Monday, October 8, 2012

Bunny's Top Five Vintage Magazines Picks!

I wonder sometimes if I am the only one who is stuck on paper. I mean I love stationary and note pads, I adore and magazines...there is something natural for me to have paper in my hands. When I plan a party I believe that the invitations set the mood for the theme etc.

I don't hate the kindle books and online magazines, but I prefer to hold what I am reading in my hands. My husband and I are both stuck on CD's because we love reading the booklets inside. I guess, this means I am old-fashioned huh?

Well, this old-fashioned gal would like to share with you my top five vintage magazine picks! You can find many of these magazines have a Facebook page, Twitter page, and maybe even a Pinterest page. They have embraced the beauty of technology but yet they still offer their readers an opportunity to subscribe to their magazine and get an issue in the mail. What a concept, I know! hehe

I will include links to these magazines like their business page, Facebook, Twitter, etc So feel free to click on the links below and get to know them a little bit more!

Bunny's Top Five Vintage Magazine Picks!

1. Vintage Life Magazine

This UK based Vintage Magazine is the most popular worldwide. They have everything from the 1930-1970's. They embrace the modern times and really celebrate the love people have today with vintage clothing, music, hair, and much modern. They have issues online as well as in snail mail form. And each issue is literally jam packed with beautiful images and informative articles so that every guy and gal hoping to learn a little bit more about how they can incorporate their love for the past into their everyday modern lives.

2. Zelda: The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau

Zelda is a New York City based Vintage Magazine focusing more on the arts and life from 1900-1940. They have some divine interviews with those who lived and created in the past. I love how much dedication and passion goes into each issue. This magazine is a little gem and a must have for every vintage lover. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter as well as my review on this past post

3. Nostalgia Digest Magazine

Goodness, I just recently found this amazing little Vintage Magazine just a few days ago while I was scouring for a Doctor Who Magazine. Nostalgia Digest Magazine, "is a 64-page quarterly publication filled with articles about the "Golden Age" of radio, television, movies, and music, written by those who lived it and those who love it! Since 1975,Nostalgia Digest Magazine has provided readers with an entertaining, educational look at life and popular culture during the first half of the 20th century (and sometimes beyond)."  Seriously this magazine really is jam packed-if you can you must check it out!

I have reviewed this Classic Film Magazine before on my blog and it is one of my favorites. They sell them in bookstores in the states and subscriptions are available for those in the U.S.A, Canada, and Abroad! The pages are primarily black and white but I think it gives an feel of nostalgia. There is not just reviews and information about classic film but also about classic film actors.actresses! 

This is yet another Vintage Magazine that I have recently discovered. My jaw dropped when I took a peak at what was inside of it. It is just like having a piece of the past right in your hands (or in front of your eyes lol). The images and information included in this magazine are just divine! It is like biting into a warm piece of apple pie-gives you a good feeling and tastes yummy! For those of you on Pinterest, you will adore the images they have on their page!

So there you have my top five vintage magazine picks! I yearn to be subscribed to all of these-one day though-maybe I will put it on my list for Santa this year LOL I am subscribed to Vintage Life Magazine online and Reminisce Magazine via snail mail thanks to two close friends of mine who gifted it to me. Three more to go! 

I just love to fill my brain with more information and without a doubt you will learn a great deal from each of these darlings as well as have your eyes filled with beautiful images to look at!

Which magazines are yous subscribed to? Which ones are your favorites? Did you learn about one by reading this post that you weren't aware of before?

Happy Columbus Day to my U.S.A. readers!!



  1. I love the feel of a good book to Bunny. I also the love the convenience and safe saving space of an ereader. HaHaHa Thanks for posting these. I'm interested in Vintage Life Magazine. Have a great week!

  2. Thank you Kim! Hope you have a great week too! xox

  3. I'm the same way, I like to read a real book, I don't think I will ever own a kindle whatcha ma callit. I've never own an I-pod is it, the thing that plays music, I don't have a cell phone and I do have a house phone. I guess my computer use is as high tech as I get. I love getting magazines in the mail!

    1. How neat! I had no idea you didnt have that stuff-kudos to you! xox

  4. Hello Bunny,

    I have had Reminisce Magazine and enjoy it very much. And yes, I am one who prefers the paper product over the online version. I love to hold a magazine or book in my hands and find a comfortable spot to snuggle up to read.

    I also LOVE real letters. They are a treasure! Email is fine for quick messaging, but there is no pleasure so wonderful as finding a beautiful handwritten letter or card from family or a friend in my mailbox. I get my cup of coffee and sit under the shade of a large tree or by the pool side if the weather is good, or I cuddle up by the fireside if the weather is cold. Getting mail from those you love is truly one of the joyful simple pleasures of life.

    I so enjoyed this delightful post.

    :) Hope

    1. I love that Hope! I need to get back to letter writing asap! I need to find some proper stationary first and a nice pen LOL I started pen-palling when I was about 12 and now one of my former penpals is one of my closest friends. Go figure hehe

      Thank you so much! Hope you have an amazing week! xox

  5. I'm with you about paper books. I can't get used to reading a full book on the computer. I much prefer a paper copy. I'm sure soon enough we will all be forced to go electronic:)

  6. You are absolutely not alone in your adoration of classic paper! I love computers as much as the next gal, but I almost never buy eBooks (favoring my books to come in 3D form sandwiched between a front and back cover) and will often print out lengthy articles to read on paper, as I just cherish the act of holding the printed word in my hand.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I've been lusting over that Zelda magazine since you first posted about it. So. Effing. Fabulous.


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