Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Homage to "The Birds"

The Birds

Oh, Halloween is almost upon us! I cannot wait to dress my children up and I may even dress up myself hehehe I wanted to do something a little extra special during my shoot with Christina Marotto Photography during my World's Fair Shoot

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is nearing its 50th anniversary and it really is one of my favorite Hitchcock films so I decided to do a homage to Tippi Hedren and this masterpiece. I hope you all like it! 

Here I am wearing my girls (aka braces). It was such a fun shoot! If you would like to see more photos from my homage to "The Birds" shoot, feel free to check out my Facebook page! Also, I would like to thank again Christina Marotto for her amazing work that day and Veronica Vintage for my beautiful hair and makeup!



  1. Fabulous! It's so nice to have professional photographs to capture your experience:) I love those birds they look so real:) It looks like in the last picture you finally tamed them and they've become your pets:)) Great poses and facial expressions. Green is certainly a good color for you. How fun!!

  2. Super cute photos. Great color on you too!

  3. This is so, so fantastically cool! Awesome job - and homage to a true cinematic classic. Your expressions are priceless, the outfit is marvelous, and the whole thing is so, so wonderfully suited to this spine chilling time of the year.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Bunny, What a great dress that is! It looks good with your lovely dark hair.

    :) Hope

  5. WHOA!! I LOOOOVE THIS!!!! :D You look GORGEOUS!!

  6. Thank you so much everyone! So glad you all liked it!! xox


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