Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Beach Party

"Beach Party" (1963)

Like so many of my first experiences with a classic film, I saw Beach Party for the first time at my grandma's house. The home where I watched both "I Love Lucy" and Telenovelas (spanish soap operas).

I rewatched this film recently before the spring weather started to make its entrance to help me get rid of my mid-winter blues. Well this film did the trick! Its jam packed with cute lines, 60's slang, and lots of hip action! You know it daddy-o! It was a  hoot!

Frankie Avalon was as fine as wine while Annette Funicello was just fab as Frankie and Dolores respectively. This movie was a gas!! Oh how neato it is to use 1960's slang words! If you want to learn some more you find more groovy words right here!

Frankie and Annette-so cute together!

 I remembered having a blast watching it all those years ago and I had another blast watching it again. The main characters that Avalon and Funicello play are two teens who are going steady when they decided to spend their summer living in a beach house (hello-where are their parents!). I honestly have a hard time believing their were teens because they were just living in a house with all their friends (much to Frankie's surprise-you'll see why!). I'd like to think they were like college freshman or something (yes so grown-NOT!).

Anyhoo, there is a scientist by the name of Professor Robert Orville Sutwell played by Robert Cummings who decides to study the mating habits of Californian teens. Little does he realize he will lose sight of his project once he gets personally involved with them.

Trailer for "Beach Party"

It is loaded with funny moments, charming moments, and even singing by both Avalon and Funicello (she was a former Mouseketeer!). There is also lots of 1960's dancing that I am sure young people would totally not think its cool today but I have danced some of those dances and OMG does it give you great exercise on your hips and thighs. Try it some time!

You can find this film and the sequels to it on Netflix. I love watching a film that is jam packed with this and this one is it!!!



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