Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Vintage Adventure Begins.....

Tomorrow is the BIG day! So sorry I haven't spoken about much else aside from my trip! Its been a balancing act between mommyhood and getting everything in order. When I return will have so much to share with you all. Including some super special posts with a very special guest to help celebrate Mother's Day!

May is going to be jam packed with lots of activities on my end. I am excited to be extra busy but also careful not to neglect my responsibilities on the home front. Come May 6th I will be hosting a "NYC Vintage Girls Meetup" in Manhattan. A few amazing ladies have already rsvped including my friend and fellow blogger Nella who will be visiting New York during the week of my meetup so I invited her along and she said yes! I cannot wait to meet her in person!

I also have a "Mommy and Me" vintage shoot scheduled for May 12th for my daughter and I. I just love how excited she gets about dressing up!! My first son will turn three in May as well so I will be in full force party planning mode once I return from Missouri on Monday. So much to do but so many opportunities to be creative and celebrate special events like Mother's Day and my baby boy's birthday.

Lastly, and this is a BIG one. I am working on my switching my blog over to my own domain. I decided that since this summer I will celebrate my first year blogging and my first full year in the vintage world that I would take this extra step up for myself. I am still learning how to use the new format but once I get it all done you will be the first to know. I will announce my new address at the beginning of June which will mark the anniversary of my very first pinup shoot. My how much I have grown and learned in one years time. I hope that you will follow me to my "new" blog (not really new hehee) and I hope that will you like the changes once you see it.

It means so much to have all of your support and to follow me on this incredible journey!

Off to relax with munchkins before my BIG day!!!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting to Pack!!

Happy Sunday to everyone! Its dreary and rainy here in New York. I wonder when the sun will shine out again? I think it may rain all week too! My children will have lots of fun with their daddy while I am away. Which is now just three short days from now. Oh my goodness! 

I have spent my Sunday taking care of all the big things. I cleaned my top floor of my home and did the laundry. I have loads to fold and then I will organize some outfits for my children for my husband so he doesn't have to fret about that. My children are really sweet and loving babies but they have oodles of energy. Way more energy than we do it seems sometimes hehehe

My outfit is all picked out for Thursday morning and now I just have to iron it. Goodness, I haven't ironed in a while-defiantly not my top most favorite household chore to do. :) I also will start my packing tonight. That way during the next few days I will just add little things here and there like my foam rollers and my brush and comb.

Getting to these days hasn't been easy-I won't lie. When my amazing husband gifting me my airplane ticket to Missouri I wasn't sure how we would come up with the rest of the money for my trip. I didn't really need much but when you're struggling financially as we are and as so many Americans are today-a small trip like this is really a luxury.

Why am I doing it and why is he letting me go? I need some time to be just me away from my responsibilities. My close friends are great but they don't really get my love for classic film or yearning to learn more about vintage...well...anything. I didn't think at my age I would need new friends but I think some friends come and go at different points in our life. I also think that some friends are great to talk about the past with and some are great to have toddler play dates with. And then some totally get how crazed and tired you can be as a stay at home mom and that friend has been Brittany.

She totally gets why I love what I love and doesn't think I am weird for wanting to model. I haven't met her in person yet but she and my friend Kay (my photag in MO) have believed in me in ways I didn't expect anyone would. Aside from two or three close personal friends-they both just took me by surprise and have reminded me that special friendships can take place at any point in your life.

My husband wants me to be happy. He wants me to seek out a new dream for myself. He knows I live my life's dream everyday being his wife and the mother of  our children. It really is the best thing I will ever do with myself. But I yearn to learn and be creative and attempt to do something with all of that at some point. 

Everything you can imagine has gone wrong-just everything. BUT it has been a huge lesson for me-to learn how to handle stressful situations a little more gracefully. I am so grateful to all of those who have helped me make sure I get to go on my trip-they know who they are.

With that said this trip is a great opportunity for me to relax, to enjoy my new friendships, to learn, to be creative, and too refresh myself. 


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Modeling~What I Have Learned

In just five days I will be heading out to begin My Vintage Adventure! One of the main aspects of my trip will be to learn more about modeling and photography. And on everyday of my trip I will be having photo shoots so I will be learning a great deal. It is something I have been yearning to do since I began this vintage journey. (I'm so excited!)

There are a few things about modeling that I have learned since my first pinup shoot back in June 2011. I also think just observing others or speaking to others about this or any subject you can learn a great deal. Here is just a snippet of what I have learned-I am sure I will have more tips to share after my trip!

  • Ask yourself why you want to put yourself in front of a camera. What do you want to get out of it? Attention, praise, for your business, to feel good, to express yourself, to create art, or just for fun?
  • How much do you want to invest in this? How much do you realistically have to invest in this? There are a lot of photographers out there who are just interested in having you paid their bills and mortgage. They especially target naive people or people who have become addicted to modeling. If you have the means-shoot with everyone you feel like working with but make sure it will be an experience that will enhance your portfolio. If you don't have the means, pay for one really amazing photo shoot and then do as much TFP (Time for Print) as possible! 
  • Communicate well with your photag (sort for photographer). A photag should be able to communicate with you, if they don't its just simply bad business. 
  • Groom yourself in advance of your shoot. Photags constantly complain that models have poorly painted nails or hair in places they shouldn't. You know your body better than anyone else-make a list of what you have to do to ensure your body and skin are at their best.

  • PRACTICE! I have so many shoots going on during my trip I don't know what poses I will practice but starting this weekend I will put in the time to study some photos and practice in front of the mirror. I will also ask my husband to take a few photos of me during a practice round. It's important especially when you know what your theme will be to practice the poses you want to use for your shoot.
  • This will sound silly but stretch your face muscles the day of the shoot-before and after the makeup is put on. Trust me-it helps-and many professional models and artists I know this do this exercise.
  • Definitely practice your poses in the outfit you will be modeling in. I didn't do that in my last shoot I felt sort of uncomfortable. If you are able to do this-I highly recommend it so that you know what poses work best in the outfits you have.
  • Be vocal if something isn't working for you or if you are uncomfortable or even if you want to try something else. Whether you are paying for the shoot or not you want to do your best job.
  • Have props!!! A magazine, purse, coat, umbrella, hat, photo, furniture, etc. Especially for vintage themed shoots-the more props the better!

  • Be open to learning. Even if the experience ends up not being exactly what you hoped it would be-walk away learning something from it.
  • Get to know your body! The best models know what clothes and what poses look best on them. You will notice many models wear the similar outfits for shoots or they have the same poses and that because no ones body is perfect. They know how to hide their imperfections very well and they are using what works best for them.
  • Choose who you work with carefully. Even if its TFP (Time for Print) choose people who you connect well with or have a similar vision with. 
  • Always take someone with you for your shoots and tell someone where you are going for safety reasons.

  • Do NOT stay up late or drink alcohol the night before. Drink lots of water the day before-it will do your body good!
  • Check out your photags credentials. You want to know as much as possible about who you are working with and you may also consider writing up a contract as well (if they don't provide one).
  • Lastly, be HONEST with yourself. Come on gals-the truth is not all of us were born to be a supermodel. Those are a rare few girls that are super tall and super thin with very exaggerated features. With that being said, be honest with yourself about your looks-your body and your face. Be honest with yourself about what you are really getting out of this and what you want to do with this. Just BE HONEST

Whether you model for your blog, websites, as a career, or just for fun-I hope these tips will be helpful to you. And don't forget to ask yourself what do you want to do with modeling? And remember to be honest with yourself!!

Good luck!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Tammy and the Bachelor

"Tammy and the Bachelor" (1957)

I have been wanting to share you all on of my favorite films of all-especially in the romance category. Tammy and the Bachelor just struck a chord in my heart. Most likely because I was always that girl that boys thought was sweet but never pursued or because people always thought I was different. I can defiantly relate to the main character of Tammy!

"Tammy and the Bachelor" stars Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen. This was the first film I saw Nielsen in that he was not playing a funny role and seeing so young was sooooo lovely!!
A production photo from the film.

The story is about a a seventeen year old girl named Tambrey "Tammy" Tyree who lives in a houseboat in Mississippi with her grandfather played by Walter Brennan. Tammy dreams life outside of her surroundings and has only the company of her goat, Nan. One day she finds a crashed plane and a man who has been injured. Tammy and her grandfather help Peter Brent (played by Nielsen) to get better and heal in their home. It is during that time that Tammy falls in love with Peter. But Peter has to return to  his home and to his life but tells her that if anything happens to her grandfather that she is welcomed in his home.

"Tammy and the Bachelor" Trailer

Tammy makes her way to Pete's home with her trusty friend, Nan-the goat. Everyone in Pete's family assumes her grandfather is dead (he really was arrested) and welcome her into her home. One member in particular, his mother, is very cautious and suspicious of Tammy's presence in her home. Pete's mother is played by Fay Wray-something I found terribly exciting and her performance was spot on! If you don't recall who Fay Wray was, I will leave it to you to click on her name. *wink*

Tammy adjusts to life in Pete's house, helps him with his farming project, and comes face to face with both his love interest and his best friend. But it is during Pilgrimage Week that Tammy simply woos everyone in the room!

Tammy and some house guests during Pilgrimage Week.

During Pilgrimage Week everyone in the house gets dressed up in periods costumes and they would give tours of the home. Aunt Renie (played by the wonderful Mildred Natwick-who was also in The Enchanted Cottage) encourages Tammy to dress up as Pete's Great-Grandmother Crachett.

It is at that event where Tammy begins to tell the story of how his Great-Grandmother came to Brentwood Hall and everyone was enchanted. Even his mother! The next day Pete's farming project is destroyed and he decides to accept the offer from his lady love's uncle and when Tammy finds out, she runs away. When Pete finds out she ran away, he realized that he loves her and rushes to find her. When he does and with Tammy's grandfather's approval, he kisses her! Ughhhh that part is so great!

I love this film. Its so sweet and enchanting and I love every bit of it and hope you do too!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinup Girl of the Month: April: Janye Mansfield

I have been meaning to post about the alluring and simply gorgeous Jayne Mansfield as my pinup of the month for April and ironically her birthday is tomorrow as well!!! So Happy Birthday Miss Mansfield!!!!!!!

Jayne Mansfield was born Vera Jayne Palmer on April 19th, 1933 and was the only child to parents who were of German and English descent respectively. She grew up mostly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but it was in Texas where she began studying acting with Sidney Lumet's son Baruch Lumet. By 1950, she married Paul Mansfield and she had her first child, Jayne Marie Mansfield.

Jayne with her first husband Paul Mansfield.
She was a mild mannered devoted housewife and
mother who later would become a pinup icon!

She not only attended the University of Texas at Austin and UCLA as well. There at UCLA she entered beauty contests but found her ample breasts often helped her lose modeling and acting jobs. In 1954, she auditioned for a part in "The Seven Year Itch" starring Marilyn Monroe. How ironic because the years following her looks were often compared to that of Miss Monroe's.

Alluring and utterly tasteful-prime 
example of  pinup work done well!!

Can you imagine a women in the 1950's who is already married and a mother to one child going against the grain of society and working towards a career outside of the home! Shocking isn't it? My Miss Mansfield sure was a gusty lady!

In 1954, she decided to pose nude for Playboy which did indeed help launch her acting career (something many modern actress after her time would do to boost or begin their careers as well!!). Before all of this she did some acting in theatre but it was the Hollywood big screens that she was yearning to be on and hat goal was achieved in her first film in 1955 called Female Jungle

She eventually would come to be in over thirty films such as; Hell on Frisco Bay (1955), Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957), Too Hot to Handle (1960), and Promises! Promises! (1963). It was in this film "Promises! Promises! that Jayne became the first American actress to ever be nude on the big screen. Think about that one for a moment....

Just beautiful! Don't you think?

By 1958, she divorced Paul Mansfield and in 1958 married Mickey Hargitay (Mr. Universe-bodybuilder) just days after the divorce was finalized. They would have three children together; Miklos in 1958, Zolton in 1960, and Mariska in 1964. Technically they were already divorced when Mariska was born but they played it out as if they were reconciling due to the damage a pregnancy of a unwed mother would do to her career. Ironically there is gossip that she was pregnant before she married Paul Mansfield and later after her death her eldest daughter went to live with a Mr. William Pigue who was Paul's uncle because he was stated as being the natural father.

Jayne Mansfield's life was not without drama or scandal or potential scandal. Today, many of these things are not too shocking but that is because our morals and values have been altered dramatically in our modern world but that's a whole other blog post hehehe

Jayne was famous for her publicity stunts especially exposing
her ample breasts (as seen here with Sophia Loren) in public places in 
order to get a scandalous photo in the newspaper. 
Goodness she knew how to work the media!

Throughout the 1960's she worked steadily but in low budget films due to her decline in popularity. I find B movies to be interesting and fun to watch--I don't believe ever film should be a contender for an Oscar. LOL In 1964, she married Matt Climber and had her fifth (omg! amazing!) child named Antonio in 1965. Unfortunately, in 1967 Miss Mansfield lost her life in a horrific car accident with her lawyer/lover Sam Brody and the driver as well. Three of her children were in the car as well but they were unharmed. She was only 34 years old!!!!

Jayne Mansfield was truly ahead of her time. The things she did with her life most women didn't dare to dream after marriage and children. But she went after it anyway. I have mixed feelings about Miss Mansfield-in some ways I admire her and in other ways I am utterly confused by her. I mean who would love to learn her exercise regime after looking incredibly gorgeous and sexy after giving birth to FIVE children and breast feeding all of them as well! I truly admire that she celebrated her physical beauty all the while being a mother. She showed the world that mothers can still be desirable. I suppose I don't admire how chaotic she made her life to be and although the public wanted to see more of her body she used her physical attributes in a way that eventually diminished her image.

I love this photo of Miss Mansfield!

She was a pinup that modern women can admire and look to for inspiration because what she did was not mainstream or popular at the time. She is an example of what can be done when society says you cannot. And she was more than just a beautiful curvy women but she was intelligent, savvy, and inventive. 

So, Happy Birthday to you, Miss Janye Mansfield! You left behind a heck of a legacy and you will not be forgotten!


Monday, April 16, 2012

NINE days to go? What??!! OMG!!

Oh my! Let me begin by saying how sorry I am that I haven't posted in a week! So not like me at all. And that's because it really wasn't me doing it but rather my trusty computer that has been acting up. I think its all better now, not sure. I am just happy that I can post to you all and hoping you are all well after all the Easter celebrations, Spring Breaks, and Viva Las Vegas trips!

Well my dears, I have NINE days left until I board my plane and head out to St. Louis, Missouri. I never thought I would ever see that part of the my country and I am terribly excited to be able to. Best part will be to meet my friends Brittany and Kay in person and give them each a super duper huge hug!

The past week has been a tad bit crazy but things are slowly (very) moving along. I do still have about a zillion things to tend to before I leave and just hope I can get it all done in time. Of course like with any activity I have for the week or month I have my trusty "to-do" list to encourage me to get things done.

On my to-do list is:

  1. Mail a few boxes to Brittany's house which includes my toiletries because I will be only taking a carry-on. I also have my Tardis to mail out as well for my "Doctor Who" shoot!
  2. Make sure the house is in order as well as prepare activities for my husband to do with the children. I think we need more playdoh and a few other little things to break up the days for them. *smile*
  3. Of course I have to pack my luggage and also make sure its under the weight limit. I have been throwing a few things in there throughout the days to ensure I don't forget thing.
  4. My grooming-which will take place this coming weekend. I have to so my semi-dye for my hair which hides most of my white hair. Its my first time doing it alone so this should be interesting for sure hehe I also will get my eyebrows threaded and get a manicure-I will take along my bunny girl with me and perhaps treat her to a little manicure too. I love doing mommy and me things with her!
  5. I cannot  forget to take my shopping $ and such with me :)
  6. Head over to Carters because my children needs spring type pjs as well as a few other things. I cannot leave my home knowing they need things and afterwards I have to set up a few days worth of outfits for my husband. As well as pack an overnight bag for my father because they will all stay over papa's house for a night in order to allow my husband to work some hours at his second job.
  7. Get my 1940's outfits together. Brittany and I have been doing the impossible which is getting a pair of 1940's trousers done without her actually seeing me to ensure it fits etc can be tricky but well worth it. I  cannot wait to get them! 
  8. I have an unexpected medical procedure being performed on Wednesday morning as well as another much needed doctors appointment right after. Wednesday will be a tough day for me but it will help me be at my best during my trip.
  9. Purchase our new camera. This is very important and not just for my trip but because I need to have it handy to capture kodak moments with my kiddies.
  10. Activate my cell phone and add all the important phone numbers! Omg I cannot forget to do that!!
So nine days to go and ten (or more) important things to take care of before I leave. Trust me when I say most of these things would have been taken care of a lot sooner but patience is a virtue right?

I'm so happy to be able to post again! Ahhh technology is such a wonderful and crazy thing!!! hehee


Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Bunny ROCKS!!

A rare look at me with my lil family!

Easter was a blast! I hope it was for all of you! Its a beautiful time of year and my favorite of the seasons. My husband actually proposed to me on Easter 2005 because he knew how special that time of year was for me.

My children were all terribly excited and while we awaited the arrival of Papa (my dad) I set up their Easter treats and baskets and we got them all dressed up. I was especially excited for this year because my youngest would be able to participate as last year he was just a wee babe.

The baskets in the back are from my dad and ours are in front. They loved their books and cars and doll. I love watching my children get excited about simple little things. Now about the chocolate...let's just say they has enough to last them until next Easter! My youngest was even biting through the chocolates with the wrapper on! heheh Good grief!

My sister n law and I decided to swap vintage inspired baskets to one another. I would have taken photos of what it looked like before but I didn't have my dads camera with me. Luckily he lent me his for a few days so I took some photos of some of the things she gave me. She stuffed these in large Easter eggs-so cute!

Sorry about the fuzzy photo-this is a cream colored carved bracelet-I think it may be Lucite! So pretty!

Now this is the piece that I am still going gaga over! She told me it is Bakelite but I am unsure. It looks anywhere from 1930's to 1940's and the unique part is that it has an actual photo inside of it! It is of a cowboy actor/singer..I don't know who it is. It is defiantly not someone who was a mainstream actor so I am thinking it may be a singer. I love it-I treasure unique pieces like these!! So happy with my Easter basket!

After our Second Annual Egg Hunt and our basket giving we hung out a bit more with my dad until he left. Afterwards we just relaxed and then I cooked-nothing fancy but the best part of the day was that the FIVE of us were all together....ALL day long!!! It is something that is very very rare for us and I enjoyed every second of it as did the kids.

I leave you with a photo of me with my littlest bunny. Now that Easter has come and gone, dare I say it...almost two weeks until my trip!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Harvey

"Harvey" (1950)

Imagine a 6"3 bunny following you around and talking to you? Okay, when I think about it I kind of feel a tad bit scared, but Jimmy Stewart was the brave one! Not only did he take this role head on but he made friend with an invisible bunny rabbit!!! LOL

Harvey is about man named Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart) whose best friend is a six foot invisible bunny rabbit named Harvey. He introduces everyone to Harvey and after some time his family becomes concerned about his mental state. His sister tries to have him place in a sanatorium but it is that action that leads to everyone around Elwood to grow accustomed to hearing about Harvey and some even truly believing that he is real-including his own doctor!

The true nature of the Easter season is having faith that a man named Jesus who was God's only son was born into our world so we can learn to be better human beings. Because of those lessons that he taught he would eventually sacrifice himself for the better of mankind. The belief is that if you believe in him that you receive eternal life. Now, I am not giving you this brief religious lesson to preach or to even share my own personal beliefs. But to acknowledge that it is during this season and many others that people hold their faith in the impossible.

The fact that Elwood truly believes that this six foot bunny is real is a testament to ones ability to have faith in the impossible. I have to tell you, I even questioned whether Harvey was real throughout the film but I realized towards the end of the film that it doesn't matter whether or not I believe he is really there. The character of Elwood believed it and because of that it made him a better person. He brought no harm to others and in fact inspired others to attempt in believing in what they cannot see.

Elwood had faith in Harvey just as we should have faith in ourselves and others...just as those during this Easter season have their faith as well.

On that note, I hope you watch this film one day. Stewart is charming and the cast really holds their own.

Happy Easter!!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three weeks to go!!!!!

Just envision me screaming (with joy)
and doing the happy dance! hehehe

Literally three weeks from now I will be heading out to visit my friend Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage and will also be working with the amazing photographer Kay Murray from Reverie Revel. Kay also has a beautiful blog called Vintage Reveries.

I am still not prepared of course. Honestly, if I wasn't so busy I probably would have everything done already but such is life. Tomorrow I am taking care of some trip business--getting some paperwork in order, going to Target for some toiletries, and purchasing a few other little things from Etsy.

I also need to get a new camera which happily is not that expensive. My old one has gone through four years of hard labor, working everyday taking photos of my growing little ones. Its time for a new one. I also have to finish my spring cleaning, which began today because if my house is not in order before I leave it will bother me.

Yes, I am one of those women who will not feel good if I leave my family unorganized and in a messy home! I take my housewife duties seriously and although I don't beat myself about it if it doesn't get done right away. I do feel I want to leave my family in a good state of being before I leave to have my vintage fun with Brittany.

And boy will it be fun!!! I cannot share all of our plans because I do want to surprise you all but lets just say Brittany and I will have four days of jammed packed vintage events. Many folks are leaving for Viva Las Vegas right now and I hope they all have a blast. For me I find doing a more low key and personal trip far more enjoyable. I also am more of a 1940's gal and VLV is geared towards the 1950's, in particular the rockabilly scene.

With that said, I am looking forward to getting all my things put together and yet still in awe that I am traveling on my own to a state I have never been to! Its been a long, long time since I have traveled on my own so this is all very new for me.  It will be my official first time traveling alone as a mother. I hope I do a good job holding it together. Luckily Brittany totally understands how I feel so I plan to skype with my family at least once while I am away.

So, the countdown begins! I cannot wait to share all the neat things I see and do with all of you!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 1940's House

"The 1940's House" (2001)

For a week or so I have been wanting to share this little discovery with you. An acquaintance on my facebook suggested it to me and I looked for it on my Netflix but quickly discovered that it was only available via dvd.

You all already know I do not give up that easily so I searched for it on Youtube and I found it! Within two days I watched the whole thing and found it fascinating. I think you all will too!

This is the house that was converted completely
in the inside to be just like the 1940's-incredible!

Back in 2001 BBC produced a show following a modern family's adventures back into the past. They chose the Hymer family which consisted of Michael (father), Lyn (mother), Kirstie (daughter), Ben (grandson) and Thomas (grandson).

Filming lasted nine months and they went through 1939 to 1945 between those months. There were just five episodes and this is the way is was broken down:

  • Episode 1: The Home Front (aired 2 January 2001) - The series is introduced, the family moves in, war breaks out, and food rationing is confronted for the first time.

  • Episode 2: Into the Unknown (aired 4 January 2001) - Michael Hymers leaves the house for three weeks for work-related reasons, and the family confronts additional rationing.

  • Episode 3: Women at War (aired 11 January 2001) - Lyn and Kirstie join the Women's Voluntary Service and work in the war industry.

  • Episode 4: The Beginning of the End (aired 18 January 2001) - The family suffers from air-raids, sleep deprivation, and bomb damage before learning that the war is over. They also listen to radio stories about the liberation of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

  • Episode 5: The Homecoming (aired 25 January 2001) - Six months later, the Hymers reflect on their time in 1940s House

  • The Hymers Family all decked out in their 40s best!

    I think they made an interesting choice of families-they were outspoken yet argumentative so of course that made for good television. I was honestly very surprised on how little they knew about what their own people went through during the war. The father knew a great deal but he was very quiet about his knowledge and at some point he had to get back to his real job-in a way many men were gone either working or in war so the women left behind had a great deal of adjusting and struggling to contend with.

    The family and producers were advised by the "war cabinet" historians to make the experience there as authentic as possible. There were moments of joy and many moments of true suffering. It made me really think about what people especially women in the UK went through during the War. It also made me more curious about what women went through in America as well.

    Here is the entire show for you!!

    A lot of vintage enthusiasts focus on the clothes and pretty things of an era  but the history and true life experiences of an era are so important to know and be aware of. This show defiantly gives you a little taste of that time. I think it was well put together and really makes your eyes open up a bit more to what it was like so long ago.



    Monday, April 2, 2012

    Think BIG!

    I find that Motherhood has a way of seeping into all aspects of your life. As I am singing along to cartoons with my children or playing playdoh with them or coloring-if find that if you look close enough you can learn valuable life lessons as well as find inspiration.

    That's what I found in the cartoon Pinky Dinky Doo. Its about a young girl who loves to learn new words and to teach her younger brother about these words she tells a made up story. While she is telling her story she always adds a scene where the main character has to figure out the dilemma at hand and "THINK BIG". The main character (usually a version of Pinky herself) has her head inflate while she thinks BIG and then she gets a great idea and solves the problem. Its a super cute show-my kiddies love it.

    Now why am I sharing this cartoon with you? Well, because I think its important that we all think BIG for ourselves. I have met and known all sorts of people throughout my life. There are those who work hard to have what they have and those who sit back and try and get it the easy way. Unfortunately, these days most people are the latter.

    Life is incredibly short and you have heard me say this time and again, but truly is. And it is precious-- it can be changed and altered in an instant. So why sit back and watch other people make things happen for themselves?

    When thinking BIG or rather be ambitious, you should be aware of a few things:
    • Don't step on other peoples toes-be thankful always.
    • Be sincere-I mean BE SINCERE.
    • Be honest with yourself-not everyone can be a Prima Ballerina.
    • Let your ambitions drive you but don't let it drive you nuts.
    • Set clear and achievable goals for yourself.
    • Work with what you have and focus on what you have.
    • Realize what you can do and what you can't.
    • Make a mental or literal list of your goals but don't set a time frame.
    • Think BIG like Pinky Dinky Doo says and like Bunny says! hehe
    • Lastly, be passionate with what you are doing if not you lose all the fun.

    Thinking BIG does come with one BIG warning. Be careful on who you share with. I have found once you have created your goals and thought BIG thoughts and you are working hard for really have to try not to share it with the world at large but rather with the people who truly support you and want you to succeed. Unfortunately, there are too many individuals out there who would rather take than give-those are the people who sit back and wait for things to come to them.

    On that note, THINK BIG! Be ambitious! Don't let opportunities slide by! Keep dreaming big dreams!


    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Beach Party

    "Beach Party" (1963)

    Like so many of my first experiences with a classic film, I saw Beach Party for the first time at my grandma's house. The home where I watched both "I Love Lucy" and Telenovelas (spanish soap operas).

    I rewatched this film recently before the spring weather started to make its entrance to help me get rid of my mid-winter blues. Well this film did the trick! Its jam packed with cute lines, 60's slang, and lots of hip action! You know it daddy-o! It was a  hoot!

    Frankie Avalon was as fine as wine while Annette Funicello was just fab as Frankie and Dolores respectively. This movie was a gas!! Oh how neato it is to use 1960's slang words! If you want to learn some more you find more groovy words right here!

    Frankie and Annette-so cute together!

     I remembered having a blast watching it all those years ago and I had another blast watching it again. The main characters that Avalon and Funicello play are two teens who are going steady when they decided to spend their summer living in a beach house (hello-where are their parents!). I honestly have a hard time believing their were teens because they were just living in a house with all their friends (much to Frankie's surprise-you'll see why!). I'd like to think they were like college freshman or something (yes so grown-NOT!).

    Anyhoo, there is a scientist by the name of Professor Robert Orville Sutwell played by Robert Cummings who decides to study the mating habits of Californian teens. Little does he realize he will lose sight of his project once he gets personally involved with them.

    Trailer for "Beach Party"

    It is loaded with funny moments, charming moments, and even singing by both Avalon and Funicello (she was a former Mouseketeer!). There is also lots of 1960's dancing that I am sure young people would totally not think its cool today but I have danced some of those dances and OMG does it give you great exercise on your hips and thighs. Try it some time!

    You can find this film and the sequels to it on Netflix. I love watching a film that is jam packed with this and this one is it!!!


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