Friday, September 27, 2013

Film Fashion Friday: The Help (Hilly Holbrook)

You have heard me say it before, dare I say it again...I adore the early 1960's. A time still filled with sweet innocence and on the verge of coming face to face with the ever changing world.

My father told me what he remembers about the 1960's was that it was quiet. He meant it literally but that the streets were quiet and people were quiet and life was just on a slower speed. I had a bit of a taste of that in the late 1970's and early 1980's but I am sure it didn't taste as sweet as the times prior to the mid-1960's.

After that it seemed the world was exploded or rather imploded on itself.

I am a city girl raised by a city dad so I know not of life in the Midwest or South. I have always found it intriguing though. Like those southern belles in Gone with the Wind. All those manners and old fashioned ways. Makes me leap for joy.

Unfortunately, old fashioned ways sometimes also goes along with old fashioned thinking. Especially when thinking that one person is better than another, in this case with the film The Help, because of the color of one's skin.

I don't know how many of you have seen it but I will be spotlighting it soon as well as giving a proper book review on it as well. But there is this character named Hilly Holbrook who is desperately trying to hold onto the old ways of the South.

I dislike her character but I love her wardrobe. I cannot deny that. In particular this one dress that is just divine!
Hilly dresses in what I call 1960's preppy chic. This character always wears loud and bright colors because she always wants to ensure that she is the main attraction where ever she goes.

When I saw this dress in Pinup Girl Clothing, it immediately said to me, "Hi, my name is Miss Hilly Holbrook and I wan't you to see know how fabulous I am!". I also added a pair of snake print leather shoes because this character was such a venomous person. You can see where I found the rest of the pieces of the outfit on my polyvore here.
One of the many things I adore about the early 1960's are the hairstyles. How can one not adore this bouffant??!!
If you would like to see how you can recreate your own Hilly Holbrook hair and makeup you can take a peak at these Youtube videos and tutorials: 

Early 1960's Mad Men Makeup (this is the closest I found to Hilly's, many of the tutorial's are for Mod looks or the mid to late 1960's)

1960's Classic Bouffant (one of my favorite hair tutorials)

And here is a peak at the film The Help. A book review on The Help and more outfit inspirations from the film are coming soon!


  1. I love her style! Her hair is so awesome too!!

  2. Her hair is gorgeous! And such beautiful clothes! Too bad she was so awful!! I grew up in CA, completely naive about life, and that it could be so different elsewhere. I enjoyed both the book and movie versions of The Help. Can't wait for more posts and inspiration looks! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet but the outfits look great in the pictures. What's funny though is that in the book she's described as plump and kind of frumpy even though her outfits are expensive. I think it said her outfit looked like a child's! Of course, for the movie they would want to make her pretty, but I think it just makes a bigger contrast to how nasty she was.

  4. Gorgeous outfit! As soon as the first flutter of fall hits the air again, I find myself so tremendously drawn to mustard and saffron yellow. It's not everyday you see a great vintage appropriate floral dress featuring this autumnal hue. It's definitely something I'd sport in a heartbeat!

    Big hugs & tons of happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. i absolutely adored that book! it really impacted me. and as i went to ole miss...well, on the one hand i was all hey! my alma mater and otoh all good lord! was that not the most bass-ackwards place on the face of the earth. i ihave very ambivalent feelings about ole miss, mississippi, the deep south. anyhow, loved loved loved the book and loved loved loved the film, not least of all for the fashion ;) thanks for those links for hair and makeup . i faved post to come back to theml. you would look so fun and lovely in that outfit you polyvored together.

  6. Oh this is great! I still need to see this movie but I read the book and loved it! You did a great job at the recreation. I'd love to see a Bunny "Hilly" outfit post:)

  7. I have never read the book but the movie was great! This is a great idea for a fashion post!!!

  8. Yellow and purple are great together. I would never think they could match!


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