Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Things to do on Pinterest

Bunny Moreno Pinterest
Recently I have rediscovered the joy of using Pinterest. There are so many social media outlets online but like so many of you there are some I enjoy more than others. Pinterest has defiantly become one of them!

If you haven't tried out Pinterest yet, let me show you five things that you can do while you are on. The best part of creating these boards is the FUN that you will have while doing it. Especially so if you are a organizer or list maker such as myself. It is a great way to keep images of things you want to do or find inspiring. Which leads me to being inspired. Looking at other people boards and your own can lead to a slew of fresh ideas for blog posts, projects, and recipes galore. I cannot wait to try out some of the recipes I found while pinning.

This can lead you to being creative in ways you never imagined you could or discovering new things you would never have seen if you didn't peak into this site. Lastly, you can find new blogs/companies/vintage shops while sifting through some amazing pins which can then lead you to making new friends/acquaintances.
Bunny's Victory Pinterest
It is a win/win situation to use Pinterest. After being told about the toolbar that you can add on your computer I have been having a crazy fun time pinning things I love or find interesting or inspiring. It really has been a blast!

You can find me on Pinterest and if you do feel free to scour over my pins. I do hope you will find some inspiration among them!


  1. I am not big on most social media. I try to post something every now and then on facebook and twitter, but I addicted to Pinterest! You can check out my boards

    I do have a few tips with Pinterest for your readers.
    1. Don't let it make you feel inadequate in any way. Lots of people on Pinterest are amazingly talented (and must have more time in the day). I am all about all people being different and you can appreciate others talents without feeling you are lacking
    2. You can follow a person without having to follow all of their boards. That way you follow the new boards they make and you don't have to follow things you do not want to (I personally have had to unfollow dessert and some food boards. They just make me too hungry and I will never actually make those things. I know my limits)
    3. Don't spend all your time organizing, planning, pinning, and not actually doing any projects you plan. I have this problem the most.

    If you have any tips on how to not do that last one....

  2. I have a day planner where I plan out my weekly chores, my blog posts, days to sew, days to weed the garden, etc. One day out of the week, is Pinterest day where I make a project, try an idea or cook a recipe that I found on Pinterest!

  3. UGH!!! LOVE Pintrest! Its TOTALLY addicting!!! I do have a problem with pinning things and not actually doing the projects or recipes...I like Brittany's idea of a pintrest day. I may try that.

  4. I had just looked at your Pinterest page prior to reading this earlier today! (Re-pined a few things too! :) )

  5. That's awesome, dear Bunny, three big cheers on your rekindled passion for Pinterest. As you know, I'm more than a little head-over-heels in love with Pinterest. It's my favourite social media site bar none. I use it for inspiration, as a filing system, to find images for blog posts, to connect with friends, and to just unwind and enjoy a little "me time" at the end of a long day. I love following you there and always look forward to seeing your great pins, honey!

    ♥ Jessica


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