Saturday, December 3, 2011

Date Night at Last!

What is date night? Oh gosh its an occurrence that has been so rare lately that when I am having one, I feel like I have to pinch myself in disbelief!

Date Night is something that couples must do in order to keep their relationship fresh and vital. It is also good to reconnect especially with the busy lives that so many people lead today. In our case, three babies and two full time jobs does the trick. Luckily my husband and I find ways to talk to each other and share our thoughts and day with one another. It usually happens late at night or through an email or though the phone but it happens.

December 1st marks nine years since we met and December 7th marks nine years since we have been together (our first date). My how time flies!

I wanted us to go out and have some much needed US time. Not easy to manage because I know how hard tending to three little ones it can be for others. But my dad came to the rescue and whisked my babies off to his house.

We then took three trains to get to East 86th where we planned to watch "My Week with Marilyn", grab some dinner, and go to Barnes 'N Noble. Here's a peak inside East 53rd Street--we took the escalator up to grab our third train--the number 6 train which ironically is the one I used to take when I lived at home. *giggle*

A New York City Rule: always stay to your right on the
escalators because the left is for people to go up the stairs.
Personally, I find it ridiculous to walk up an escalator!
The Barnes 'N Noble was right next door to the place we
planned to eat-how cool! And look what I found!!
Ahhhh-I wanted to buy all of it!!!

Our dinner at the Shake Shack--boy was it yummy!

After watching the film and being transported to 1957, I got re-inspired to find the perfect shade of red for my lips and nails. I have tried a few but none I have been too crazy about. So instead of purchasing a book I asked my hubby if I could go to the nearest drug store to search for inexpensive red lipsticks.

I found two, they were both for $2.99 each. The nail polish was for $1.99 and the comb was $3.29. I have needed a comb like this for a while for my vintage hair-dos.

The evening was a success. I loved being with my husband and just being his girl and not someones mommy. I love being a mom and I really find that being one is the best thing that has happened to me. But being a mommy 24/7 without a break all the time can really drain you as a person and its important to find ways to re-energize so that when you do get back home you have so much more to give to them.

I must admit I thought about them often while out and of course noticed all the babies and kids around me,  but I also noticed that I need date nights with my husband for more than one reason.

So grateful to have had that chance to hold my guys hand and to just be together and enjoy one anothers company. A truly special treat!


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