Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trousers, Pinafores, and Dungarees...oh my!

Today women wear pants and jeans all the time. It is considered normal, everyday wear. Over 60 years ago the norm for women's fashion was a dress or a skirt with a blouse, stockings, shoes (not sneakers), gloves, and a hat. Women often put great effort in their appearance no matter their economic status. That is something I believe women today have tragically lost. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that fashion of yesteryear is making such a triumphant comeback.

Trousers (pants) were in moderate fashion in the 1930's but it was in the 1940's with World War II in full swing that trousers, pinafores, and dungarees really became a part of women's everyday fashion. When you think about it, it makes so much sense. Trousers are practical and the world was at war. The men were out there sacrificing their lives and the very essence of who they were in order to bring order and justice to everyone.

In the midst of all of this women had to learn to work outside of the home, fix machinery, and do all sorts of manual labor all the while caring for the home, raising the children, and attempting to keep some sort of normalcy for those around them. Does that sound familiar? Today women are doing all those things and so much more. And I am not a fan of a women doing it all--honestly NO I am not. Why you may wonder....well because we are NOT machines. But I digress, it is a whole other topic--one that is none to popular among feminist and the younger generation. LOL

There is something that dressing up vintage will be giving to me and its the chance to dress up and yet still be practical and comfortable all at the same time. Ta-da! You guessed it, the wonderful world of trousers! Yeah for designers of the 1940's---whooooaaa! Thank you!

When I get a wardrobe together I will for sure take pictures of my outfits to give you a better visual of how you can wear trousers, pinafores, and dungarees. As well as how to dress for each season, how to dress them up, and how to dress casual. Til then here is a glimpse of what they look like, the colors, the tops that can be worn with them, as well as accessories and hairstyles.

The glamorous yet practical, Katherine Hepburn

High Waisted Sailor Trousers by Time Machine Vintage

Red Pinafores by Vivien of Holloway

Different styles of Pinafores

Dungaree Overalls from Sunsetstar Berlin

Dungaree Trousers by Vivien of Holloway

I hope this inspired you to give vintage or vintage reproduction trousers, pinafores, and dungarees a try. I know I cannot wait to wear mine!!!


  1. The red pinafore is adorable. I have a pattern kicking around somewhere that looks just like I'm gonna have to dig it out ;)

  2. Oh please do dig it out! I want every piece I posted heheheh They are all so beautiful and comfy looking! xox

  3. My dear, I really love your blog!!! I must put on mine a banner with a link!

    I love these trousers! I want to have them all, but I am not sure they can suit me... I am afraid of not fitting in... I am wearing only dresses and skirts... So that is a big change for me! Modern trousers really doesn't fit me, but maybe I will love vintage one...

  4. Ooohhh, great vintage loving minds think alike, let me tell you!

    A mere four days ago I rounded up a list of sites (in a Word doc) that sell vintage reproduction trousers and jeans, as I'd like to add a pair or two to my wardrobe next year (I'm much, much more a skirts/dresses kind of gal, but do enjoy wearing pants for certain occasions - especially when venturing into the wildness).

    Thank you very much for your great selection and the sartorial inspiration it delivers to vintage pants fans everywhere.

    Tons of hugs & cheerful Thursday wishes,

  5. Dear Nella-you would be surprised! Modern pants dont fit me well either so I get mine custom made for my figure-one day you should try doing that-its in investment but a great one! Btw I am so glad you are enjoying my blog!! xox

  6. Awww thank you Jessica-youre such a sweetie! I cant wait to read your post-I always learn so much from them! It will be a challenge for me to find different ways to dress up using pants but I am up for it-cant wait!!!

    Lots of hugs back! xox

  7. Oooh "chouette"! I want to try now!!!


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