Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 Fantastic Fall Cardigans

Vintage Fall
Cardigans have somehow always been a part of my wardrobe. From ages six to eighteen I wore them with my school uniform and then in my early twenties I wore them as part of my wardrobe as a teacher.

Today I like to wear them with jeans when I am wearing my casual outfits with my family or pair them up with dresses and skirts with my vintage outfits.

With fall finally making it way to New York, I dare say it is finally cardigan weather!!! I feel like I have waited all summer for this!

When it comes to cardigans like anything else you should look everywhere. If you can find great ones at your local thrift store or in Old Navy or a authentic 1950's one on Etsy-I say snatch them all. I love the look of vintage cardigans (and sweaters) but I also love modern vintagey ones.

I am a practical sort of girl and nowadays I like my cardigans (and sweaters) to last as long as possible. So buying used or vintage is a great way to shop but I also believe investing in some well made newer cardigans (and sweaters) is a wise venture as well.

The shops right now are teeming with cardigans and I found ten super fantastic ones that I just adore. Many are simple but with solid cardigans you can add an amazing brooch and you can really make it pop. I also find having solid color pieces, cardigans or not, as a good investment to your wardrobe (modern or vintage) because they are so versatile.

If you find a cardigan you really love I say keep watching it online because a lot of stores are having fabulous sales and offer some amazing coupons. For example, the Maurices cardigan right below-I purchased for 14.00! That is because they were having a buy one sweater get one half off deal. I love this cardigan-it is sooo well made!

J. Crew




Don't you just love them all? I just had to add the bunny one! What can I say-I am a sucker for anything with a bunny on it!

Do you use cardigans in your vintage or modern wardrobes?


  1. Love the scotty dog cardigan!! Super cute! Im really hoping to knit a cardi or two this winter!

  2. I love cardigans too but I find buying them difficult because they always seem to be quite long. I like the 50s 'cropped' style but most modern ones are longer and I can never find vintage ones in my size. I did find a nice style in Zara so have bought all the colours I like - it's the only way! :)

    1. I hear you-I can't wear the long ones either and find the cropped ones fit best on my figure. You did it the right way-once you found one you loved you bought all the colors-that's how you do it hehe xox

  3. I love the dog cardi

    kate the old fashioned way

  4. Lots of great choices! I recently just bought a couple from White House Black Market, they have a nice vintage edge to them. I also bought a few in the summer when the prices were low on Etsy and ebay. But, my favorite has to be my 50's Schiaparelli sweater, I just love all the embedded rhinestones and I also bought this off season and saved a bunch.

    1. That site is fantastic! I did a lot of out of season shopping too hehe xox

  5. I love cardigans - they help me transition my wardrobe between the seasons. I have vintage ones and modern ones with a vintage edge. Most of my modern ones come from and Australian designer called Alannah Hill - you should look at her store Bunny, you would love them. They aren't cheap (I buy mine on sale) but they are excellent quality and really last!

    The website is http://shop.alannahhill.com.au/

    And while you are looking at things on Google - do an image search for Alannah Hill - she is such a stylish woman! A bit loony, but I love that! :)

  6. These are great! Thanks for all the links!
    You're a sucker for bunnies and I'm a sucker for poodles! Haha! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. You can never have too many cardigans, and really you need one in every color! Great collection!


  8. I love cardigans and wear them alot with almost anything. Great collection you put together and I especially love the mustard color one with the bunny. So cute, you should totally get that!


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