Monday, September 30, 2013

My Vintage Home: Retro Refrigerators

Retro Kitchen
As many of you know taking on the task of redecorating your home can be a daunting one. But I learned just the other day how fantastic it is when something just clicks and suddenly you know the color scheme and how you want to decorate. It like an "a-ha" home decorators moment!

We have been needing a new refrigerator for a bit and my husband asked me if I wanted it in white or black. I have never had a black refrigerator, so I went with my instinct and said "black"!

When the new fridge was placed in our kitchen, suddenly the whole room made sense.

Although I am still working on the rest of the house, I am now focusing on starting on our bedroom and kitchen (the last rooms). So, I unexpectedly realized that the heart of my kitchen just happens to be my fridge.

The floor suddenly looked better and just all the wood and appliances seemed to flow with one another. Just an awesome moment for me!

Here are the before and after of my kitchen:
Can you tell how better it looks? Oh my! This is super exciting for me because I think we will now paint the walls a dark shade of white and the new plates and such will be black/white. The best bit that came to me that in the midst of this dark wood and black/silver appliances, I will add dashes of red throughout the kitchen to add a spark and warmth to it. I am hoping to add 40s-60s pieces throughout the kitchen to add that vintage touch. What do you think?

Here is some neat refrigerator inspiration! 
1930s fridge
1930's: Worth Point
1940s fridge
1940's: Jitterbuzz
1950s fridge
1960s fridge
1960's: pzrservices

I love how the fridge has evolved! Yeah for evolution!

Kitchens are typically the heart of many households and for me my fridge became the heart of mine. It helped me figure out how I would redecorate and after almost eight months of trying to figure it all out-it happened!

If you ever want to add some retro inspired appliances and refrigerators to your kitchen, check out Northstar.
Northstar fridge

Northstar fridge

And I didn't forget about my giveaway. I apologize for being tardy on announcing the winners. I caught a dreadful cold over the weekend.

So the Winners of the Gidget Sized Giveaway are Chrissy88 and Miss Dolly Bow Peep! Congrats and contact me via my email at


  1. That's awesome, dear Bunny! Your new fridge looks so chic and lovely. I've always been a fan of black fridges, as well as though in metallics (in terms of modern fridges, a brushed copper one would be my dream!), and of course vintage styled and hued ones as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Aren't you glad you don't just have to have a rinky dink ice box like our vintage sisters had to have? Boy did things improve come the 60s! Your new fridge looks awesome!

  3. It looks great! Very stylish!
    It is my dream to own a northstar! Maybe one will pop up on craigslist some day... ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. Wow, the red fridge is fantastic! I love it!

  5. I adore vintage fridges but alas it's not in our budget

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