Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Five Spooky MODERN Films

This is the last part of my "Bunny's Spooky Flicks" series. Now these films are NOT for the faint of heart. I tried not to add photos that were too gruesome or gross because horror is not for everyone. And I won't like I cannt bear to look at the Linda Blair when she is possessed-that alone scares the heck out of me!

So these five films are some of my picks on the spookiest horror films from today. Most are from the 1980's but they are all very unique and they truly scare. I'd like to know what modern spooky films would be on your top five list?

Demons (1985)...doesn't that sounds like a terribly frightening film?? Well it is! really is! It was directed by Lamberto Bava (son of famed horror director, Mario Bava) and produced by Dario Argento. Dario Argento is one of my favorite horror film directors. If you have seen any of his films, you know why!

Set in Europe, a girl named Cheryl (played by Natasha Hovey) gets a free ticket to see a movie at a new movie theater. She decides to take her friend Kathy with her and at the theater they meet George (played by Urbano Barberini) and Ken. The film is violent and scary and depicts a mask that was also seen in the theater. One of the women watching the film goes to the bathroom to check on a cut that she got from trying on that mask earlier. What happens to her next leads to mass hysteria, gore, and infestation-its insane. Only George and Cheryl remain uninfected but things aren't always what they seem.

What began as an innocent trip to a free movie ends up being a quest for survival!
I know they did a remake of this film recently, but nothing compares to the original 1988 version of Night of the Demons. It stars Cathy Podewell as Judy, Amelia Kinkade as Angela, and Linnea Quigley (famous scream queen) as Suzanne.

It has cheesy moments, funny moments, 80's moments, chilling moments, sexy moments, and skin crawling moments. It is basically the perfect 80's horror film!

Angela invites a few kids from school to a Halloween party at the abandoned Hull House. Little do these over-sexed teens know that demons live in this house and they are waiting. What are they waiting for? Well, you have to see it to believe it! Kudos to the makeup artists because the demon faces were super  scary and the killings were VERY creative. I mean it, I have never seen some like that in any of horror film. It's a must see! Just be prepared to travel back to the good ole 80's!
The Exorcist (1973) is a must have when it comes to spooky tales. But I didn't and couldn't include a photo of the possessed Regan (Linda Blair) on this post for a reason. It scares the life out of me. No, I'm serious. I saw the un-cut version of this film when it came out in 2001 I believe. Yes, I carried my rosary. I may sound nuts including this film in my post because I do find it so horrifying but it is a horror masterpiece. I will not watch it for fun or if I don't have anything better to do. I haven't seen it since 2001 and its really because since having my children my tolerance for horror has lowered. I cannot believe I just wrote that...ahhh but it's true. For some reason, I just cannot bear watching some movies, especially the kind that involve children.

Regan is a twelve year old girl whose mother Chris (Ellen Burstyn) who move to Georgetown while Chris is filming a movie. Regan is a normal little girl but after some time starts displaying some odd behavior. Her mother worries that there may be something wrong health wise and numerous tests are taken to ensure Regan's safety. After Regan attacks her mother she goes to a Roman Catholic priest. She is non-religious and skeptical but is desperate for someone to help her help her child.

And help is what she gets. Possessed with a demon/devil, Regan tortures, harasses, injures, and frightens everyone around her. Will these devoted priests be able to help Chris and her daughter? This film is NOT for the faint of heart. I mean that.
Night of the Living Dead (1990) is a remake from the original that I spotlighted back in October 2011 which you can read here. Now I don't think you are aware of this but I am NOT a big fan of remakes. I do however believe that this one is as equally fantastic as the original. That says a lot me thinks.

Its stars Patricia Tallman as Barbara and Tony Todd as Ben. It really follows the original expect that the character of Barbara eventually changes. She evovles from a quiet, weak woman into a brave and strong woman. The Barbara in the original is always scared and crying, this one fights back!

I love Tony Todd in everything he is in but this film is my favorite. The ending really makes you question humanity. For those of you that are fans of "The Walking Dead", you would love this film as well.
I have been a huge fan of Jennifer Connelly since 1985. This film and Labyrinth are two of my favorite films of Jennifer's. I admire what she had to go through in this film, espcially the she falls into a pool filled with....ugh I cannot tell you! It's too gross!

This film was originally named Phenomena and directed by the famed Italian director Dario Argento. Jennifer (her characters name as well) is the daughter of a famous actor, he sends her off to a girls school in Switzerland. Its there that she discovers that she has special powers, she can communicate with bugs!

In the midst of all this there are murders happening in the area and Jennifer along with her new friends, Dr. John McGregor (played by the late and super amazing, Donald Pleasence) and Inga his chimpanzee, they begin to figure out who the murderer is. This film also has an amazing soundtrack! Just keep in mind Italian horror films like all others are different from American ones. There is a certain style they use that one may or may not like. 

I wish you all an enjoyable All Hallows' Eve! I hope you all get lots of treats!!



  1. A very, very spine chilling roundup indeed! Terrific post - watching all of these in a row would have me sleeping with the lights on for weeks! :)

    Happiest Halloween wishes, dear Bunny, I hope you and your family have an amazing celebration!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Heheh I know they are super scary! Happy Halloween darling!! xox

  2. oh how fun! what a great list. creepers sounds awesome. since you like cheesy 80s movies, have you ever seen "hell night"? it's sooo great! it's rush week and a group of pledging, costumed college kids have to spend halloween night in a spooky mansion. and there's also "waxwork" (the original, not the remake, dear God, not the remake!!!) college kids get trapped in a waxed museum where the freaky scenes (of dracula, the mummy, etc.) come to life. SO FUN!

    1. Waxwork is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee and I have seen only the beginning of Hell Night-Linda Blair is in it I believe-gotta finish it! Thank you sweets for the recommendation!!! Happy Halloween!! xox

  3. Whaaa?? Okay, I need to see Creepers asap. That looks like an awesome film. I can't believe I'd never heard of it before. :)

    Happy Halloween!


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