Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Tammy and the Bachelor

"Tammy and the Bachelor" (1957)

I have been wanting to share you all on of my favorite films of all-especially in the romance category. Tammy and the Bachelor just struck a chord in my heart. Most likely because I was always that girl that boys thought was sweet but never pursued or because people always thought I was different. I can defiantly relate to the main character of Tammy!

"Tammy and the Bachelor" stars Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen. This was the first film I saw Nielsen in that he was not playing a funny role and seeing so young was sooooo lovely!!
A production photo from the film.

The story is about a a seventeen year old girl named Tambrey "Tammy" Tyree who lives in a houseboat in Mississippi with her grandfather played by Walter Brennan. Tammy dreams life outside of her surroundings and has only the company of her goat, Nan. One day she finds a crashed plane and a man who has been injured. Tammy and her grandfather help Peter Brent (played by Nielsen) to get better and heal in their home. It is during that time that Tammy falls in love with Peter. But Peter has to return to  his home and to his life but tells her that if anything happens to her grandfather that she is welcomed in his home.

"Tammy and the Bachelor" Trailer

Tammy makes her way to Pete's home with her trusty friend, Nan-the goat. Everyone in Pete's family assumes her grandfather is dead (he really was arrested) and welcome her into her home. One member in particular, his mother, is very cautious and suspicious of Tammy's presence in her home. Pete's mother is played by Fay Wray-something I found terribly exciting and her performance was spot on! If you don't recall who Fay Wray was, I will leave it to you to click on her name. *wink*

Tammy adjusts to life in Pete's house, helps him with his farming project, and comes face to face with both his love interest and his best friend. But it is during Pilgrimage Week that Tammy simply woos everyone in the room!

Tammy and some house guests during Pilgrimage Week.

During Pilgrimage Week everyone in the house gets dressed up in periods costumes and they would give tours of the home. Aunt Renie (played by the wonderful Mildred Natwick-who was also in The Enchanted Cottage) encourages Tammy to dress up as Pete's Great-Grandmother Crachett.

It is at that event where Tammy begins to tell the story of how his Great-Grandmother came to Brentwood Hall and everyone was enchanted. Even his mother! The next day Pete's farming project is destroyed and he decides to accept the offer from his lady love's uncle and when Tammy finds out, she runs away. When Pete finds out she ran away, he realized that he loves her and rushes to find her. When he does and with Tammy's grandfather's approval, he kisses her! Ughhhh that part is so great!

I love this film. Its so sweet and enchanting and I love every bit of it and hope you do too!!


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