Monday, December 5, 2011

The Blogger Awards are back!

Oh I couldn't resist spotlighting some more blogs, new and old. Let's be honest--giving something away is super fun and it's nice to put a smile on someone's face!

So without further adieu the first blogger award being given out will be.....

The Harlow Blogger Award will be given out to three new and upcoming bloggers who are young, vibrant, and beautiful just like Jean Harlow was.

The first is called Jade's Vintage Delights. Jade is an art and vintage enthusiast whose passion for both forms come together in her love for vintage fashion and design. The second is called Everyday Pinspiration. Melissa is a full-time mama and homemaker with a flare for creativity. She is open to trying out new things and learning, which makes her uber crafty even she doesn't think she is (you so are!). Last but not least is GrowingUp YA. Kristin is an aspiring author/blogger, whose addiction (a good one I might add) to Young Adult Literature led her to the blog world.

All three of these amazing young women have blogs that a defiantly worth following-give it a go!

Now I have been immersing myself into the vintage world more and more each day. And honestly the more I have been learning the more I am loving it and the more I am realizing that I have always has this passion-its just now at this point in my life that I am able to express it.

There have been a few vintage blogs that I have been learning oodles from. I just had to share with you all. If you are following them then great-if you're not-they are a MUST to follow!

The first Outstanding Vintage Blogger Award goes to, Chronically Vintage Blog. I have happily become hooked on this blog and Jessica posts what seems like everyday. That's great for me because I am eager to read and eager to learn. Her posts are warm and friendly and through them I get a sense that she's a wonderful women.

The second is called Lil Vintage Me. Maxine's blog is new but it has loads of fantastic information. I appreciate her willingness to make posts focusing on beginner vintage gals like myself and not assume that all her readers are pros. She is super sweet and I love how passionate she is about vintage.

The third is called Retro Chick. Oh my, can I say oodles and oodles of fabulous vintage information. This blogger is located in Norwich, Norfolk in England which happens to be the exact same place one of our dearest friends and our godchildren live. So yes I read her blog through and through and hope that within the next two years I can make it to Norwich and attend some vintage festivities. A girl can dream and this girl right here dreams big!

Lastly, there is a blog called Vintage Loving Mom. It was nice to find a vintage blogger who is also a mama and can relate to the madness mommying can sometimes bring into your life and the need to keep your passions alive while doing the best job on earth (yes I mean that!).

The Ultra Classy Blogger Award goes to a blog called Penni Pops Designs. I have met a few amazing women through my blogging, pinup, and vintage experience--women who have given me kindness and the precious gift of friendship. Penni is one of them. We can relate to each other for so many reasons and one of the biggest is that we both have three children! Penni I specialises in vintage finds, revampted and original vintage clothing. She is also very crafty with jewelery making, sewing, crocheting--to name just a few. Penni will be graciously hosting a giveaway during the month of December! I cannot wait for you all to see what she will make for one lucky winner!

All of these blogs are fantastic. If you want to read some more amazing blogs check out my first Blogger Awards. Thank you to all those fantastic and dedicated bloggers out there who make the blogger world a fun place to be a part of.



  1. Wow, thanks so much for the award! You are the greatest!!!

    The Vintage Loving Mom

  2. So happy to give to you Crystal! Love your blog!! xox

  3. Thank you ever so much Bunny, my first award - you can probably see my smile from there!!

    Maxine xx

  4. Thanks so much, Bunny! This is such an honor! I have some great crafts coming up! Stay tuned!.......I love all your work. You're an awesome writer, beautiful pinup mama, and Super mama!

    Thanks again!!
    Melissa @

  5. So happy you all like them-yeah! Thats made me super happy!!! Hugs to you all!! xox


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