Monday, September 30, 2013

My Vintage Home: Retro Refrigerators

Retro Kitchen
As many of you know taking on the task of redecorating your home can be a daunting one. But I learned just the other day how fantastic it is when something just clicks and suddenly you know the color scheme and how you want to decorate. It like an "a-ha" home decorators moment!

We have been needing a new refrigerator for a bit and my husband asked me if I wanted it in white or black. I have never had a black refrigerator, so I went with my instinct and said "black"!

When the new fridge was placed in our kitchen, suddenly the whole room made sense.

Although I am still working on the rest of the house, I am now focusing on starting on our bedroom and kitchen (the last rooms). So, I unexpectedly realized that the heart of my kitchen just happens to be my fridge.

The floor suddenly looked better and just all the wood and appliances seemed to flow with one another. Just an awesome moment for me!

Here are the before and after of my kitchen:
Can you tell how better it looks? Oh my! This is super exciting for me because I think we will now paint the walls a dark shade of white and the new plates and such will be black/white. The best bit that came to me that in the midst of this dark wood and black/silver appliances, I will add dashes of red throughout the kitchen to add a spark and warmth to it. I am hoping to add 40s-60s pieces throughout the kitchen to add that vintage touch. What do you think?

Here is some neat refrigerator inspiration! 
1930s fridge
1930's: Worth Point
1940s fridge
1940's: Jitterbuzz
1950s fridge
1960s fridge
1960's: pzrservices

I love how the fridge has evolved! Yeah for evolution!

Kitchens are typically the heart of many households and for me my fridge became the heart of mine. It helped me figure out how I would redecorate and after almost eight months of trying to figure it all out-it happened!

If you ever want to add some retro inspired appliances and refrigerators to your kitchen, check out Northstar.
Northstar fridge

Northstar fridge

And I didn't forget about my giveaway. I apologize for being tardy on announcing the winners. I caught a dreadful cold over the weekend.

So the Winners of the Gidget Sized Giveaway are Chrissy88 and Miss Dolly Bow Peep! Congrats and contact me via my email at

Friday, September 27, 2013

Film Fashion Friday: The Help (Hilly Holbrook)

You have heard me say it before, dare I say it again...I adore the early 1960's. A time still filled with sweet innocence and on the verge of coming face to face with the ever changing world.

My father told me what he remembers about the 1960's was that it was quiet. He meant it literally but that the streets were quiet and people were quiet and life was just on a slower speed. I had a bit of a taste of that in the late 1970's and early 1980's but I am sure it didn't taste as sweet as the times prior to the mid-1960's.

After that it seemed the world was exploded or rather imploded on itself.

I am a city girl raised by a city dad so I know not of life in the Midwest or South. I have always found it intriguing though. Like those southern belles in Gone with the Wind. All those manners and old fashioned ways. Makes me leap for joy.

Unfortunately, old fashioned ways sometimes also goes along with old fashioned thinking. Especially when thinking that one person is better than another, in this case with the film The Help, because of the color of one's skin.

I don't know how many of you have seen it but I will be spotlighting it soon as well as giving a proper book review on it as well. But there is this character named Hilly Holbrook who is desperately trying to hold onto the old ways of the South.

I dislike her character but I love her wardrobe. I cannot deny that. In particular this one dress that is just divine!
Hilly dresses in what I call 1960's preppy chic. This character always wears loud and bright colors because she always wants to ensure that she is the main attraction where ever she goes.

When I saw this dress in Pinup Girl Clothing, it immediately said to me, "Hi, my name is Miss Hilly Holbrook and I wan't you to see know how fabulous I am!". I also added a pair of snake print leather shoes because this character was such a venomous person. You can see where I found the rest of the pieces of the outfit on my polyvore here.
One of the many things I adore about the early 1960's are the hairstyles. How can one not adore this bouffant??!!
If you would like to see how you can recreate your own Hilly Holbrook hair and makeup you can take a peak at these Youtube videos and tutorials: 

Early 1960's Mad Men Makeup (this is the closest I found to Hilly's, many of the tutorial's are for Mod looks or the mid to late 1960's)

1960's Classic Bouffant (one of my favorite hair tutorials)

And here is a peak at the film The Help. A book review on The Help and more outfit inspirations from the film are coming soon!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: Blink/The Weeping Angels

One of my favorite episode of Series Three with Doctor #10 has to be Blink. Like Love & Monsters, The Doctor isn't in it very much but I love the introduction of The Weeping Angels.

I mean statues of angels that move when you blink! That idea was marvelous. I have to see they do spook me and it takes a lot to spook me. 

For Series Three the Doctor is traveling with Martha Jones, who is brilliant! She is super smart and although not as beloved as Rose by fans of DW, after re-watching Series Three-I think she was the first companion in a while to be close to an equal in intellect and bravery to The Doctor. 

In this episode set in 2007, a girl named Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) enters an abandoned house to practice her photography. Before she knows it she is thrust into a mysterious adventure involving time travel, time disturbances, a cutie named Billy, a key, and some DVD's.

This episode leaves you following Sally's every step and before you know it the Weeping Angels have crept up on you! Don't....BLINK!
A look inspired by the Weeping Angels involves pieces in various shades of grey with some sort of Grecian look to it.

I scored this cute dress via Ebay here and knew it would be perfect. Best part is that its a great dress for the fall or spring-I love it! I added a fantastic Grecian inspired headband from Modcloth called a "silver of hope" headband, a pair of angel wing earrings from Etsy here, and a belt called a "sasha samba belt" from Modcloth as well. I LOVE this belt! 

So do I make a fierce Weeping Angel? Remember, don't blink!
I thought I would give the Weeping Angels a nod and did their famous pose, hands covering their faces...that is until you BLINK!

Have you seen this episode? What sort of monsters do you find creepy (DW or otherwise)?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gidget Sized Giveaway!

Yesterday I shared with you all the fantastic book called Gidget by Frederick Kohner. Today I would like to giveaway a copy of this book to one lucky reader as well as a DVD based on the real Gidget, Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman.

To be fair to all my readers I will be offering the book Gidget to my International readers and the DVD to my American readers. International will also include Canada.

To win-I will give you FIVE chances. Simply post whether you are in the U.S. or Outside of the U.S. when you comment. For each entry you MUST comment separately.

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Join in the fun! There will be more giveaways coming this fall/winter but joining in is half the fun! Spread the word!

The two winners will be announced on Saturday, September 28th!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bunny's Book Club: Gidget

Summer has come to an end and with that many of us are putting away our swimsuits and taking our our cardigans. A few months ago I came across an article about Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman. In that article I learned that she was the real life Gidget!!

As a little girl I watched many 1950-1970's shows of course along with the typical 1980's shows of my time. But I was particularly fascinated by 1960's shows. One of them being a show called Gidget (1956-1966) with the fabulous Sally Field in the starring role.

From there I eventually watched the film version of Gidget (1959) starring Sandra Dee. I was memorized. A girl like me...surfing??!

Now when I read that article of Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman and I found out that she was the inspiration for the character of Gidget (that was her nickname) and that her father wrote a book based on her summer surf stories...well I knew I had to learn more. And better still, I knew I had to read the book!
I read it in one sitting! Oh boy was it neat! Written by Frederick Kohner, I was left in awe that a middle aged man actually wrote this book! The character of Gidget is spot on with that of an average teen aged girl and he just wrote her so authentically.

The book reads like a journal you are immediately sucked into Gidget's world of lazy summer days, beach boy bums, and life as a fifteen year old girl. What I enjoyed also about the book is that it also included photos of Kathy during her time as a girl surfer.

Here are some fabulous photos of Kathy aka the real Gidget:
Although there were some female surfers in Malibu, CA during the 1950's, Gidget was still a one of a kind sort of girl. Being so young and so petite it wasn't easy at first to grasp the sport of surfing let alone carry the darn surf board. But she managed and she also managed to inspire her father to write his book which in turn inspired many young girls to try new things and never give up on something they love.

This is Kathy in more recent years. She has picked up surfing again and although she is 72 years old she does it to not only keep in shape but also lends her name out for charities as well. I mean she is the real Gidget after all.
Sandra Dee and Sally Field on there respective roles as Gidget. Love them both!
Kathy and Sandra Dee on the set of Gidget in 1959. What a neat photo this is!!??

I found no better way to saying goodbye to the summer than by reading Gidget. It also made me feel invigorated and sentimental as I immersed myself into the book. The character of Gidget reminded me of being a young girl again.

And although I have no such desire to ever be a teenager again in this lifetime, I was reminded how sweet and innocent and full of daydreams those days were.

Have you seen Gidget the movie? Or the show? Have you read the book? You can find a copy of it here. And tune in tomorrow for a Gidget sized Giveaway hosted by yours truly!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Film Fashion Friday: Annie Hall

I don't know how many of you have seen any Woody Allen films. His films are what I consider an acquired taste. Some people enjoy it and some just don't. Sort of like sushi or opera. Allen is known for his quirky comedies but this was a first for Allen who combined comedy with Romance in Annie Hall.

Even if you haven't see Annie Hall, if you saw her tie outfit you would know that it came from that film. It is defiantly an iconic look.

I think what I like about this outfit is that it doesn't completely reflect the year the film came out, 1978. It is very undated and slightly androgynous.
I wanted to do something a little different with Annie Hall's outfit. Although still mainly androgynous, I thought having a khaki skirt instead of pants would add just a tiny bit more femininity to the look.
You can find these pieces here.

You can also take a peak of the Annie Hall trailer here as well as Annie's first meeting with Max here. Talk about adorable. Diane Keaton is amazing!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: Love & Monsters/Doctor #10

David Tennant. Yes. I just typed that. I know so many DW fans just adore Tennant's tenth Doctor. And I cannot blame them one bit.

The tenth Doctor's first companion of course was Rose Tyler. Towards the end of this second series something shifts in the programming and we follow the adventures and story of one Elton Pope (played by Marc Warren). This episode of Love & Monsters is a joy to watch because we get to see The Doctor from the view of someone not connected to him personally but still longing to know who he truly is.

Elton's life has been touched by The Doctor but he cannot seem to remember why. He finds a group of friends whose lives have also been affected by The Doctor in one way or another. Their friendship tightens and they even form a band, just for a moment anyway. Until the mysterious Victor Kennedy shows up and decides that this group talking about The Doctor isn't doing enough to find him.

Things seem normal as the search for The Doctor begins but that is when we find out who Victor Kennedy really is and why the members of the group LINDA (London Investigation 'N' Detective Agency) are disappearing.
Elton does find The Doctor and also finds out why he remembers him from his childhood. Sadly, all the members of the group LINDA got absorbed by a Abzorbaloff (Victor Kennedy), a creature who absorbs his prey.
Tennant's Doctor wore snappy pin striped suits, usually brown or blue with matching converse sneakers. What is not to love?! The colors blue and burgundy run rampant in Doctor Who episodes of the "new" series. Same goes for Tennant's usual outfits.
I couldn't wait to figure out an an outfit inspired by the 10th Doctor. He was so snazzy, clever, fun, very logical and a adventurer at heart.

Many a time he wore black trimmed glasses so I couldn't resist to snatch me a pair. I don't use glasses just yet so the pair I am wearing are a faux pair. I love them though! What do you think?
I wore my eShakti vintage inspired pleated skirt in navy blue. I paired it up with a vintage blouse purchased via Etsy and a cropped navy cardigan from Old Navy (purchased at just 15.00!). I added a little burgundy via my earrings purchased at my new favorite shop, Maurices for just 8.99.

I absolutly love this outfit and I think it is my favorite DW inspired one so far. Don't forget to take a peak at my Rose Tyler and Doctor #9 outfits as well.

Have you ever seen the episode Love & Monsters? Is Doctor #10 your first Doctor? 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 Fantastic Fall Cardigans

Vintage Fall
Cardigans have somehow always been a part of my wardrobe. From ages six to eighteen I wore them with my school uniform and then in my early twenties I wore them as part of my wardrobe as a teacher.

Today I like to wear them with jeans when I am wearing my casual outfits with my family or pair them up with dresses and skirts with my vintage outfits.

With fall finally making it way to New York, I dare say it is finally cardigan weather!!! I feel like I have waited all summer for this!

When it comes to cardigans like anything else you should look everywhere. If you can find great ones at your local thrift store or in Old Navy or a authentic 1950's one on Etsy-I say snatch them all. I love the look of vintage cardigans (and sweaters) but I also love modern vintagey ones.

I am a practical sort of girl and nowadays I like my cardigans (and sweaters) to last as long as possible. So buying used or vintage is a great way to shop but I also believe investing in some well made newer cardigans (and sweaters) is a wise venture as well.

The shops right now are teeming with cardigans and I found ten super fantastic ones that I just adore. Many are simple but with solid cardigans you can add an amazing brooch and you can really make it pop. I also find having solid color pieces, cardigans or not, as a good investment to your wardrobe (modern or vintage) because they are so versatile.

If you find a cardigan you really love I say keep watching it online because a lot of stores are having fabulous sales and offer some amazing coupons. For example, the Maurices cardigan right below-I purchased for 14.00! That is because they were having a buy one sweater get one half off deal. I love this cardigan-it is sooo well made!

J. Crew




Don't you just love them all? I just had to add the bunny one! What can I say-I am a sucker for anything with a bunny on it!

Do you use cardigans in your vintage or modern wardrobes?

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