Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pinup Girl of the Month: December: Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard was an American Actress who took Hollywood by storm in the 1930's. She is mostly known for acting in "screwball" comedies and for her marriage to Clark Gable.

She was born as Jane Alice Peters in 1908 to parent of German and English descent. She made her film debut at age twelve in a film called "A Perfect Crime" in 1921. It wasn't until 1934 that her film career truly took off when she starred in Twentieth Century with John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore's Grandfather).

"Twentieth Century"  (1934)

She had an incredible career that was growing as each year passed. Lombard was married briefly to William Powell in 1930 but divorced in 1933. They were able to remain very good friends and even starred in one of Lombard's famous films called My Man Godfrey in 1936. She was very well liked and people seemed to be drawn to her sense of humor as well as being down-to-earth. I must commend a woman who is able to remain friends with her ex-spouse-that takes a great deal of maturity and love.

Carole Lombard was stunning don't you agree?

In 1936, she met and began a love affair with the then married Clark Gable. After he was granted a divorce from his then wife, he married Lombard during a film break of "Gone with the Wind". They sweetly referred to one another as "Ma" and "Pa" and living  quietly together on their ranch. There is an amazing site dedicated to Clark Gable called Dear Mr. Gable. It is a good read especially the story behind how they met and how he courted her.
They really were a romance made in heaven.

Lombard and Gable were married til her untimely and incredible tragic death in 1942. She was on board a plane with her mother and a family friend were they traveled to Indiana to sell war bonds in support of the war. The plane went down when they were returning to California in Las Vegas. Lombard was only thirty-three years old. Gable was said to have never been the same after her death.

Some Hollywood stars were gone too soon and Carole Lombard was one of them. One cannot help but wonder how many more enjoyable films she could have created if her life didn't end so soon.


Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year....My Musings

Time is clicking away guys and dolls and soon it will be a brand new year for all of us! Have you thought about your resolutions? I know some people don't see the point in it but it is a time for reflection and time when you can just symbolically throw away the old and go into the new.

And why not? I know for me I feel it's important to look at what I have done and think about what I want to do. And again, I am sure some would ask...why? It's simple--right at this moment I am alive and I want to just be the best person that I can be while I am here. That's that. *smile*

So here are my resolutions for the year 2012:

  1. Spend less time on the computer!
  2. Get glasses so when I do get on the computer I don't have to make the size of the letters bigger! Ha!
  3. Kiss and hug my loved ones more than I did today.
  4. Make a little bit more of an effort to try and find my mother's family so that my brother and I can put some pieces together for ourselves.
  5. Be less cranky...less impatient...less dramatic...less prideful.
  6. Focus more on what I have and not dwell too much on what I don't.
  7. Make my blog a success.
  8. Feel comfortable in this new body and face of mine and learn how to celebrate it better.
  9. Learn how to be a great vintage model.
  10. Visit my mother's grave with my children.
  11. Visit my elderly aunts and spend some time with them.
  12. Conquer the challenge of vintage hair!
  13. Finish some craft projects that desperately need finishing!
  14. Try and see more classic films on the big screen.
  15. Have more fun, be more silly, and relax!
I hope you all consider making some resolutions for yourself. I have been doing this since I was about nine or so but I was a deep thinking child...I guess some things don't change haha

I also hope that you will continue to stay with me on this adventure of mommyhood and the vintage life with me. It's been an amazing ride so far-I have made some incredible friends and have learned so much already. Can't wait to learn more!!!

Lots of hugs to you all!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas has come and gone...

Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry After Christmas to you all!!! The photo above shows perfectly how our day went. We were up and active all day long with oodles of sugar and candy canes in our bellies. My lil guy literally sat in a corner and closed his eyes and fell asleep...sugar coma me thinks hehe

We started out Christmas Eve making cookies. These are supposed to be our reindeer cookies for Santa. The kids had a blast putting the antlers (aka Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels) on the reindeer's heads LOL  I cooked dinner and then Santa (Grandpa) came to visit-my kids were beside themselves with joy!

I then began by elf work and placed their gifts under the tree! Christmas morning was fun! It was the first Christmas where my lil one was able to participate since last Christmas he was only one month old!

You know I don't normally show photos of my children on my blog but for the sake of the Christmas season that was upon are mama's lil bunnies. I could eat them up just looking at their picture right now hehehe

I couldn't end my Christmas day without trying another snood look. This time I made my Victory Rolls a wee bit higher and I loved the look.

All in all Christmas was calm, cozy, and exhausting hehe We have oodles of toys on our dining room table that Santa gave my children and lots of really precious memories that I will always keep close to my heart.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Winner of the "It's a Wonderful Life" Giveaway!

How true that inscription is! And now without further adieu...the winner of my "It's a Wonderful Life" Giveaway is.......wait my lil Bunny girl is reaching for it in the jar...

She swished her hands around a few times until I told her to stop.....and she grabbed a winner!

And now its in her hands........who is will just have to look at the next picture LOL

There she has it....just in case you can't read says....

It's Crystal from The Vintage Loving Mom!!!! CONGRATS hun! And send me your mailing address via Facebook when you can :)

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to all those who participated and to those who just started following my blog. I feel very blessed and lucky to have such great followers and be able to make such lovely new friends.

Stay tuned for the month of January because it will be my birthday month and there will be a lot of celebrating going on--starting with a great snood and also a beautiful fascinator that will be my next giveaways!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Series One: Silent Film

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Series Two: Silent Film

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: White Christmas

"White Christmas" (1954)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! For this Christmas edition of my Weekend Cinema Spotlight, I bring you to White Christmas. It has an all-star cast with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen.

"White Christmas" Trailer"

This film was the first movie filmed in VistaVision, a process using twice the surface area of standard film. The story begins in 1944 with two WWII soldiers; one who was a Broadway entertainer Bob Wallace (Crosby and the other a would-be entertainer, Phil Davis (Kaye). Davis saves Wallace's life and from then on they take over Broadway and Hollywood as Wallace and Davis.

Years later Davis feels as though Wallace is never going to take a break from work and settle down so he sets him up with one failed date after another. That is until they go to see the "Haynes Sisters" (Clooney and Vera-Ellen) and Clooney's character, Betty catches his eye. Noticing the sudden shimmer in Wallace's eyes, Davis hatches a plan to help out the sisters and follow them out to Vermont.

Wallace and Davis helping the Haynes Sisters out.
The part where Crosby is laughing was unscripted but
they decided to keep in the film anyway-I love it!

When they get to Vermont, they soon learn the Inn they are staying at belongs to their beloved General Waverly (Dean Jagger). They also learn the Inn is in terrible danger of closing because there wasn't any snow for the tourists, therefore there wouldn't be any tourists.

Wallace uses his connections and decides to set up his show on the Inn's property and then contacting all the men and their families to Gen. Waverly's Inn to not only show their support but to help him bring in the money he needs to keep his investment running. In the midst of all this Betty and Wallace are falling for each other but she is fighting it and Judy and Davis fake an engagement in order to bring Betty and Wallace together. Things become a little messy but the endings is Hollywood Christmas magic.

This films also stars Mary Wickes who is their nosy housekeeper and who was also known to play the crabby and old-fashioned Sister in Sister Act films during the later part of her life and acting career. Her character is fantastic and I must say the entire film would be very enjoyable even to those who do not have an affection for classic films. It has loads of humor, music, dancing, incredible actors, and a even better story line. I hope you put this on your "must see" movie list for the New Year!

And I would like to wish you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snood Hairstyles: On the Job & On the Town

So I decided after watching the videos I posted on Various Snoods and  Hairstyle Inspirations, that I would give them a try myself. I mean how am I going to learn if I don't try and practice right?

Luckily a good friend of mine was over and I was able to take a few minutes away from the babies and play around with my hair. I must admit that seeing all the white hairs I have made my kind of sad--like all my natural color is leaving and reminded me that one day it will all be gone-tragic!

First I set my hair in foam rollers and then I lightly sprayed my hair once over. I then put on some simple makeup: Clinque Matte Cover up, Stila Mascara, Stila Cream Blush, Standard Eye Pencil (for eyebrows), and Standard Red Lipstick....and then you're done!

I think I prefer foam rollers but of course if there is a time crunch the hot rollers are fabulous to have. A lesson learned-I won't do these hairstyles with squeaky clean hair or if so then add some mousse to help with frizz LOL

I left my foam rollers in my hair for a few hours until it was totally dried but you can also sleep with them overnight. This is after I took them out for the "On the Job" look via the tutorial from Lisa Freemont Street. That's a lot of hair!

This is me after I completed the look. It was very easy to do BUT because my hair is longer than Lisa Freemont Street's was in her video and also because I have a lot of hair-it just wasn't the look for me. The hair was all in the front and on my face-I must have put ten bobby pins on each side to hold it up but my hair is so thick it wasn't working for me. 

My attempt with Victory Rolls. I found I like how puffy my hair was because of the foam rollers and it was actually easier for me to do the Victory Rolls than using the hot rollers. 

And here I am with my white snood from Cats Like Us and my vintage peach blouse that I love, love, love. It was given to me in a swap and it was thrifted *smile*

I completely prefer this look over the other. It was sooooo comfortable that I left my hair like that for hours after. I love how clean it felt and swept away from my face is the way to go for me. I loved it!

So what do you think? Did you try these looks out yet. They are VERY simple to do. If I can do them so can you!!!


PS Keep your eyes peels for an great snood Giveaway that will be posted after Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Various Snoods and Hairstyle Inspirations

Not only are there various styles of snoods, there are also many way you can do up your hair in the front. The image above is of a Cap Snood-its like a hat and a snood at the same time. It's a lot more dressy that the usual simply mesh that I wore my night out to see "It's a Wonderful Life".

Two more styles of snoods are called the Beaded Open Crown Snood. I have found only one seller on Etsy who sells them and they seem hard to find,  but incredibly gorgeous. Check out ArtheliasAttic---this seller makes the most beautiful snoods--I promise you will be drooling after them!

I am sure there might be more out there but defiantly look for sellers who use authentic vintage 1940's patterns for their snood making. It makes a difference.

Now to some hairstyle inspiration while using a snood. One is doing victory rolls in the front which was very popular in the 1940's. Here is a step by step guide--just remember--do your Victory Rolls as you normally would have and then simply add on your snood. To ensure it stays in place, put bobby pins at the sides and the top where your snood is and you are done!

Some more hairstyle insiration comes from Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube. These are two easy and equally fabulous hairstyles and I plan to be trying them out soon!! So should you!!!

"Snoods on the job" by Lisa Freemont Street

"Snoods on the town" by Lisa Freemont Street

I hope you found this information helpful and useful. I will be posting my attempt at these looks tomorrow! Keep practicing and have fun!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Birthday Wishes....

So my birthday is coming up soon....on January 24th, 19-- (LOL) my mama brought me into this world. Everyday I am grateful to her but birthdays are especially significant to me because its the day I get to honor my parents. I get to celebrate the love they had for one another and the love that created me. I get to honor them by living the best life that I can and I  get to honor myself by celebrating that life.

I am going to keep it real-this year is kind of hard because for some reason the numbers keep going up and up and up....thats just ridiculous don't you agree? Hehehe

People always ask me what I want-so what I really want is for my husband to have less worries. That unfortunately shall take some time so until then here is a fun little list of things I would love to have as a cheery reminder that growing older is a good thing even though the white hairs are multiplying by the dozens and that I can no longer party like its 1999! Thanks Prince or the Artist formally known as Prince. *chuckle*
Cutie pie me at a year old hehe

Bunny's wishes:

  • A 8x10 Portfolio for my modeling photos-that would be a lovely way to share with others and also to keep safe for years to come!
  • A dvd copy of "The Women" or "The Enchanted Cottage" or "Rebecca" simply because they are some of my favorite films and I don't have them in my mini classic film collection-would love to watch them over and over and over-how nice!
  • A Doctor Who sonic screwdriver (yes, I really wrote that!) because I will be needing one for a photo shoot and because every hard core fan of Doctor Who should have one, right??!!
  • A paperback copy of "The short history of film" because I would love to learn more inside information about film making and all the classic films-feeding my brain is a good thing. Hehe
  • Doctor Who 9th Doctor Action Figure because I would love to look at that daft old face everyday-hey that's what he called it-love my number 9!
  • A proper black 1940's handbag that I can use when I go about town-it matches with everything and it would be big enough to carry my camera, makeup, wallet and such...also a cute coin purse would be neat to have. I remember my granny used to use those all the time!
  • Bracelets and earrings and a faux pearl necklace-a vintage girls must have is proper jewelry to match with all your outfits *smile*
  • A paperback copy of "Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters" by Marilyn Monroe--I heard so many great things about this book. This is a must have for every true fan of Marilyn's-like me!
  • Oh man-have you seen the Grace Kelly Barbie Dolls? There are four of them-each incredibly stunning. I am a collector of Pop Culture Barbies so of course I quickly began drooling after this one...or well any one of Grace's LOL
  • Last but not least-what I really need are trousers, pinafores, and many a pair of dungarees. I keep saying without them I can't do much but its true--I can't model or dress up for events--so owning a nice selection of them is really important to me. But patience is a virtue and one I must practice-OFTEN.
Oh yeah I should say I need sleep and sleep and more sleep and perhaps a little more sleep but who am I kidding. I don't think I will properly sleep again until I am old and gray. And on that note, my final wish is to be old and gray with my hubby and be able to watch my children become adults. It's in my prayers everyday and my biggest wish because my mother never had a chance to do that--I want to be able to make that wish come true for us both.

And stay tuned throughout the month of January I will have a few amazing Giveaways as a way to celebrate. I will also be hosting a Doctor Who themed party for my big day and I really look forward to sharing the fun and intergalactic celebrations with you all.


PS Please do not feel the need to purchase anything on that list-its my way to create a little birthday fun for myself and to remind myself that its okay to want a few materialistic things that are not for the house or for the kids LOL

Monday, December 19, 2011

Celeste Giuliano Photos are in!!!

Remember my photo shoot in September with Celeste Giuliano? Well my photos are in! I have to be honest when I tell you that I am very proud of myself! Especially knowing the day I had before I got to her studio and yet I still managed to give it my all. I also learned that it is possible for me to do all the things I set out to do and still be a great wife and mother. All in all-I say simply...I ROCK! *wink*

So tell me what you think? I hope you like them!!!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Christmas DOUBLE FEATURE!

"March of the Wooden Soldiers" (1934)

What are your Holiday Traditions? One of my traditions is watching classic Holiday films, BUT they have to be in a certain order. I always start out with this film, then "Miracle on 34th Street", then "It's a Wonderful Life", and the final film is "White Christmas".

"March of the Wooden Soldiers" was originally called "Babes in Toyland. It stars the hilarious duo of Laurel and Hardy. This comedic team was around even before Abbott and Castello were!

Stan Laurel played "Stannie Dum" while Oliver Hardy played "Ollie Dee". They lived in a show along with Mother Peep and Bo Peep in a Fairytale/Nursery Rhyme world. The mortgage of the shoe is owned by the villain of the story named "Silas Barnaby" (Henry Brandon).  

And the madness ensues. Barnaby says he will forget the debt owed if he can marry Bo Peep but Bo loves another. The boy (Laurel and Hardy) do their best to help out but being bumbling "idiots" their plans never worked. In the end, not only do the boys get their chance to really help Bo Peep but they unleash their wooden soldiers (6 foot toys that they made by mistake when they worked in the toy shop) on Barnaby's Bogeymen.

Oh my this is an adventure and comedy that is a must see. A true classic in every sense because the story and its characters are so timeless. And come on, how can you not watch Laurel and Hardy--the original comedy dream team!!

"Miracle on 34th Street" (1947)

The original and in my humble opinion the best version of, "Miracle on 34th Street", stars the lovely Maureen O'Hara, the handsome John Payne, the talented and young Natalie Wood, and last but certainly not least, Edmund Gwenn.

Before I begin to share a little more about what this film is about I just have to share that Maureen O'Hara is with us at the beautiful age of 91!! And also very activity in her community as well. Here is some inside film information as well...Natalie would call Ms. O'Hara "Mama Maureen" until she passed and Maureen would call Natalie, "Natasha" which was her birth name. Also, did you know that Edmund Gwenn who plays "Kris Kringle" in this film is the cousin of Cecil Kellaway who was the priest in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Small world, isn't it?

The story follows Doris Walker (O'Hara) who works for Macy's and her young daughter, Susan (Wood) who Doris has taught to believe that there is no Santa Claus. In come Kris Kringle (Gwenn) and Mr.  Gailey (Payne) who is Doris's neighbor and love interest and who becomes the lawyer representing Kris Kringle when his sanity is questioned.

The climax of "Miracle on 34th Street"

Non-believers become believers and the Christmas spirit lives on. How can one not love this film!!??

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into these two phenomenal Christmas Classics. Watch them for yourself when you have the chance--they are also perfect to watch together as a family and children of all ages would enjoy them!


Friday, December 16, 2011

"It's a Wonderful Life"-Giveaway!!

Oh it's almost Christmas! Santa is making all his toys and his elves are busy wrapping them all! This mama elf is thankfully done but a wee bit late on Christmas cards-oh dear! LOL

So on that note and in the tradition of gift giving I offer ONE lucky reader and follower this amazing giveaway package! It is a brand new and sealed Blue ray of "It's a Wonderful Life". It includes both Colorized and Black & White versions of the film!

I also threw in the beautiful film pamphlet they gave to us at the screening on Monday, December 12th.

You have a few ways you can win so please read the instructions carefully.

1. Follow my blog and comment below that you are following. If you are already a follower, just simply comment below. That's ONE chance!

2. Friend Request me on Facebook at Bunny Moreno and comment below that we are now friends on Facebook. That's TWO chances!

3. Share with me your favorite part of the film "It's a Wonderful Life" and why? Please comment below.
That's THREE chances!

So you have three easy and simple ways to win this great giveaway! If you do all three please comment separately. I will count each one as a single entry and your named will be thrown in a jar and picked out my some little fingers....most likely my daughter (with our supervision of course!) because she will get a kick out of selecting a winner. Might as well make it fun for the whole family, right?

The winner will be announced on Monday, December 26th!

Good luck to you all!!!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Use A Snood?

Believe it or not but Snoods have been around since 725 in Europe and then in the 1800's it became popular in America, but they referred to them as "hairnets". Imagine using a hair technique that has been around for centuries? Well, it's definatly worth trying out!!

Now that I think about it a little bit more, perhaps no one noticed my hair at the "It's a Wonderful Life" screening because many married Orthodox Jewish women wear snoods but they are called a Shpitzel. Go figure! I just learned something new! Gosh darnit-I am more determined now more than ever to be dripping from head to toe with a 1940's wardrobe. No offense to Orthodox Jewish Women but I want people to turn their heads and know clearly that I am a vintage gal all the way! *wink*

My amazing friend Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage suggested to me a while back to try using snoods instead of my dreary and boring ponytails. Well at last my dear Brittany I finally have and I have found my latest addiction. YES! I want a snood in every color imaginable! *giggle*

Snoods were popular during WWII for the simply reason that they were practical. And I am a huge fan of being practical yet pretty and a snood does the trick!

Here is a glimpse of when I wore my snood on Monday night. I will be honest with you as always, I used at least 30 bobby pins! Okay, okay, I confess I was highly concerned that it was going to come off so I used a lot especially at the front part of my hair. But now I know better and I can relax and let you know that you really don't need to use 30 bobby pins LOL

I wish I had exact photos to show you of my process and perhaps when my hubby is off work after Christmas I will do another post to show you more accurately but here is the way I put it on that night.

Remember it was my first time. If you have any suggestions I am totally open to them! And thank you in advance. Okay so I have a lot of hair--what I did first was part my hair where I wanted it and took some hair from both sides of my head-the rest I tied it in a low ponytail.

Then I simply put my hot rollers in--I used the smallest ones at time and some smallish mediums ones for the bottom. I tell you I loved not using that many hot rollers and my hands were happy too! I have way too much hair-I really do! I then sprayed some hairspray while they were in and just waited a bit-perhaps 10 minutes or so. I knew my hair would curl well because I have wavy hair and it was slightly dirty-when it "dirty" it tends to curl better-at least my hair does.

I pinned my hair back and then rolled the ends into spirals. I didn't want to try victory rolls because I was on a time crunch but I did my best. I wasn't comfortable having my hair loose inside the snood because I really felt like it was going to fall out so I left it in my low ponytail and then tucked that hair in on the end of the snood with the most material---where the curve is at its deepest. I placed it as high as possible on my head without taking away from my little creation at the front and placed carefully bobby pins at the top and the sides until it felt secure.

And there you have it. I will be playing around with them more and more and will find photos of snood hairstyle inspirations to be posting shortly as well.

For those of you yet to try it-oh my you must-its so comfortable and pretty-you can't lose!!


PS I found a super great Etsy shop called aprilsbag. Their prices are fabulous and the colors of the snoods are gorgeous! Check it out!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Wonderful Life Experience

Preparing for any outing is a mission impossible. Something always goes wrong or someone gets sick or mama gets stuck doing things she shouldn't be and therefore finds herself running around like a chicken without a head!

Yeap! So the latter was true for me this time around. My eldest son never snuggles with me but that afternoon he actually fell asleep on me which made me want to close my eyes for a few minutes and it all got crazy from there....By the time I got up I had to cook so that we could have filled bellies when we watched the screening of, "It's a Wonderful Life". I had to wash all the dishes and all the bottles as well-thankfully I am a great multi-tasker but still....we were supposed to leave at 5pm but it took me a bit to get ready seeing at it was the first time I did my own vintage hairstyle and wore a snood--but I did it!

After my dad came by to babysit (my angel-truly!) we were off (at 6pm! eek!) Luckily the show wasn't going to start until 7pm and they didn't open the doors until 6:30pm. It's New York so you really have to be to things early if not you won't get a good seat. To my surprise my husband decided to drive into the city instead of taking the train which saved us heap of trouble and time. Unfortunately while we were looking for parking someone threatened to attack my husband because he thought my husband touched his car. Wow! Those are the moments I despise New York and all the violent, thug like wannabees, but alas I to the good stuff....

To tell you that the screening was a magical experience is an understatement. After seeing "West Side Story" on the big screen I knew I wanted to see more because it really is a different way of viewing a film. You can feel and see and understand things you just don't fully get on the small screen. Don't get me wrong--I am so grateful for DVDs and for Netflix, because that way I can view oodles of classic films. But there is something incredibly unique about experiencing the viewing of a film on the BIG SCREEN!

One of the speakers before the viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" was Karolyn Grimes who played "Zuzu Baily" in the film. It was such a pleasure hearing her stories and I knew it was only the tip of the iceberg of all the things she could have shared with us but unfortunately as always in New York fashion there was a time crunch.

She did do me the honor of allowing me to interview her a few days before the screening. And this is what she had to share:

1. What is one of your fondest memories of working on the film, "It's a Wonderful Life"? Playing in the wasn't real but I loved it. It never snows in Hollywood

2. You had some sweet and memorable scenes with James Stewart--What was it like for you to work with him? He was very tall 6'4" and very gentile. He had a lot of patience.

3. The first time you saw yourself in this film--what did you think of your performance and about what the message it was trying to convey? I was young when I saw it and really did not think about it. Today I think there were many messages in the film but the main messages are that each one of us matter and that we can touch lives and make a difference. We should be thankful for what we have in our lives and realize the importance of faith family and friends..

4. The films represents the idea that great friends and faith in yourself can bring you out of the worst situations that life has to offer. Do believe this is the reason this particular film continues to inspire so many people even after so many years? That and the fact that it is a tradition and family time that is so special. It gives you hope and comfort.

5. The younger generations seem to dismiss classic films and simply labeling them as "old" and "relics"--to them it means it has no value in their society. How would you explain the worth of viewing and enjoying classic films to younger people? How would you encourage them to give these films a try? I think there are many young people that appreciate the value of the classics. I believe that they are more and more becoming aware of the films of the golden era...That is what my emails tells me as well as the many young people that I meet on the road.

Thank you again Karolyn for allowing me to interview you!!!

To add to my amazing evening, The Academy Theater at Lighthouse International where we viewed the film also gave every guest their own Blue ray copy of "It's a Wonderful Life"!!!! Thank you to them and also to Paramount Pictures who will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary in the film making industry.

"It's a Wonderful Life" also celebrated their 65th Anniversary this year and what a joy and honor it was to see it in such a beautiful theatre. I plan on visiting this location more often for more screening when the snow melts away and March comes along. By then they promise to showcase a lot of fabulous films.

And as if the night could not get any did! Ms. Mary Owen, the daughter of Donna Reed, who played "Mary Bailey" beautiful in the film was in attendance as well. After the film I was able to introduce myself to her and she was so sweet and kind--I was just in awe of meeting these two amazing women. Ms. Owen did mention to me that "It's a Wonderful Life" will also be showcased in IFC Center in Manhattan from Friday, December 16th to Tuesday, December 27th. So try and check it out!

What a night it was! It's always an adventure for me! LOL And yes I will share with all how my snood adventures went as well hehehe I

Happy I got to share my beautiful night with you all and I hope it inspires you to watch more classic films!!


PS When you all can, please check out The Donna Reed Organization and pass the link to others! Thank you!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: It's a Wonderful Life

"It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)

This is an honest to goodness classic. I have a short list of films that I think are as close to cinematic perfection as possible and this is one of them.

It has become a staple during the Holiday season but years ago it was actually considered a flop! Can you imagine that!!??

It is a simple story really--involved love, faith, courage, goodness, family, friendship, and oh so much more. Did I say simple? Okay, those topics i just mentioned are not considered simple ones to many people but then again people tend to complicate things and make much more work for themselves.

"It's a Wonderful Life" Trailer-also starring Donna Reed

The story follows George Bailey who is played by the outstanding James Stewart. When I think of all the talented men of Old Hollywood, the one who always stands out as being a true gentlemen is Jimmy Stewart.

On Christmas Eve George Bailey decides to commit suicide but jumping over a bridge. We don't know why yet but you quickly feel empathy for his character. You begin to wonder what his story is. Before he is able to jump, another man jumps and falls into the cold winter water. George immediately jumps in after him and saves his life. We then find out his name is Clarence, Clarence Odbody who is played by Henry Travers.

Clarence is George's guardian angel and in order to get his wings up in heaven, he must help George. So they both go on an incredible adventure into George's past but here's the kicker----George has never existed! Much to his shock and disbelief, George goes along with Clarence. Each step they took together led George into understanding that what he really had was a WONDERFUL LIFE.

The grand final scene of, "It's a Wonderful Life"

When I was a teacher I was shocked to hear that about 99% of my students never heard of this film. It made me sad and then it made me angry because it doesn't take much to watch a classic film or to try something new. I think most young people think films from the 1980's are classic! *sigh* I know I am introducing my children to as much of this as possible-its good stuff! And yes, as much as I could, I would show this film to my students during Christmastime. They loved it to bits! I hope it inspired them to give classic film a try!

"It's a Wonderful Life" teaches us that friendship is valuable and worth more than money. It teaches us to keep our dreams alive even if we are never meant to make them come true in our lifetimes. It teaches us to have faith in ourselves and in the people we love and admire. It also teaches us to get to the good parts of life we at times may have to endure the bad and the ugly parts as well.

I cherish this film. I cherish the gift that director Frank Capra gave to us. A film with a positive message, with an uplifting message, a film that in my eyes does not age--not at all--because the message is ageless. Love and Faith....two precious treasures that we can give to others and that others can give to us. But most importantly, they are two gifts we can give to ourselves.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trousers, Pinafores, and Dungarees...oh my!

Today women wear pants and jeans all the time. It is considered normal, everyday wear. Over 60 years ago the norm for women's fashion was a dress or a skirt with a blouse, stockings, shoes (not sneakers), gloves, and a hat. Women often put great effort in their appearance no matter their economic status. That is something I believe women today have tragically lost. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that fashion of yesteryear is making such a triumphant comeback.

Trousers (pants) were in moderate fashion in the 1930's but it was in the 1940's with World War II in full swing that trousers, pinafores, and dungarees really became a part of women's everyday fashion. When you think about it, it makes so much sense. Trousers are practical and the world was at war. The men were out there sacrificing their lives and the very essence of who they were in order to bring order and justice to everyone.

In the midst of all of this women had to learn to work outside of the home, fix machinery, and do all sorts of manual labor all the while caring for the home, raising the children, and attempting to keep some sort of normalcy for those around them. Does that sound familiar? Today women are doing all those things and so much more. And I am not a fan of a women doing it all--honestly NO I am not. Why you may wonder....well because we are NOT machines. But I digress, it is a whole other topic--one that is none to popular among feminist and the younger generation. LOL

There is something that dressing up vintage will be giving to me and its the chance to dress up and yet still be practical and comfortable all at the same time. Ta-da! You guessed it, the wonderful world of trousers! Yeah for designers of the 1940's---whooooaaa! Thank you!

When I get a wardrobe together I will for sure take pictures of my outfits to give you a better visual of how you can wear trousers, pinafores, and dungarees. As well as how to dress for each season, how to dress them up, and how to dress casual. Til then here is a glimpse of what they look like, the colors, the tops that can be worn with them, as well as accessories and hairstyles.

The glamorous yet practical, Katherine Hepburn

High Waisted Sailor Trousers by Time Machine Vintage

Red Pinafores by Vivien of Holloway

Different styles of Pinafores

Dungaree Overalls from Sunsetstar Berlin

Dungaree Trousers by Vivien of Holloway

I hope this inspired you to give vintage or vintage reproduction trousers, pinafores, and dungarees a try. I know I cannot wait to wear mine!!!
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