Monday, April 16, 2012

NINE days to go? What??!! OMG!!

Oh my! Let me begin by saying how sorry I am that I haven't posted in a week! So not like me at all. And that's because it really wasn't me doing it but rather my trusty computer that has been acting up. I think its all better now, not sure. I am just happy that I can post to you all and hoping you are all well after all the Easter celebrations, Spring Breaks, and Viva Las Vegas trips!

Well my dears, I have NINE days left until I board my plane and head out to St. Louis, Missouri. I never thought I would ever see that part of the my country and I am terribly excited to be able to. Best part will be to meet my friends Brittany and Kay in person and give them each a super duper huge hug!

The past week has been a tad bit crazy but things are slowly (very) moving along. I do still have about a zillion things to tend to before I leave and just hope I can get it all done in time. Of course like with any activity I have for the week or month I have my trusty "to-do" list to encourage me to get things done.

On my to-do list is:

  1. Mail a few boxes to Brittany's house which includes my toiletries because I will be only taking a carry-on. I also have my Tardis to mail out as well for my "Doctor Who" shoot!
  2. Make sure the house is in order as well as prepare activities for my husband to do with the children. I think we need more playdoh and a few other little things to break up the days for them. *smile*
  3. Of course I have to pack my luggage and also make sure its under the weight limit. I have been throwing a few things in there throughout the days to ensure I don't forget thing.
  4. My grooming-which will take place this coming weekend. I have to so my semi-dye for my hair which hides most of my white hair. Its my first time doing it alone so this should be interesting for sure hehe I also will get my eyebrows threaded and get a manicure-I will take along my bunny girl with me and perhaps treat her to a little manicure too. I love doing mommy and me things with her!
  5. I cannot  forget to take my shopping $ and such with me :)
  6. Head over to Carters because my children needs spring type pjs as well as a few other things. I cannot leave my home knowing they need things and afterwards I have to set up a few days worth of outfits for my husband. As well as pack an overnight bag for my father because they will all stay over papa's house for a night in order to allow my husband to work some hours at his second job.
  7. Get my 1940's outfits together. Brittany and I have been doing the impossible which is getting a pair of 1940's trousers done without her actually seeing me to ensure it fits etc can be tricky but well worth it. I  cannot wait to get them! 
  8. I have an unexpected medical procedure being performed on Wednesday morning as well as another much needed doctors appointment right after. Wednesday will be a tough day for me but it will help me be at my best during my trip.
  9. Purchase our new camera. This is very important and not just for my trip but because I need to have it handy to capture kodak moments with my kiddies.
  10. Activate my cell phone and add all the important phone numbers! Omg I cannot forget to do that!!
So nine days to go and ten (or more) important things to take care of before I leave. Trust me when I say most of these things would have been taken care of a lot sooner but patience is a virtue right?

I'm so happy to be able to post again! Ahhh technology is such a wonderful and crazy thing!!! hehee



  1. Hope all goes well, and your trip sounds so exciting! X

  2. Oh my goodness....9 days! That's totally crazy and I'm SOOO excited! I'm mailing your pants and blouses to you this afternoon. Boy, did we cut it close on that or what?! :P

  3. Hahah we did Britt, but hey its happening-I think this has been a good lesson in patience and positive thinking for sure!! Cant wait-goodness yeapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thank you both so much!!! xox

  4. You're coming to MO?!? That's SO cool. :D I live in KC. I wish it was closer to STL. I think it's about a five hour drive lol.

    Have fun!! I hope you enjoy the midwest. xo

  5. Just nine days, that's so terrifically exciting! I've adored that you're shared in your prep for this awesome trip with us and feel in a way as though I'm going along with you in spirit.

    Sending energizing hugs your way, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Omg Jennifer I wish you were closer!!! I would so love to meet but then that means you have to come to NY hehehe xox

    Jessica-thank you so much. Your support and encouragement means a great deal to me. And thank you for the hugs-I love hugs hehehe Muah! xox


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