Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: Shop Doctor Who

Every person who is a fan of something collects. Whether it is shoes, books, hair clips, compacts, it doesn't matter. If you love something or adore something to bits there is a high chance you would want to have something that reminds you of that passion.

Since this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, there are oodles of items floating around cyberspace for every Whovian to get their hands on.

These items were found on Amazon (US version) and I will admit that I would love have just about all of these things. I imagine myself drinking tea out of my Dalek Victory mug while watching an episode from the blue-ray gift set. All the while munching on some Jelly Babies (the 4th Doctor's favorite treat) as I text my friends on my DW covered phone. Not to mention to read those amazing books I found that seem to carry outstanding amounts of information about the show and they also have rave reviews from readers. Oh and let's not forget a DW cookbook-gah! And I just had to add the gas mask as it reminded me of one of my favorite episodes from the "new" series.

So, feast your eyes on these beauties and think about what you would like to add to your DW collection!

Aren't these items fun? Which was your favorite? And what do you like collect???


  1. I knew that I needed to get my hands on Melody's book from the Angel's take Manhattan, but I did not catch that the book from the episode where 11 was a monk was written by Amelia Williams! I need this book! And I think the kids will love it too. Did Amy (or Melody) write any other books in our universe?

  2. Um... you totally need that Dalek mug! The colours and the catchphrase remind me of your blog - YOU MUST BUY THE MUG!!!!!


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