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Doctor Who Wednesdays: The World of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Wednesday on Bunny's Victory
Taking on a show that has been around for fifty years could be a daunting task to take on. All the story lines, soon-to-be twelve strikingly different regenerations of one man, his slew of companions, and not to mention all of the aliens, monsters, and arch enemies he has faced.

Doing this series on my blog and counting down to the 50th Anniversary, I decided I want to have fun with this. I could write incredibly serious and thought provoking posts for every Wednesday but I decided although you will see snippets of the cerebral, I will in fact as the my British vintage sistas would say, have a jolly good time with it.

So, hold on tight, this is going to be a super fun ride!

To help you and frankly all Whovians (that is what DW fans are called) understand the key and important points of this wibbly-wobbly-timey wimey world of Doctor Who, let us begin at the beginning.
Doctor Who
This is a beautiful depicted of Gallifrey found on thegrassofgallifrey Tumblr

The Doctor, as he calls himself is from a exquisite planet called Gallifrey. Gallifreians are also known as Time Lords. They travel through space and time often righting wrongs and saving lives. Now he calls himself The Doctor but we do not know his real name.

These are just some bits and bobs that every Whovian should know:

  • The first show aired on November 1963 shortly after the death of JFK. 
  • It quickly became an household institution in the United Kingdom
  • In the 1970's it was questioned whether or not it would be suitable for children
The TARDIS Through the Years
Inside the TARDIS

  • The Doctor travels in a TARDIS, which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space
  • It is believed that more than one person is supposed to pilot the TARDIS so hence why he always "drives" it like a madman
  • The TARDIS took the shape of a 1960's police box because it's chameleon circuit is broken
  • The TARDIS is bigger on the inside-like a whole world being kept in a bottle
The Doctors from Doctor Who
  • There have been eleven regenerations of The Doctor and soon there will be a twelfth
  • Each Doctor has his own unique sense of style that seems to correlate with his equally unique personality. Even though he is still the same Doctor, his personality does shift a tad bit which makes it all the more fun to watch as he navigates through time and space
  • The Doctor typically travels with a companion. Many times he traveled with more than one, both male and female, and other times with a robot dog. He prefers not to travel alone
Doctor Who Companions 1963-2013

  • The Doctor has encountered a slew of aliens, monsters, and has a few archenemies as well
  • The Daleks are probably the most famous of The Doctor's enemies
  • The Doctor seems to have great affection for planet Earth and all the descendants of Earth. He is always saving us/them in one way or another
Doctor Who
Doctor #10 with his various monsters, aliens, and enemies from his time on the show
  • In between the Classic and New series there seems to have been a Time War between the Time Lords (from Gallifrey) and the Daleks. 
  • Because of this great Time War, The Doctor is now the last of his kind. 
  • The Doctor is both kind and cruel, incredibly intelligent and incredibly silly, sentimental yet brash. With each Doctor you get a taste of all sides of him and yet each Doctor remains profoundly unique to all the others before or after him
I hope this post gives you a little taste of the show and also inspires you to try an episode out if you haven't already. Whether it is an episode from 1970 or an episode from 2006, either way the story lines are always intriguing and super creative. Personally I haven't seen every single episode of the Classic series but at some point I plan to invest in the dvd's for each Doctor-which will be a huge task but well worth it. I totally see myself asking Santa for a Doctor Who dvd's for every Christmas hehe

What aspect of The World of Doctor Who do you enjoy the most? 

I will also be doing some Doctor Who fashion posts in the near future. If there is a favorite character or episode you would like to see in this series (fashion or otherwise) let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love the Doctor, though I have to say his companions (the ones I have seen) do not really have a fashion style that I care for. I don't know why that is. Even when Rose tried to do the 50/60s thing, I really didn't care for it which is crazy because I love the era and I love Rose. (The shoes were fab though!)

    I have pinned a few Doctor styles on some of my pinterest boards though.

    This is cause for me to go back and watch all of the episodes I can to see about the fashion LOL. I will also have to watch the torchwood episode where Jack went back to WWII, I remember some good things there. Not 100% Doctor Who, but I think it should count.

    1. Torchwood Rocks Brandy! I love Torchwood! I hope what you see in my series you will like. Been working on some things all summer long! hehee Thanks for the sweet comment xox

  2. Im so excited for this series, even though I haven't watched a ton of DW episodes and almost all that I have seen have been with Doctor #10, I've loved the ones Ive seen. Like Brandy though, I dont recall any fashion that caught my attention so I will be anxiously awaiting to see what you come up with that Ive obviously missed out on. lol

    This is such a great post, Im going to share it on my fb page because I have tons of friends that are DW fans and Im sure they will enjoy it as much as I have.

  3. Very cool! I've not watched Dr. Who (I'm usually not much of a sci-fi/fantasy fan), but I can appreciate your awesome passion for it - and who knows, maybe your posts will be the push I need to watch my first episode one of these days. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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