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Bunny's Book Club: Fall In Love For Life

Ever wonder what it would take to find the love of your life? Or how to keep a relationship vibrant and full of life? Ever look at your beloved and hope you have fifty or sixty years with them by your side?

Barbara and Harry Cooper had just that. A vibrant, lively, passionate, honest, and successful seventy-three year marriage. I know, seventy-three years!

I first came across Barbara (aka Cutie) Cooper's book while doing my usual researching. I came across her and Harry's website called The OG's (the original grandparents). I was memorized by the two of them and the fact that at their age they were utilizing (with the help of their grandchildren) technology in such a creative and expressive manner. I just had to know more about them.

Barbara and Harry met and married in the 1930's. They had two children and a slew of grandchildren. They spent their days working at a store they owned and found work that was meaningful and productive for them both. Their lives were not out of the ordinary. What they did have was a shared desire to love one another and be committed to the other for the rest of their lives.

The book begins with Cutie dedicating her book to her husband Harry, who passed on in 2010.
There are five chapters in this inspirational guide to falling in love for life. Within each chapter are sections, anywhere between four and eight various topics coinciding with the chapter's title. For example, chapter one is called "Falling in Love" and there are four sections; zing went the strings, how do you know?, setting the date, and reciting vows. I enjoyed the fact that Cutie delved deeply into each aspect in a marriage literally from the beginning to the end but she also included beautiful photos of her and Harry's life together.
She also includes after each section within the chapters a segment called, "Cutie's Counsel". She pinpoints the important lessons, advice, and wisdom that was shared in the previous section.

Oh by the way, Cutie is her nickname and that is what most people seem to refer as. And if you look at her photo or see her online site you can see why. She is just a bundle of adorableness.
I found myself completely relating to how Cutie views marriage, love, and commitment. How you really just know when its the one. And how finding your own place as an individual within your partnership is such a valuable part of the relationship and for your own personal happiness.

The book is meant to inspire. And inspire it does. I felt honored to be able to read about one person's journey through their marriage from its beginnings to the end. To starting a life out together to learning how to live life when they are gone.
What Cutie and Harry had and still have a gift that was in part given to them but also largely what they gave to each other and to themselves.

On a personal note, her book confirmed to me that I am on the right track where I want to be in my life with my husband. It also reminded me how darn lucky and blessed I am that we found each other when we were both ready. How we both hold on to one another in this life and yet give the other space to be themselves. And the cherry on top is that we got the chance to bring three people into this world together. Sometimes we need to remember these things and not take them for granted.

Reading about their love made me feel the hope that my husband and I could possibly have that many years of this life together, but that no matter how long you have with your loved one-the point is that you had  it.

Today Cutie is lovingly cared for by her grandchildren (her two children have since passed on), in particular, Kim Cooper and Chinta Cooper. Not only has Cutie been blessed with a lifetime of love from Harry but then gifted the love and care from her grandchildren. Too beautiful for words.

You can grab your copy here: fall in love for life

I cannot recommend this book enough. Its uplifting and knowledgeable and filled with helpful insight.

If you want to tell Cutie how utterly fabulous she is (and she really is) you can find her on Facebook and Twitter. Say "hi" and that Bunny sent you!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely book, Bunny. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I am going to add it to my Goodreads "to read" shelf.

    I feel very blessed to have a legacy of long marriages. 1 set of my great-grandparents made 50 years before death claimed one of them; another set was 2 years shy of 50 before death claimed one; both sets of grands made 50+ years before death claimed one of them; and my parents just celebrated their 54th in May. My in-laws just celebrated their 60th in May. In this day and age of rampant divorce, it's a joy to hear of marriages like these (and the Coopers) which have gone the distance.

    (Funny, my 27 1/2 is like nothing to the Coopers 73!!)

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Oh Patti I am so glad you liked this book. They were an amazing couple and Cutie is now in her 90s and gets online and everything. She is amazing. Just another fantastic person to look up to in a world that seems not to have very many. Thank you for sharing about your family with me, what a legacy! And 27 yrs is amazing. We will be making our 10th soon hehe we are just wee babes in the marriage dept :) xox Bunny

  2. How incredibly touching, inspiring and truly beautiful. I'm one of those folks who loves love. Perhaps its because I come from a broken home (and a healthy, stable, loving relation is something I so dearly aspired to while growing up), perhaps its because I've always loved the classic fairy tale romance, or maybe I was just born with amour in my veins, whatever the case, I truly adore hearing about happy, long lasting relationships like this (which I hope mine will fall under the heading of when all is said and done) and will be adding this book to my reading wish list right away.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am with you Jess. So the same way. I guess we are romantics hehe Here is hoping we both get to achieve such an amazing milestone with our husbands! xox

  3. Bunny,
    The very beginning of the book - the dedication page made me shiver from emotions. I can feel it's an emotionally-packed book.. made by SEVENTY FIVE years of experience. They were truly gifted by a long-lasting love!

    I'd love to get my hands on it.


  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I will go buy and suggest to my book club. Time to peruse your other pix. If you have time, check out mine at Let me know what you think.

    Thanks, Tam


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