Saturday, April 21, 2012

Modeling~What I Have Learned

In just five days I will be heading out to begin My Vintage Adventure! One of the main aspects of my trip will be to learn more about modeling and photography. And on everyday of my trip I will be having photo shoots so I will be learning a great deal. It is something I have been yearning to do since I began this vintage journey. (I'm so excited!)

There are a few things about modeling that I have learned since my first pinup shoot back in June 2011. I also think just observing others or speaking to others about this or any subject you can learn a great deal. Here is just a snippet of what I have learned-I am sure I will have more tips to share after my trip!

  • Ask yourself why you want to put yourself in front of a camera. What do you want to get out of it? Attention, praise, for your business, to feel good, to express yourself, to create art, or just for fun?
  • How much do you want to invest in this? How much do you realistically have to invest in this? There are a lot of photographers out there who are just interested in having you paid their bills and mortgage. They especially target naive people or people who have become addicted to modeling. If you have the means-shoot with everyone you feel like working with but make sure it will be an experience that will enhance your portfolio. If you don't have the means, pay for one really amazing photo shoot and then do as much TFP (Time for Print) as possible! 
  • Communicate well with your photag (sort for photographer). A photag should be able to communicate with you, if they don't its just simply bad business. 
  • Groom yourself in advance of your shoot. Photags constantly complain that models have poorly painted nails or hair in places they shouldn't. You know your body better than anyone else-make a list of what you have to do to ensure your body and skin are at their best.

  • PRACTICE! I have so many shoots going on during my trip I don't know what poses I will practice but starting this weekend I will put in the time to study some photos and practice in front of the mirror. I will also ask my husband to take a few photos of me during a practice round. It's important especially when you know what your theme will be to practice the poses you want to use for your shoot.
  • This will sound silly but stretch your face muscles the day of the shoot-before and after the makeup is put on. Trust me-it helps-and many professional models and artists I know this do this exercise.
  • Definitely practice your poses in the outfit you will be modeling in. I didn't do that in my last shoot I felt sort of uncomfortable. If you are able to do this-I highly recommend it so that you know what poses work best in the outfits you have.
  • Be vocal if something isn't working for you or if you are uncomfortable or even if you want to try something else. Whether you are paying for the shoot or not you want to do your best job.
  • Have props!!! A magazine, purse, coat, umbrella, hat, photo, furniture, etc. Especially for vintage themed shoots-the more props the better!

  • Be open to learning. Even if the experience ends up not being exactly what you hoped it would be-walk away learning something from it.
  • Get to know your body! The best models know what clothes and what poses look best on them. You will notice many models wear the similar outfits for shoots or they have the same poses and that because no ones body is perfect. They know how to hide their imperfections very well and they are using what works best for them.
  • Choose who you work with carefully. Even if its TFP (Time for Print) choose people who you connect well with or have a similar vision with. 
  • Always take someone with you for your shoots and tell someone where you are going for safety reasons.

  • Do NOT stay up late or drink alcohol the night before. Drink lots of water the day before-it will do your body good!
  • Check out your photags credentials. You want to know as much as possible about who you are working with and you may also consider writing up a contract as well (if they don't provide one).
  • Lastly, be HONEST with yourself. Come on gals-the truth is not all of us were born to be a supermodel. Those are a rare few girls that are super tall and super thin with very exaggerated features. With that being said, be honest with yourself about your looks-your body and your face. Be honest with yourself about what you are really getting out of this and what you want to do with this. Just BE HONEST

Whether you model for your blog, websites, as a career, or just for fun-I hope these tips will be helpful to you. And don't forget to ask yourself what do you want to do with modeling? And remember to be honest with yourself!!

Good luck!



  1. Your posts are always so chocked full of wisdom and highly useful practical advice, and this one is certainly no exception. Thank you very much for sharing your terrific tips and thoughts on modeling with us.

    And many thanks, too, for your comment about Chronically Vintage's new look. Of course you're on my links page, darling gal, I cannot get enough of you and your stellar blog!

    Tons of hugs & blissful weekend wishes,

  2. thank you thank you thank you. this will help me so much in future when shooting pics for my blog. I'm not always very composed in front of camera or don't put much effort in, and this has been a great help.

  3. Happy to be able to help in anyway :) xox


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