Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Various Snoods and Hairstyle Inspirations

Not only are there various styles of snoods, there are also many way you can do up your hair in the front. The image above is of a Cap Snood-its like a hat and a snood at the same time. It's a lot more dressy that the usual simply mesh that I wore my night out to see "It's a Wonderful Life".

Two more styles of snoods are called the Beaded Open Crown Snood. I have found only one seller on Etsy who sells them and they seem hard to find,  but incredibly gorgeous. Check out ArtheliasAttic---this seller makes the most beautiful snoods--I promise you will be drooling after them!

I am sure there might be more out there but defiantly look for sellers who use authentic vintage 1940's patterns for their snood making. It makes a difference.

Now to some hairstyle inspiration while using a snood. One is doing victory rolls in the front which was very popular in the 1940's. Here is a step by step guide--just remember--do your Victory Rolls as you normally would have and then simply add on your snood. To ensure it stays in place, put bobby pins at the sides and the top where your snood is and you are done!

Some more hairstyle insiration comes from Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube. These are two easy and equally fabulous hairstyles and I plan to be trying them out soon!! So should you!!!

"Snoods on the job" by Lisa Freemont Street

"Snoods on the town" by Lisa Freemont Street

I hope you found this information helpful and useful. I will be posting my attempt at these looks tomorrow! Keep practicing and have fun!



  1. Snoods are so fantastic, yet they're often underrated these days. As someone with painfully thin, bone straight hair, I love turning to snoods on days when I just, no matter what, can't sweet talk my locks into holding a decent curl or wave. When that happens I'll tuck the back into a snood, do a roll or two in the front, and presto, delightful hairdo! :)

    Big hugs & joyful Thursday wishes,

  2. I NEED a snood!!!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Youre so right-snoods are fab! Nella yes you must-I have a giveaway for a snood coming up-def join in the fun!! xox


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