Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: Blink/The Weeping Angels

One of my favorite episode of Series Three with Doctor #10 has to be Blink. Like Love & Monsters, The Doctor isn't in it very much but I love the introduction of The Weeping Angels.

I mean statues of angels that move when you blink! That idea was marvelous. I have to see they do spook me and it takes a lot to spook me. 

For Series Three the Doctor is traveling with Martha Jones, who is brilliant! She is super smart and although not as beloved as Rose by fans of DW, after re-watching Series Three-I think she was the first companion in a while to be close to an equal in intellect and bravery to The Doctor. 

In this episode set in 2007, a girl named Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) enters an abandoned house to practice her photography. Before she knows it she is thrust into a mysterious adventure involving time travel, time disturbances, a cutie named Billy, a key, and some DVD's.

This episode leaves you following Sally's every step and before you know it the Weeping Angels have crept up on you! Don't....BLINK!
A look inspired by the Weeping Angels involves pieces in various shades of grey with some sort of Grecian look to it.

I scored this cute dress via Ebay here and knew it would be perfect. Best part is that its a great dress for the fall or spring-I love it! I added a fantastic Grecian inspired headband from Modcloth called a "silver of hope" headband, a pair of angel wing earrings from Etsy here, and a belt called a "sasha samba belt" from Modcloth as well. I LOVE this belt! 

So do I make a fierce Weeping Angel? Remember, don't blink!
I thought I would give the Weeping Angels a nod and did their famous pose, hands covering their faces...that is until you BLINK!

Have you seen this episode? What sort of monsters do you find creepy (DW or otherwise)?


  1. The weeping angels are hands down the scariest! Blink is by far my favorite episode of all time! You nailed the look! It looks great!!!

  2. Yes, totally nailed the look! I love the headband, the earrings- all of the little details! The angels are SO creepy!!

  3. Love love love this episode. I am so glad you did a look based on it. The two scariest creatures are probably the weeping angels and the silence. The silence being a little more scary because I forget things a lot and don't see as many angel statues. My DD 8 wants to be a weeping angel for Halloween this year (well if she doesn't change her mind another hundred times before Halloween). I didn't let her watch the blink episode though, I thought it was too scary. I will incorporate the headband idea into her costume I would have missed that had it not been part of your outfit.

  4. This is probably one of my favorite episodes, too. And it's the only one that legitimately inspired a nightmare; I feel uneasy just remembering this episode! Your look is gorgeous--the details are really thoughtful, and that dress is amazing!

  5. Blink! freaked me out the first time I saw it. Then my son got hold of the DVR'd copy and the 15 second rewind and I got to hear bits of the dialogue over and over until it didn't scare me anymore. I thought it was brilliantly written episode.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful outfit. I'm struck by just how much I adore your rope headband. I am adding one to my wish list right this very minute.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Oh thank you everyone! It pleases me so much that you all enjoyed this post! xox

  8. This is a lovely outfit and I particulalry like the headband

    kate the old fashioned way

  9. Amazing.
    Not bliknking, I promise!
    Your earrings are adorable, dear.


  10. Lovely grey dress! You're gorgeous, as always! ♥


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