Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 1940's House

"The 1940's House" (2001)

For a week or so I have been wanting to share this little discovery with you. An acquaintance on my facebook suggested it to me and I looked for it on my Netflix but quickly discovered that it was only available via dvd.

You all already know I do not give up that easily so I searched for it on Youtube and I found it! Within two days I watched the whole thing and found it fascinating. I think you all will too!

This is the house that was converted completely
in the inside to be just like the 1940's-incredible!

Back in 2001 BBC produced a show following a modern family's adventures back into the past. They chose the Hymer family which consisted of Michael (father), Lyn (mother), Kirstie (daughter), Ben (grandson) and Thomas (grandson).

Filming lasted nine months and they went through 1939 to 1945 between those months. There were just five episodes and this is the way is was broken down:

  • Episode 1: The Home Front (aired 2 January 2001) - The series is introduced, the family moves in, war breaks out, and food rationing is confronted for the first time.

  • Episode 2: Into the Unknown (aired 4 January 2001) - Michael Hymers leaves the house for three weeks for work-related reasons, and the family confronts additional rationing.

  • Episode 3: Women at War (aired 11 January 2001) - Lyn and Kirstie join the Women's Voluntary Service and work in the war industry.

  • Episode 4: The Beginning of the End (aired 18 January 2001) - The family suffers from air-raids, sleep deprivation, and bomb damage before learning that the war is over. They also listen to radio stories about the liberation of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

  • Episode 5: The Homecoming (aired 25 January 2001) - Six months later, the Hymers reflect on their time in 1940s House

  • The Hymers Family all decked out in their 40s best!

    I think they made an interesting choice of families-they were outspoken yet argumentative so of course that made for good television. I was honestly very surprised on how little they knew about what their own people went through during the war. The father knew a great deal but he was very quiet about his knowledge and at some point he had to get back to his real job-in a way many men were gone either working or in war so the women left behind had a great deal of adjusting and struggling to contend with.

    The family and producers were advised by the "war cabinet" historians to make the experience there as authentic as possible. There were moments of joy and many moments of true suffering. It made me really think about what people especially women in the UK went through during the War. It also made me more curious about what women went through in America as well.

    Here is the entire show for you!!

    A lot of vintage enthusiasts focus on the clothes and pretty things of an era  but the history and true life experiences of an era are so important to know and be aware of. This show defiantly gives you a little taste of that time. I think it was well put together and really makes your eyes open up a bit more to what it was like so long ago.




    1. I watched this when it first came out I will refresh my memory. Well done bunny great post once again! Lots of love your vintage chick from accros the pond xxxxx

    2. I am definitely going to watch this when I get home from school! :D Great Poat, friend!

    3. I found this on youtube a while back, but I couldn't find all the episodes...Im happy you included a link so I can follow that video and hopefully find the rest :D Thanks!

    4. Thank you ladies! I loved watching it-really gave me some insight to that time. Rebecca-the video I posted is the entire 5 episodes in one-about 2hrs or so worth-enjoy!!! xox

    5. i LOVED this show. sooo good! the whole series was good, but 1940s house was my favorite.

    6. My goodness gracious, I can hardly believe it's been 11 years since that series first aired (I well remember watching it as a teenager back in 2001). I really enjoyed this post and your thoughts about this show. Series like this have become buried under countless carbon copy "reality shows" and really deserve to have the limelight shone on them again. Kudos for doing just that, dear gal!

      Wishing you a gorgeous Tuesday & month of April,
      ♥ Jessica

    7. Thank you ladies-am so glad I discovered it. I wish they did more of the 1940s house-how neat that would have been! xox

    8. I watched this when it was first aired, and I've just been re-reading this book too! Along with the 1900 house (also very good) Love you blog too by the way! X

    9. Now THIS is reality television I can wrap my head around! What an awesome concept! Why can't the US have awesome shows like these?!? I need to netflix this asap. :)

    10. Great write Up Bunny!!

      Of course you know I loved this!!! I'd love to live in that house - thats my pipe dream , a 1930s house. Me and the family living on rations in a 30s house all decked out in our 40s clothing (well as meatloaf said 2 out of 3 aint bad!!!) guess i'll wait forthe house.

      If you're craving move programs watch 'coalhouse at war' another bbc prog - should be on youtube, lots more families living in a terrace and working together in 1940s wales.

      Maxine xx

    11. Oh thank you Paperdoll and Athena!!! xox

      Jen-its soo neat to watch. I know right? Why doesnt the US become hip to the 40s...they did it once? LOL

      Maxine-Thank you for that suggestion! I will look for it now-you so rock you know that!!! xox


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