Omg-I know right?! What kind of Classic Film fan am I? Well, one that admits that she hasn't seen the film that literally defined what we know about vampires today. Um, yeah, I know they aren't real...or are they?

I watched this film recently with my husband. I am lucky in that he enjoys classic films as much as I do. Okay, maybe not AS much, but he likes them and not many men his age do, so I count my blessings that we can watch a film like this together and we can both enjoy ourselves.

It stars Bela Lugosi, my classic film actor spotlight of the month. I wondered if he would live up to the hype of what I have heard about this film. Can I tell you that he did! He really did! My hubby thought some scenes were a little cheesy but I was in Bela heaven the whole time! He really just light up the screen (or maybe it was those eyes that were literally lite up in the close ups) and he seemed comfortable with the Count. Its something I have not seen too much before in the actors that played this after him. It is as if he embraced the monster that was Count Dracula, instead of romanticising him, he made him a literal creature of the night who thought only of his own survival.

This film is the first adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" written in 1897. Director Tod  Browning had Lon Chaney up for the coveted role but passed away before the making of the film. Lugosi played the part on Broadway in New York and that is when Hollywood became aware of him and his talents.

It also stars Helen Chandler as Mina, David Manners as John Harker, Dwight Frye as Renfield, and         Edward Van Sloan as Van Helsing. What an amazing casts of characters and actors. I highly recommend clicking on the links and reading more about them. You may find some of their stories after the making of this film to be sad or shocking or puzzling.

Simply put-Dracula makes his way to America to find a new "life" for himself as well as a new bride to add to his growing collection. Aside from Lugosi's outstanding performance as the undead, I was blown away by both Frye (Renfield) and Van Sloan (Van Helsing). Their performances are still being mimicked to this very day! I mean over eighty years later and people are still basing their performances in spooky films on the likes of Lugosi, Frye, and Van Sloan. I think that speak volumes!

I hope you are able to view this film before Halloween. I cannot think of a more perfect film to watch during the spookiest time of the year!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Classic Film Actor Spotlight: October: Bela Lugosi

Who is a prime example of a iconic onscreen horror actor? I would say one of the main ones is Bela Lugosi. When Lugosi played the part of Dracula, the whole world was mesmerized by his performance. He brought to life the dark tale of the undead like no one else before had. He left behind a legacy in the horror genre and also changed forever the way we view one of our favorite monsters, vampires. Yes, vampires are monsters, well if they were real anyway. I am not talking about the romantic, let me love you and feed off of animals know who I mean..LOL

But there was so much more behind those gorgeous eyes of Lugosi, so much more about this actor and man that people just aren't aware of. Well that is where this post will hopefully give you a little more insight on the man who helped change the face of horror in cinema forever.
Born in what is now Romania in 1882 as Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko to father who was a banker and a mother who was a housewife. He later took the name of his hometown, Lugos as inspiration for his stage name! How neat is that!!

He began acting in 1903 in the theatre. He served in World War I as a Infantry Lieutenant in the Austrian-Hungry Army from 1914-1916. By 1919, he was forced to flee his homeland due to his activism in the actor's union during the time of the Hungarian Revolution. Before he was forty years old he was a thespian, a vet of the great war, and a revolutionary!

He began acting in films in 1917, the first being The Colonel. Lugosi migrated to America in 1920 and by 1922 was already performing on Broadway. He eventually won the coveted part of Dracula on Broadway and won critical acclaim for his performances. Because of his performance on stage, Hollywood came knocking on Lugosi's door and by 1931 he took the world by storm with his iconic role of the blood sucking vampire. Some say he was typecast, most of his roles afterwards were in horror films such as;  White Zombie (1932) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). 

After reading a great deal about him in preparation for this post, I feel that perhaps he was and due to his heavy accent it may have proved somewhat challenging to find appropriate parts for him, but that didn't mean he wasn't an amazing actor/performer. I also feel that Lugosi as some point embraced his image as a horror icon, like Al Lewis did as "Grandpa" from The Munsters.

I say, what's wrong with that? He had talent, an image, a look, a name people recognized...what he did with it was work hard until the day he passed away doing what he loved to do...acting.

Lugosi was married five times and only had one child, a son named Bela Lugosi, Jr. Doesn't he look so much like his father?? And handsome too! Woweeee hehe

Career-wise as Lugosi grew older, he also fell into making "B" horror movies. I personally love them but you know how fickle and judgemental Hollywood can be, right? It is said that his last "A" film was Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein in 1948.
Lugosi in one of his earlier roles played the role of Christ and a photo from later on in his career with Vampira. One may wonder if he felt these roles in horror films were not as challenging or satisfying as the roles he played earlier in his career? 

In the 1950's he began to collaborate with Ed Wood, a filmmaker, who sought out to work with Lugosi because he was a big fan of his work. They say working with Wood helped Lugosi get out of financial troubles as well as put him back in the spotlight.

From the 1940's til the early part of the 1950's Lugosi battled an addiction to pain killers. He was the first celebrity to come out and speak about addiction to the public. You can read more about it here and this link also included an interview with Lugosi.

Many will criticize that Lugosi's career was over and gone and perhaps according to the massive studios and the businessmen who ran them, perhaps it was over. But  who is still being spoken about today? Who helped create the haunting image of the undead that lives forever?

He is an icon--it is that simple. He may have not been a millionaire when he passed away suddenly in 1956 of a heart attack, but he was a star in every sense of the word. He was and will always be a huge part of the foundation that made the genre of spooky tales we all know and love.

In the above photo (right) there is a rare gathering of the descendants of the masters of horror from Universal Pictures. Of course there is Bela Lugosi, Jr (with his daughter), Sara Karloff (Boris Karloff's daughter), Ron Chaney (the great-grandson of Lon Chaney, and grandson of Lon Chaney, Jr-with his two daughters), and Carla Laemmle who is the niece of Universal's founder Carl Laemmle. Carla is still with us at 103 years old-bless her!

Lugosi will always be remembered for playing the role of "Dracula" but I hope now you may also see that he was a passionate actor as well as a multifaceted man.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Crafting on a Budget!

Whether you have children or not, I think it is always wise to think creatively when you can and try and save a few dollars while at it. Crafting does not have to be an expensive hobby. Things can be purchased on sale, in bulk, with coupons, or swapped for. So when it came time to put together some crafts for my children for Halloween I decided that I will figure out a budget first. So I said let me get as many crafts as possible for twenty dollars and not spend more than five dollars on one craft alone.

So my I went with my daughter (my eldest child) to our local A.C. Moore store and searched high and low for crafts that I can do with my children. Since their ages are 5, 3, and almost 2 it was tricky to find things that they could all do together. But I did! Take a look at what I purchased and what we did together.
These wooden masks (1.00 each) are perfect for painting and playing with around the house. Warning: make sure they don't play rough with them because they can break easily as my daughter found out..ekk!
The Scrapbooking paper (.59 cents each) was used for making pumpkins. I cut out the pumpkins free hand and the face pieces as well-my babies then pasted it altogether and named them. My daughter named her "JackieJohn" Pumpkin, my son names his "Jack" Pumpkin, and my baby named his "Baboo" Pumpkin hehe I then took them and connected them with string and hung them! The stickers (1.00 a pack) were used to make handmade cards for their friends and for their Papa of course.

I refused to spend more than a dollar on Acrylic paint so I searched and searched and found each of these for .99 cents each. They are washable-not on clothes though-they tend to stay there permanently. I used leftover tops of containers and such to put the paint on for them. 

And there are their masterpieces. They had a blast with this one-kids like getting messy for some reason LOL

My babies in their jammies one morning after their masks were dried and ready to be played with. They loved chasing each other and pretending to me the character of the mask. 

My daughter and I also did a craft together, it was a foam haunted house project that was just 5.00. This was something we could do together since the boys are still so little. She loved doing it with me and now we will use it as part of the decorations for their halloween playdate/party on Tuesday. That's if the weather holds up! Fingers and toes crossed!

So it is possible to get a whole bunch of crafts together and not spend too much on them. Most children like just about any crafting so think simple and think creative. My kids had a blast doing their projects, I am sure yours would too!

Happy Crafting! xox

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Date with Frankenstein!

Yesterday I posted about the tickets I won and the hair tutorial I followed for my date with Frankenstein. The evening was wonderful but I think I may take a break from outings that are in the evening and mid-week. I just missed my children and it is such a sacrifice to get out. I will stick to weekend outings more so.

With that said, truly I saw Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein in the way it was intended-on the big screen! If you ever get a chance to see any classic film in a theater, I highly recommend that you try it out. So far I have seen these two films, West Side Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Casablanca, and The Birds and I have been awed and inspired by the experience of seeing them larger than life!

Goodness it was awesome! I will be spotlighting these films on another post but if you get the chance to see them on the small screen during this Halloween Season, check it out-they are an important part of the history of cinema as well as horror itself.

Boris Karloff as "The Frankenstein Monster" 
Elsa Lanchester as "The Bride of Frankenstein"

My outfit for the evening was aimed at being a 1950's look but turned into a 1940's one due to my hair being uncooperative! Thanks again to my friend Sean for lending me her sweet dress---it is beautiful! I paired it with a cropped black cardigan I purchased in MO along with a black snood, red earrings, bracelets, and my vintage guitar brooch.

My hair came out curlier than it did for my 1950's hair trail  and I tried everything to tame I wrapped it up in my trusty snood. Lesson learned-must get more medium size rollers! Hehe

It felt great to get dressed up again! Getting out of mama clothes for the night can be a wonderful thing! How do you feel when you get dressed up? How often are you able to do it?


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bunny's 1950's Hair Trial

You will not believe this but I won tickets to see Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein from an amazing blog called Classic Forever! TCM has been having a series of films out once a month to be seen in a theater. That is how I saw The Birds last month and I really wanted to see this one but didn't think it would happen for me and then I won! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

So today that is where I will be heading! I decided to also take this opportunity to dress up especially since I really haven't had a chance to since June. I know that's a long time, right? My friend Sean from The Fictionista kindly lent me one of her amazing dresses for a photo shoot I was going to have this month. Well, things got incredibly busy and there seemed to be no time to have my shoot so I thought I wouldn't have a chance to wear it especially since she went through all the trouble to send it to me. I figured, why not wear it today!!?? I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Sean for being so kind to me and being such a sweet friend!

To add to my special classic cinema event and dressing up, I realized I need to practice a hairstyle because I have been a very bad Bunny and have not practiced since June...again...I know! I found this sweet tutorial by a blogger called Thin Invisible Steel. I tried it out on Monday and below are my results. What do you think?

1950's Hair Tutorial

I have noticed many vintage hair tutorials the persons hair is either straight or very thin-mine is neither. My hair is VERY thick! So I wanted you to see how it looked after I took it out after having my sponge rollers in all night.

This is how it looked afterwards. I think I need more of my anti-frizz cream and also some more hair spray. Oh yeah and a hair flower in my hair...LOL But it's not that bad right?? I defiantly need to find myself like five standard hairstyles that I can do really well.

I look forward to sharing with you all my adventure with Frankenstein and his bride but also my how my hair turned out and well of course my outfit hehe

If any of you have any hairstyles that you can recommend-let me know. I would love to hear what works for you and what tutorials are your favorites!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Homage to "The Birds"

The Birds

Oh, Halloween is almost upon us! I cannot wait to dress my children up and I may even dress up myself hehehe I wanted to do something a little extra special during my shoot with Christina Marotto Photography during my World's Fair Shoot

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is nearing its 50th anniversary and it really is one of my favorite Hitchcock films so I decided to do a homage to Tippi Hedren and this masterpiece. I hope you all like it! 

Here I am wearing my girls (aka braces). It was such a fun shoot! If you would like to see more photos from my homage to "The Birds" shoot, feel free to check out my Facebook page! Also, I would like to thank again Christina Marotto for her amazing work that day and Veronica Vintage for my beautiful hair and makeup!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Being Thankful...

Thank you for all the comments from yesterday! I really appreciate all the positive words and for the friendships that I have formed with so many of you. I truly have the best readers on my blog!

I simply wanted to say THANK YOU! I one blessed Bunny indeed!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspired Bunny Rant

It may be a seasonal thing-it used to happen to me in my college days. Some people call it mid-winter blues, I used to get it always in October. I honestly don't know why. Call it the blues then. I get it every once in a while now, brought on by the stresses that my husband and I share with the schedule that we keep every week.

I became inspired to share a rant with you after reading my friend Jennifer's confession on her amazing blog called I know, right? She is such a great girl and I love her writing style. If you get a chance to read her posts you will see what I mean. I can relate to her post not because I feel a bit lost or perhaps with little direction but because I am stuck in rut. But what makes my rut maddening for me is that I know I could get out of it if only I had more time/money. Which then leads me to being frustrated...

My Vision Board has helped keep me focused on my desires and current dreams, but I am struggling with keeping my optimism. I think this is happening because of the way our lifestyle is at the moment. I think I have given you bits and pieces of what it is like but here I go.....I want you all to know I am not sharing this because I want sympathy and I certainly do not care for pity....I am sharing it because I need to get it off my chest. You will see why.

Contrary to how tired I am, I love being a stay at home mother. I have worked 9-5 jobs since I was 16 until I was 31, with my disability and all-no matter how hard it was for me to stand or do things-I did it. I am very proud of the fact that I did. I defiantly feel like I am doing a slamming job raising my children. They are polite, energetic, sweet, affectionate, and loving. I cannot ask for more. 

I know of so many amazing moms who are able to have a cleaning lady come in once a week, go on dates with their spouses, have family and friends around to help out and keep them sane. They may even be able to go on vacations whether it is for a weekend or a month. I am in no way jealous of them, I am not the jealous type. I feel happy for them and I know how much all of that helps especially when you are working so hard being a mom.

I see my husband for about 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening. He doesn't come home until 12:30am after working his two jobs. On the weekends, we get to see him until about two or three in the afternoon. We only have one car so we try and fit as many errands as possible during those times. He is very tired so he tries to take care of his own stuff and sometimes helps me with the house. My family lives in another part of New York and all of my closest friends live out of state or out of country. Most were native New Yorkers but have since relocated their lives and their families.

I don't have many people that I  can really talk to and being on skype or online in any way shape or form takes a lot of time away from the kids, which usually leads them to going wacko on me hehe Lately, I have been trying to give myself a certain amount of hours online and then shut it off for the rest of the day. Otherwise, the babies really do need a great deal of attention, especially these days with the baby becoming two soon. He is my lil monkey hehe

I don't get out much during the week because there is only one car and such a limited time to get things done. So I am home bound a great deal. The times you have seen me post outings and such, a great deal of planning and sacrifice goes into those. To top it off lately I have been feeling incredibly fatigued by the time the afternoon has rolled around. I think its because of lack of sleep. I am a lighter sleeper than my husband so every time a baby wakes up or crawls into our bed, I wake up.

Not having my husband around is huge! If he were to come home after job number one, it would help in so many ways. My children get to have fun with dad and we would do more together but also just knowing someone is around helps so much.

Now my rant isn't about my hardships because there will always be hard times in our lives. I have been through many already so I know its okay. And it isn't about what I don't have because I am aware that there are others who have less and have it worse. I suppose I am just tired of feeling tired and tired of feeling frustrated. I know what I want out of my life, I have a list of things I want to do and want to learn etc. But without time or money how can anyone move ahead?

There isn't much I can do about feeling tired, but what can I do about feeling frustrated? I work on my blog everyday, although I am unable to post as frequently as I would like, it takes days- sometimes weeks to complete a post because I have to it little by little. Really, I work with whatever the day has given to me.

You all know how passionate I am as a person and how determined I am to succeed-the universe knows what I want and I know it doesn't happen overnight, but how does one overcome the feeling like what they are doing isn't enough? My father reminds me from time to time that I do a lot, even though all I did on one given day is the laundry, dishes, bottles, and a craft with the kids. I wish I could do more.

Ever feel like your heart or mind is going to burst open if not given a chance to express oneself or be creative. That's me. I am so grateful for the times I do get to express myself like right now (babies 1 and 2 are napping) or the times I get to be creative,  like my World's Fair Shoot. I am so grateful that my husband supports my craziness over the vintage and everything that comes with it. For my dad, even though he doesn't understand anything that I am doing, he does know it has made me happy, so he babysits when he can so I can do my thing. For all the friends I have made through blogging and modeling-I have met some incredible people. I know I am blessed, now I need to figure out how I can help myself from being overwhelmed with impatience and frustration.

How do you deal with those emotions? I am aware that if I had more time with my husband, more time for myself, and more money to tend what needs to be tending too, I wouldn't feel down so often-so defeated. How do you deal with those moments in life that kick you down?

I hope you feel like you know me a little better. I want my blog not only to express my passion for the past but also to express my passion for living the best life I can.

Much Love, Bunny xox

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bunny's Top Five Vintage Magazines Picks!

I wonder sometimes if I am the only one who is stuck on paper. I mean I love stationary and note pads, I adore and magazines...there is something natural for me to have paper in my hands. When I plan a party I believe that the invitations set the mood for the theme etc.

I don't hate the kindle books and online magazines, but I prefer to hold what I am reading in my hands. My husband and I are both stuck on CD's because we love reading the booklets inside. I guess, this means I am old-fashioned huh?

Well, this old-fashioned gal would like to share with you my top five vintage magazine picks! You can find many of these magazines have a Facebook page, Twitter page, and maybe even a Pinterest page. They have embraced the beauty of technology but yet they still offer their readers an opportunity to subscribe to their magazine and get an issue in the mail. What a concept, I know! hehe

I will include links to these magazines like their business page, Facebook, Twitter, etc So feel free to click on the links below and get to know them a little bit more!

Bunny's Top Five Vintage Magazine Picks!

1. Vintage Life Magazine

This UK based Vintage Magazine is the most popular worldwide. They have everything from the 1930-1970's. They embrace the modern times and really celebrate the love people have today with vintage clothing, music, hair, and much modern. They have issues online as well as in snail mail form. And each issue is literally jam packed with beautiful images and informative articles so that every guy and gal hoping to learn a little bit more about how they can incorporate their love for the past into their everyday modern lives.

2. Zelda: The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau

Zelda is a New York City based Vintage Magazine focusing more on the arts and life from 1900-1940. They have some divine interviews with those who lived and created in the past. I love how much dedication and passion goes into each issue. This magazine is a little gem and a must have for every vintage lover. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter as well as my review on this past post

3. Nostalgia Digest Magazine

Goodness, I just recently found this amazing little Vintage Magazine just a few days ago while I was scouring for a Doctor Who Magazine. Nostalgia Digest Magazine, "is a 64-page quarterly publication filled with articles about the "Golden Age" of radio, television, movies, and music, written by those who lived it and those who love it! Since 1975,Nostalgia Digest Magazine has provided readers with an entertaining, educational look at life and popular culture during the first half of the 20th century (and sometimes beyond)."  Seriously this magazine really is jam packed-if you can you must check it out!

I have reviewed this Classic Film Magazine before on my blog and it is one of my favorites. They sell them in bookstores in the states and subscriptions are available for those in the U.S.A, Canada, and Abroad! The pages are primarily black and white but I think it gives an feel of nostalgia. There is not just reviews and information about classic film but also about classic film actors.actresses! 

This is yet another Vintage Magazine that I have recently discovered. My jaw dropped when I took a peak at what was inside of it. It is just like having a piece of the past right in your hands (or in front of your eyes lol). The images and information included in this magazine are just divine! It is like biting into a warm piece of apple pie-gives you a good feeling and tastes yummy! For those of you on Pinterest, you will adore the images they have on their page!

So there you have my top five vintage magazine picks! I yearn to be subscribed to all of these-one day though-maybe I will put it on my list for Santa this year LOL I am subscribed to Vintage Life Magazine online and Reminisce Magazine via snail mail thanks to two close friends of mine who gifted it to me. Three more to go! 

I just love to fill my brain with more information and without a doubt you will learn a great deal from each of these darlings as well as have your eyes filled with beautiful images to look at!

Which magazines are yous subscribed to? Which ones are your favorites? Did you learn about one by reading this post that you weren't aware of before?

Happy Columbus Day to my U.S.A. readers!!


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