Friday, August 30, 2013

Film Fashion Friday: Roman Holiday

Who doesn't adore the style and fashion tastes of the magnificent Audrey Hepburn?! I know I do. I love the simplicity of the pieces she wore and how she wore things that brought of the best of her figure not hide it or distort it. For example, skinny jeans are NOT, repeat, NOT for everyone. They just aren't, Neither are low rise jeans (the horror-who invented those?!) or mini skirts or cut off t-shirts (ugh the 80s are back my dear!).

There is something special when a decade in history forms a specific style that defines that time. Like bell bottoms in the 70s or poodle skirts in the 50s. But again, knowing your figure and what looks good one you doesn't always mean that you should be wearing those bell bottoms or poodle skirts but rather than an alternative. Audrey did just that.

Audrey and Grace Kelly are two of my favorite style icons. Most likely because they liked clean, simple, and often solid colored pieces. Grace was known to have oodles of solid colored pieces in her private wardrobe and kept her pieces until their were too worn to wear. Pieces like that never go out of style.

Although the fabulous Edith Head was in charge of the wardrobe for Roman Holiday, upon meeting Audrey she soon learned that this acting newcomer knew what looked good on her frame and what worked and what didn't. Unfortunately, they did not see eye to eye on things and although Audrey would wear the long sleeves, scarf, and low heeled shoes that Edith picked for her character of Princess Ann, she slowly removed and altered them as the film progressed to suit what she believed looked right on her frame.

As well all know, Audrey would later work with Hubert de Givenchy on her films and would forge a lifelong work relationship and friendship with him. She most likely did because he knew what worked best on her figure too. Its like finding the right doctor or photographer or hair stylist. You have to work with those who will best fit your vision and help you get to your best you. Givenchy was that for Audrey.

Audrey a small handful of costume changes in the film but the one she is seen wearing the most frequently and the one she and Edith clashed on was "the commoner" look. She starts out with a white blouse, full belted skirt, low heeled shoes and long hair. As Princess Ann begins to explore Rome with under cover journalist, Joe Bradly (Gregory Peck) she cuts her hair short, shortens her sleeves, removes her scarf, and trades in her shoes for a pair of roman inspired sandals.
Although I have looked everywhere for the specific color of her skirt, I couldn't find it. I have seen it depicted as pink or blue or even red but perhaps we shall leave that for interpretation.

Here is a Roman Holiday everyday commoner look inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Edith Head:

Let's start with the skirt-it's from eShakti and it is divine. It has pockets just like Princess Ann's skirt does too! I know because I have it in black (I will be posting about it next week). It is a belted knee-length poplin skirt that I paired with a blouse from Modcloth called the Bettie Page Little White Tie Top. The accessories I choose were a pair of earrings called Bedecked with Blooms, a scarf called Runway We God Scarf, and a pair of to-do-for shoes called Define the Scenes Flats in Licorice-all from Modcloth.

I also found these great articles; How to Look like Audrey and How to Have an Audrey Influenced Style. And I just have to share the clip from the film Roman Holiday with you just so you can see a little more of her haircut here. And speaking of haircuts, although I couldn't find any Roman Holiday-esque hair tutorials, I did find two wonderful Sabrina ones here and here.

Have you seen Roman Holiday? What is your favorite part? Is Audrey a fashion icon in your eyes? If so, what it is about her style that you love?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesdays: The Empty Child/Rose Tyler

Like many fans of Doctor Who, I have a few favorite episodes that I can watch over and over. I have at least two favorite episodes for each of the new series and a nice handful of favorites from the classic seasons. 

Everyone has a favorite Doctor and favorite companions. In the end I like them all, truly I do. But I have to say Doctor #9 holds a special place in my heart because in my opinion the performance Christopher Eccleston gave to that character brought the series back to life.

The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances are my top two favorites from Series One. I think a big part of it is because it is set in the 1940's during World War II in London. That is just the  backdrop of the story that centers around a young girl who is running from a child with a gas mask who keeps calling for his mummy. Problem is that everyone he touches becomes altered with their own permanent gas mask faces. In the midst of this horror we get to meet for the first time Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barroman. His character is flirty, clever, smart, and a man of action, not to mention incredibly handsome (swoon!).

Doctor #9's companion is named Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper. She starts out as this young, average girl who sort of goes through the day without any purpose or deeper meaning and ends up (through mere circumstance or was it?) traveling the stars and seeing life through the Doctor's eyes. To me, by the time The Empty Child episode comes on, Rose is really comfortable and confidant in her role as his companion. She also feels more confidant in herself and her own capabilities.

When the Doctor and Rose land in the middle of the London Blitz, she is wearing this simple but important outfit that I think plays in nicely with the episode. Technically Rose is about nineteen in that episode so like every young woman she wears comfortable yet hip clothing, She isn't terribly stylish but in this episode she tries hard to make her Union Jack t-shirt work for her. I just thought it was so youthful and poignant to wear something like this for an episode set in WWII.
Before I share with you my Rose Tyler outfit I want to share with you some of my DW fashion rules:
  1. You will see in every DW fashion post colors that I picked out from a character's particular outfit. I will either take inspiration from that color palette, attempt to duplicate the outfit, or take inspiration from the outfit/character/episode.
  2. I will allow myself to repeat pieces whenever I post a DW outfit post.
  3. I will work with what I have in my wardrobe.
  4. If I do buy something for my outfit post it HAS to be something that I will wear again. So that means I may not wear a specific cut of a dress or color because it is something I would never wear again minus the post.
  5. Lastly, I will wear a blend of modern and vintage pieces and sometimes just wear modern or just wear vintage. 
I will be following these rules every time I do a fashion post inspired by a film/tv show.

Fashion hasn't always been a fun subject for me but expressing my fashion tastes and choices through the inspiration of a show or film has been super fun for me to do. It has made it so much fun that I am actually enjoying shopping in modern stores again. 

So without further adieu I give you Bunny as Rose Tyler in The Empty Child:

There you have it...the Latina version of Rose Tyler hehe Like I said this outfit is simple and two most important pieces of the outfit were the t-shirt and the hairstyle that she had. Since my hair is wavy, I set my hair to have some softer curls unlike Rose's messy look. That look just wouldn't work for me. But I did like putting my hair up in the front like she had it. I am the sort of girl who doesn't like her hair in her face too much LOL

The rest of the outfit was a pair of good old fashioned blue jeans, the Union Jack t-shirt, a black jacket and some chips. Chips? Oh, I mean fries. Just kidding. But chips (fries) are Rose's favorite snack so I figured I throw in a yummy prop for my shoot.

The jeans were mine from Old Navy, the Union Jack t-shirt was purchased on Ebay here, the black synthetic jacket was purchased on Amazon here, and lastly the UK themed bracelet was scored at Claire's Acessories on sale. I wore it for the fun of it. I love my jacket and you will see me wear it again. I needed a casual jacket and I am not too fond of leather so synthetic leather suited me real well.

There you have it. Some DW fashion fun. Hope you enjoyed it because I sure did. It was a blast. I cannot wait to post the rest. This series won't be entirely dedicated to DW fashion but you will see it often enough.

Who is your favorite Doctor or companion? Are they any outfits you enjoyed seeing on the show?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to the 60's!

Oh gosh I adore the 1960's. It is a time in our history, especially American history where just about every change one can think of was happening. There were movements in the home, the work force, the music industry, and we cannot forget the situation in Vietnam. The world was changing and the decade of the 1960's went from Tupperware parties to hippie sit ins. The 1960's was a smorgasbord of everything a human being could desire, hope, or wish for. It was a decade teeming of hope and positive change.

For my eighth wedding anniversary (August 20th), my husband asked me where I wanted to have dinner. He knows though after all this time that my favorite food by far is Caribbean Latin cuisine. Aka-Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Cuban food. So we decided to go to this fabulous restaurant called Havana Central which we have been eyeing for some time.

We grabbed the kiddies and we went. The food was outstanding and afterwards we went to our trusty Barnes and Noble and sought out some good reads for us and the kids. It was a wonderful night spent together and I still cannot believe it has been eight years already-gah!

Before I dashed out for my date night with the family, I dolled up 1960's style for the very first time on my own. Last two times I dressed 1960's was for photo shoots here and here.

I found this amazing pink early 1960's dress from one of my favorite vintage Etsy shops called Hollie Point Vintage. It's hard for me to find late 1950's/early 1960's dresses in my size but this shop has had a few. Of course they reside with me now hehe

I paired up my 1960's dress with some Moonglow bracelets from my collection (I will be posting about them soon), a simple black purse and round black clip on earrings. To finish the look I used a hair tool called a Bumpit to add some lift to my hair. If you are interested in learning how to use it, let me know and I would be happy to do a post on it.

Silly me washed my hair the day of so I had some frizz to deal with but overall my hair came out pretty okay for a first timer. I used my new MAC products on my face and some black liner on my eyes. I didn't do a cat's eye or add false lashes but I will be doing so in other posts. I just need to practice more-ekkk! My lipstick was a shade of pink called Lolly Popstar from Wet 'n Wild.

So, what do you think of my look? I feel like the late 1950's/early 1960's looks best on me but of course I still need to practice my hair. Or perhaps get a hair cut to help me get a better shape? Hummm, must ponder all this....
Oh and please excuse the whites and greys in my hair. Once in a while I use semi-hair dye (I didn't do one for this night) but other than that I really do not like dying my hair. Plus I am holding onto my natural hair color as long as I can hehehe

Now I want to get a hundred dresses like these!! It was SO comfortable and I was able to do my mommy things without feeling constricted. These types of dresses make me feel amazing as well. I just love it.

What is your favorite fashion look of the 1960's?

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Greetings from Coney Island

A week ago today, my husband and I along with my friend Monica who was visiting from out of state, went on a little adventure to Brooklyn. Our first stop of course had to be Coney Island!

Coney Island has been a summertime hot spot for New Yorkers for many years. It's most popular time was pre-WWII, afterwards there was a decline but thanks to the many investments and renovations, it is slowly becoming what it once was.

Still, when you hear the words Coney Island, even non-New Yorkers know where and what it is. It is a place full of rides, food, and sideshows-as well as, a gorgeous boardwalk and beach. Just a perfect place to go to if you want to have some good ole fashion fun-in-the-sun.

For our day out in Coney Island, I decided to go with a colorful but classic dress. I wore a 1950's dress purchased on Etsy by littlestarsvintage. I wore some flowers in my hair purchased at Claire's, a brooch purchased while in Missouri, and some of my moonglow bracelets. Nothing fancy, but pretty and comfortable-which is the way I like to roll.
The most well known spots on Coney Island are the boardwalk, the beach, the Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone, and Nathan's.
Nathan's Famous opened in Coney Island in 1916 and quickly became a landmark. They started a hot dog eating contest in their first year and it is still a popular event today!
The Wonder Wheel is a sight to behold. It's visually bright and beautiful-it is a 150 feet tall and built in 1920 by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company. It has twenty-four fully enclosed passenger cars, each are able to carry six people, making its total capacity of 144 passengers.
I have never been on the Wonder Wheel but I did ride the Cyclone many moons ago. It was my attempt to rid myself of my fear of heights. Um, just increased it. The Cyclone opened in 1927 and it is a wooden roller coaster. I promise you will know the difference between this roller coaster and the ones of today if you ever ride in it. Whoa. Let's just say that. In 1988 it was declared a landmark.
The last part of our adventures took us to a place I never thought I would go. I am fascinated by the history of sideshows and one of my favorite films is Freaks, but I never thought I would actually go to a modern version of a sideshow. I must admit the show was very entertaining.

Coney Island USA was established to continue the tradition of performance art, sideshow acts, vaudeville, etc. Although in the past people who performed in sideshows were born deformed or disabled-I would say the majority had no other choice but to perform in sideshows as the world wasn't as accepting of those who were "different". Of course, you also had many who were taught and trained in a specific act to perform.

In today's standards, these types of shows aren't seen as politically correct but like I said before, it really was an enjoyable show.
The best part of the show was the performance by Ray Valenz who was the MC as well as a performer in the show. We saw performers throwing fire, putting nails in their noses, and dancing with snakes.

I surprisingly found myself very emotional after the show because as a person with a disability and knowing the history of this type of performance, I suppose it hit me in a soft place. I was happy to be able to thank some of the performers even though they didn't understand why I would be emotional. I am still surprised I was....such a mushy girl I am.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with a sweet friend and an adventure to remember in Coney Island. If you are ever in New York, this is defiantly a special place you should go to. Lots of history, lots of fun things to do, and lots of colorful characters around.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Film Fashion Friday: Tammy and the Bachelor

The season of summer is slowly coming to an end on my side of the world and slowly starting to begin on the other side of the world. When I thought about the seasons changing and how lazy some of those days can be, I immediately thought of the film Tammy and the Bachelor.
Debbie Reynolds stars as Tammy, a young girl who lives on a houseboat in Mississippi. She is young and her clothing options are few but they are practical and super comfy looking. So for your last or first lazy summer days, I give you Tammy's look with a dash of retro chic!
I thought Freddies of Pinewood's Clam Diggers were just perfect for this look-aren't these cute! I paired them up with another Freddies piece, a red and cream 1940's styled blouse. And although technically Tammy didn't wear shoes while she lived in the houseboat with her grandpa, I couldn't help myself when I saw these Miss L Fire shoes. They are from the 2012 line so they aren't sold online but omg I love them!

Tammy lives in the country and then through circumstances beyond her control she moves in with a wealthy family. Her love interest dreams of becoming a farmer and her dearest friend is her goat named Nan. So I wanted to include those elements into the outfit and did so with the fruit on the shoes and purse-a red wicker handbag by Pinup Girl Clothing. I also found these adorable red goat earrings on Etsy from a shop called OneUglyUnicorn. Too cute!

I adore braids in the hair and put them in my daughter's hair whenever I can. To finish off Tammy's look why not try some braids in your hair. I just love this Half Crown Braid!
I found some other amazing braid tutorials on Youtube. I am so inspired to try some in my hair now hehe You can see how a Classic French Braid is done here, a Lauren Conrad Side Braid here, or a 4 Strand Slide Up Braid is done here.

I cannot believe the summer is coming to an end for us. It sure went by fast! Next week I will present one last summer inspired outfit and then move into the favorite season! If you have any fall themed film suggestions that you love, let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: 10 Fantastic Etsy Finds

Last week I shared with you a bit of a background on the world of Doctor Who. Today I am so excited to share with you ten super fabulous Doctor Who handmade Etsy items. I am a huge supporter of small businesses and my goodness it is amazing how creative some people are!!!

Now is that some DW eye candy or what? I confess I want it all. Just trying to figure out when I would wear some Dalek nails at this point hehe 

Swing on by to some of these shops! There is no denying the power that a good story can be turned into something beautiful and these items are proof that DW is truly inspiring.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Special Cinema Spotlight: The Butler

It is rare to find a film that speaks of a generation so honestly and with so much love and respect as in The Butler. The film is based on the life of Eugene Allen who served as a butler to the White House for thirty-four years,

Directed by Lee Daniels, written by Danny Strong, and including a massive ensemble cast of actors such as; Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, David, Oyelowo, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Lenny Kravitz, Terrance Howard, Clarence Williams, III, and Jane Fonda-just to name a few.
The film was set from the 1920's til the year 2008 but focused primarily on the years of service at the White House which were 1952-1986. Seeing such a massive amount of history and events play before your very eyes was exhilarating and moving to watch. It was all masterfully put together where the information was before you but never too overwhelming that you couldn't focus on the main story at hand which was that of father and son (Cecil and Louis Gaines played by Whitaker and Oyelowo, respectively).
In the midst of all the serious history you will see an eye full of amazing fashion, primarily from the 1950's and 1960's. And the best part is that you do get to see Oprah's character of Gloria Gaines (Cecil's wife) dressed in a 1970's disco jumper-its awesome!!!!
For those who plan to see this film just know that it was inspired by Allen's life, it does not reflect how he really lived-at least not the super dramatic parts of the film such as adultery, alcoholism, etc.

Seeing the changes that happened in this country through both of the eyes of Cecil and Louis was both educational and uplifting. Louis couldn't understand the pride that Cecil had in being a butler in the White House while Cecil couldn't understand why Louis had to go out and fight against the system (ie marches, freedom rider, black panthers).
Although learning about Cecil Gaines life was at times hard to watch, learning about his childhood and how he came to be the butler was tastefully told. It reminds us that the truth is sometimes not something we want to hear but should hear. And also to put it bluntly, sometimes we need to get through a whole lot of ugly to get to some pretty. 

Life can be hard and scary and tragic but it is how we decide to react to it and the decisions we make on how to live it that make a difference.

Cecil's life started out what we would deem as cruel, unjust, and depraved but he rises above that to be a good person and hard worker. Perhaps so much so that the biggest character flaws he has is that he gave too much and sometimes forgot to give to his own family in the process.
They say no man is an island and that is true. The character of Cecil Gaines teaches you that every man is great no matter his role in life and that we each need the support and wisdom of the other. You see that in the film as each President takes into account to various conversations he has with Mr. Gaines. 
I cannot recommend this film enough. Everyone should see it. It truly is beautifully crafted. My hope is that many people will watch it so they can reflect on the past, be willing to learn about the past, or simply just reflect on themselves and how they have lived their lives thus far.

If you would like to learn more about the beautiful life of Mr. Eugene Allen (seen right above with the character of Cecil Gaines), you can find a copy of The Butler by Wil Haygood here. I will be reviewed this book soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

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