Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Droolin for Jumpers!

I have been learning a great deal about jumpers since my fellow vintage bloggers have been writing a few posts on them. It's been so yummy for me to look at all the neat pictures of vintage jumpers (sweaters) and also discover some great online shops that sell reproduction ones as well.

I, on the other hand being the vintage newbie that I am cannot inform you much about the fabulous world of jumpers nor do I have any to model for you. And that I may say is a tragedy. What I can do is give you a little introduction to some fabulous vintage 1940's jumpers and just continue to drool over all the fantastic vintage wardrobes my fellow vintage bloggers own. hehehe

I think Etsy is a terrific online source of vintage shopping. Of course your local thrift stores and The Salvation Army is a must to go to if you want to build a vintage wardrobe like myself. I had a date to go to some local shops in October but due to conflicting schedules my husband kindly asked if we could reschedule. Honestly, I don't think we will be able to anytime soon. The snow will be falling shortly, our car is at its last leg, and well shopping with three babies is difficult to do in regular shops let alone ones where you have to search and dig LOL

So until then, I search and look through Etsy. I am also swapping with a friend who has been my Fairy Vintage Godmother! Thank goodness for her-if not I would truly be lost!!

I found out that many of these jumpers can be knitted. If you knit then you are in luck. If you don't like I do then I beg you to make me one! LOL No, I'm not kidding! Hey, maybe we can swap something in return? Anyhoo, Etsy sells many patterns for vintage clothing. From trousers to blouses to dresses and yes to jumpers! Here are a few I fell in LOVE with! Don't they just look so comfy! (and warm too heheh) 

This one is a Classic Sweater Blouse. What I like about it is that it is slightly
 form fitting and very feminine, unlike modern chuncky sweaters (Yuck!)

Many patterns that I found are for two pieces-like this Fair IsleTwin Set.
It's something you can easily wear to work to just to hang out with friends.

This sweater type is called The Charmain. They can be
made with short or long sleeves and again they look so
comfy yet feminine and warm.

The great thing about these patterns is they are so affordable. I am unsure about the cost of yarn but I am sure it all depends on the colors and type one is using.

I must confess--I have never been one to go crazy over clothes but now I literally drool over vintage clothes!! I think a lot of the excitement about clothing was killed for me because I can't wear regular shoes like everyone else. But dressing vintage especially circa-1940's I can wear all sorts of trousers and pinafores in all sorts of colors and materials.

I am so excited about all this!!! Before spring comes I should have my first pair of vintage reproduction trousers and my first pair of vintage reproduction pinafores made by my seamstress who is a gracious and lovely woman. Check out her Etsy store at Time Machine Vintage.

I am so happy to finally get excited about clothes!! Yeah!!!


PS Check out this amazing UK shop called Rocket Originals, their jumpers are to die for..or rather drool for!


  1. Oooh, I love Time Machine Vintage! I have her Pearl pinafore trousers and LOVE them!!! I am hoping to get another pair from her soon. I love the jumpers. So addicting!!!


  2. Love love love sweaters with short sleeves! I sure wish I knew how to knit and crochet, heck I would love to learn how to sew :(. I think it's time to learn. I need a sewing machine and maybe I'll blog about my experience. Hmmm... ;)

    Melissa @

  3. Isnt she fab Crystal!!! I cant wait to get my first order in by Feb-simply cannot wait!!! xox

  4. Oh Brittany you are a doll! What can I say but thank you and that you will be getting lots of scrapbook albums coming your way hehehe xox

  5. Melissa-I think you should totally learn how! Theres a few things on my list to learn once baby boy is a little bigger. I think on the top of my list is to try more recipes and learn how to make cool cookies for my kids parties. Goodness there are so many ways to be creative and also save for your family...try never know if you would like it!! (Good grief is that from Yo Gabba Gabba-sigh!) xox

  6. So funny: I will take lesson of knitting and sewing next year, because I want so much create my own clothes!!! I have already a sewing machine that my mother-in-law gave to me, and "elna" from... 1957!!!! I have to take a picture ot it! I am sure you'll love it!

    I just found a cardigan from 1960 on etsy, I am so in love with it:

  7. I think fantastic Nella! Omg yes you read my mind-take a picture of it-I want to see!!! I couldnt get the link of the sweater-try and send it via fb if you can! :) xox


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