Monday, September 2, 2013

A Harry Potter Birthday

I am now a mother of a six year old. Six? Geesh I was just pregnant with her! I just had her! I was just changed her diaper and wiping that little tushy! Oh they say time goes fast, it is the truth. It does.

I have shared my love for Doctor Who with my children but I also shared the story of Harry Potter with them as well. I don't shy away about talking about life or death with my children because both have been a part of my existence and I am sharing my whole self with them. I am also teaching them about my mother, not that I have much to go on but I teach them that she is their grandmother and she loves them and she is in heaven loving them still. Little things like that.

Although we haven't delved into the HP books just yet (I will be soon though), they all love the films. Especially my girl. She just loves Harry and she likes seeing the friendships on screen and the fight for good against evil. When she asked for an HP party, how could I say no?

For the first time ever we held a birthday party at a party place and so I brought in some HP things I wanted her to have. Since she is so little I didn't go too nuts with the decorations and such but oh boy if one of the boys ever wants an HP when they are older-watch out-I will go bonkers!

Her party was the day of her actual birthday (August 27th) and I decided to dress up for the event. She asked me to be Professor McGonagall. So of course I scored myself a witch's hat online and thought this dress would look great with it.
I wore a 1950's dress, it has this beautiful shade of blue interwoven throughout the entire dress. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love it. It fit so comfortable and as most of you already know is like number one of my list of must have with an outfit. I purchased it on Etsy from dinalouiseSF and paired it with my trusty Moonglow. I like things to be simple especially when I am with my children. It makes for less things to be lost or broken or whatever could happen.
The birthday girl and her friends sat down and had the sorting hat tell them which house they were going to and they were pinned with a house pin afterwards. Of course bunny girl wanted Gryffindor because she adores Harry Potter. They were given wands that were lite up and made swooshing sounds from Amazon here.
Some other special touches were the awesome HP cutout I scored on Amazon here and cases of authentic Butter beer (Harry's drink of choice, non-alcoholic) here.
The Harry Potter themed cookies were purchased via Etsy from a lovely seller here and the favors were a put together but they are a HP pencil and notebook inside a muslin bag.
Her day was magical and that is what we wanted for her. I believe in magic and I want my children to believe in it too. I want them to know that nothing is really impossible and that as J.K. Rowling says, "It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us."

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  1. Best birthday EVER!!! Everything looks fantastic and like it was so much fun! She'll never forget it.

  2. Oh so amazing and magical birthday! I am a huge Harry fan myself, I believe I will introduce his story to my child(ren) too when I have one :) And butter beer sounds awesome !! :)

  3. How fun is this party! I love the sorting hat idea! I bet she just had the time of her life. You are so good at finding things for birthdays!

  4. What a fabulous birthday party - she looked like she loved it!
    And by the way, that dress is fabulous - looks amazing on you :)

  5. Thank you gals! She did indeed have a blast and a half. She cried when her friends left. My girl is a night owl like mama and wants to party like its 1999 LOL xox

  6. This party is adorable! I hope your little bunny girl loved it! It looks like it was so much fun!

  7. This is so heartwarmingly sweet and special! I adore that you and your precious kids share some of the same interests and that you're able to turn one of them into the theme of your darling daughter's birthday. Awww!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Such a sweet party! I'm thrilled :) I'd love to have had one like that in my childhood.

  9. How fun! My oldest girl is turning six in November, and it doesn't seem possible! Motherhood is such a blessing, and seeing them experience things we love is amazing. My daughter and I read the entire Narnia series last year, and had a blast.
    I totally agree with you about keeping accessories simple around kids. I hardly ever wear necklaces when I'm with the kids, but a brooch and a couple bangles work nicely. Simply lovely outfit on you. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Toooo cool. Just wondering where did you find the butterbeer?


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