Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Use A Snood?

Believe it or not but Snoods have been around since 725 in Europe and then in the 1800's it became popular in America, but they referred to them as "hairnets". Imagine using a hair technique that has been around for centuries? Well, it's definatly worth trying out!!

Now that I think about it a little bit more, perhaps no one noticed my hair at the "It's a Wonderful Life" screening because many married Orthodox Jewish women wear snoods but they are called a Shpitzel. Go figure! I just learned something new! Gosh darnit-I am more determined now more than ever to be dripping from head to toe with a 1940's wardrobe. No offense to Orthodox Jewish Women but I want people to turn their heads and know clearly that I am a vintage gal all the way! *wink*

My amazing friend Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage suggested to me a while back to try using snoods instead of my dreary and boring ponytails. Well at last my dear Brittany I finally have and I have found my latest addiction. YES! I want a snood in every color imaginable! *giggle*

Snoods were popular during WWII for the simply reason that they were practical. And I am a huge fan of being practical yet pretty and a snood does the trick!

Here is a glimpse of when I wore my snood on Monday night. I will be honest with you as always, I used at least 30 bobby pins! Okay, okay, I confess I was highly concerned that it was going to come off so I used a lot especially at the front part of my hair. But now I know better and I can relax and let you know that you really don't need to use 30 bobby pins LOL

I wish I had exact photos to show you of my process and perhaps when my hubby is off work after Christmas I will do another post to show you more accurately but here is the way I put it on that night.

Remember it was my first time. If you have any suggestions I am totally open to them! And thank you in advance. Okay so I have a lot of hair--what I did first was part my hair where I wanted it and took some hair from both sides of my head-the rest I tied it in a low ponytail.

Then I simply put my hot rollers in--I used the smallest ones at time and some smallish mediums ones for the bottom. I tell you I loved not using that many hot rollers and my hands were happy too! I have way too much hair-I really do! I then sprayed some hairspray while they were in and just waited a bit-perhaps 10 minutes or so. I knew my hair would curl well because I have wavy hair and it was slightly dirty-when it "dirty" it tends to curl better-at least my hair does.

I pinned my hair back and then rolled the ends into spirals. I didn't want to try victory rolls because I was on a time crunch but I did my best. I wasn't comfortable having my hair loose inside the snood because I really felt like it was going to fall out so I left it in my low ponytail and then tucked that hair in on the end of the snood with the most material---where the curve is at its deepest. I placed it as high as possible on my head without taking away from my little creation at the front and placed carefully bobby pins at the top and the sides until it felt secure.

And there you have it. I will be playing around with them more and more and will find photos of snood hairstyle inspirations to be posting shortly as well.

For those of you yet to try it-oh my you must-its so comfortable and pretty-you can't lose!!


PS I found a super great Etsy shop called aprilsbag. Their prices are fabulous and the colors of the snoods are gorgeous! Check it out!!


  1. What a coincidence! I've just today been researching where to buy a snood!

  2. I want one since months but didn't find something good for the moment! But I love that!

  3. Snoods are seriously fantastic - especially, I find since my hair is so thin/fine/bone straight that on those days when I'm not able (for whatever reason) to spend an age and half coaxing it into a curl, I can tuck the back neatly into a snood and just do something fun like a roll or two in the front.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Friday, sweet gal!

  4. Susie-I hope you found some good ones-I will also be posting a snood giveaway right after Christmas so keep your eyes peeled!! xox

  5. I just love snoods! I have several in different colors and love wearing them! Every now and then I get an odd look or two, but then again those are usually the people who aren't into vintage. I just smile and walk on by!

  6. Since you like snoods and if you haven't been to my shop you might want to take a peek!

  7. Oh thank you Naomi-I will do just that!! xox


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