Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Birthday Wishes....

So my birthday is coming up soon....on January 24th, 19-- (LOL) my mama brought me into this world. Everyday I am grateful to her but birthdays are especially significant to me because its the day I get to honor my parents. I get to celebrate the love they had for one another and the love that created me. I get to honor them by living the best life that I can and I  get to honor myself by celebrating that life.

I am going to keep it real-this year is kind of hard because for some reason the numbers keep going up and up and up....thats just ridiculous don't you agree? Hehehe

People always ask me what I want-so what I really want is for my husband to have less worries. That unfortunately shall take some time so until then here is a fun little list of things I would love to have as a cheery reminder that growing older is a good thing even though the white hairs are multiplying by the dozens and that I can no longer party like its 1999! Thanks Prince or the Artist formally known as Prince. *chuckle*
Cutie pie me at a year old hehe

Bunny's wishes:

  • A 8x10 Portfolio for my modeling photos-that would be a lovely way to share with others and also to keep safe for years to come!
  • A dvd copy of "The Women" or "The Enchanted Cottage" or "Rebecca" simply because they are some of my favorite films and I don't have them in my mini classic film collection-would love to watch them over and over and over-how nice!
  • A Doctor Who sonic screwdriver (yes, I really wrote that!) because I will be needing one for a photo shoot and because every hard core fan of Doctor Who should have one, right??!!
  • A paperback copy of "The short history of film" because I would love to learn more inside information about film making and all the classic films-feeding my brain is a good thing. Hehe
  • Doctor Who 9th Doctor Action Figure because I would love to look at that daft old face everyday-hey that's what he called it-love my number 9!
  • A proper black 1940's handbag that I can use when I go about town-it matches with everything and it would be big enough to carry my camera, makeup, wallet and such...also a cute coin purse would be neat to have. I remember my granny used to use those all the time!
  • Bracelets and earrings and a faux pearl necklace-a vintage girls must have is proper jewelry to match with all your outfits *smile*
  • A paperback copy of "Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters" by Marilyn Monroe--I heard so many great things about this book. This is a must have for every true fan of Marilyn's-like me!
  • Oh man-have you seen the Grace Kelly Barbie Dolls? There are four of them-each incredibly stunning. I am a collector of Pop Culture Barbies so of course I quickly began drooling after this one...or well any one of Grace's LOL
  • Last but not least-what I really need are trousers, pinafores, and many a pair of dungarees. I keep saying without them I can't do much but its true--I can't model or dress up for events--so owning a nice selection of them is really important to me. But patience is a virtue and one I must practice-OFTEN.
Oh yeah I should say I need sleep and sleep and more sleep and perhaps a little more sleep but who am I kidding. I don't think I will properly sleep again until I am old and gray. And on that note, my final wish is to be old and gray with my hubby and be able to watch my children become adults. It's in my prayers everyday and my biggest wish because my mother never had a chance to do that--I want to be able to make that wish come true for us both.

And stay tuned throughout the month of January I will have a few amazing Giveaways as a way to celebrate. I will also be hosting a Doctor Who themed party for my big day and I really look forward to sharing the fun and intergalactic celebrations with you all.


PS Please do not feel the need to purchase anything on that list-its my way to create a little birthday fun for myself and to remind myself that its okay to want a few materialistic things that are not for the house or for the kids LOL


  1. Rebecca the book was good, so was the moveie.

    I really hope that your Birthday wishes are granted. As a Doctor Who fan, I look forward to seeing your Birthday Party photo's.

  2. Awww thanks sweetie! Omg def-cannot wait to put it all together and clean the dust off my Tardis *wink*


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