Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snood Hairstyles: On the Job & On the Town

So I decided after watching the videos I posted on Various Snoods and  Hairstyle Inspirations, that I would give them a try myself. I mean how am I going to learn if I don't try and practice right?

Luckily a good friend of mine was over and I was able to take a few minutes away from the babies and play around with my hair. I must admit that seeing all the white hairs I have made my kind of sad--like all my natural color is leaving and reminded me that one day it will all be gone-tragic!

First I set my hair in foam rollers and then I lightly sprayed my hair once over. I then put on some simple makeup: Clinque Matte Cover up, Stila Mascara, Stila Cream Blush, Standard Eye Pencil (for eyebrows), and Standard Red Lipstick....and then you're done!

I think I prefer foam rollers but of course if there is a time crunch the hot rollers are fabulous to have. A lesson learned-I won't do these hairstyles with squeaky clean hair or if so then add some mousse to help with frizz LOL

I left my foam rollers in my hair for a few hours until it was totally dried but you can also sleep with them overnight. This is after I took them out for the "On the Job" look via the tutorial from Lisa Freemont Street. That's a lot of hair!

This is me after I completed the look. It was very easy to do BUT because my hair is longer than Lisa Freemont Street's was in her video and also because I have a lot of hair-it just wasn't the look for me. The hair was all in the front and on my face-I must have put ten bobby pins on each side to hold it up but my hair is so thick it wasn't working for me. 

My attempt with Victory Rolls. I found I like how puffy my hair was because of the foam rollers and it was actually easier for me to do the Victory Rolls than using the hot rollers. 

And here I am with my white snood from Cats Like Us and my vintage peach blouse that I love, love, love. It was given to me in a swap and it was thrifted *smile*

I completely prefer this look over the other. It was sooooo comfortable that I left my hair like that for hours after. I love how clean it felt and swept away from my face is the way to go for me. I loved it!

So what do you think? Did you try these looks out yet. They are VERY simple to do. If I can do them so can you!!!


PS Keep your eyes peels for an great snood Giveaway that will be posted after Christmas!!


  1. You look seriously fantastic, my dear!!! Thank you for posting this fun tutorial, I really like how you paired a snow white snood with a very pretty peachy-pink hued blouse.

    Oodles of hugs & festive holiday wishes!

  2. Oh thank you Nella and Jessica-you girls are too good to me!!! xox


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