Monday, October 29, 2012

Top Five Spooky PERIOD Films

There is nothing better than a spooky story during the chilly, cardigan friendly days of October. Now imagine a spooky story in the form of a film, but better still....set in the past!

Let's take a peak at my top five spooky period films. They weren't placed in specific order. I do feel I must warn you...these tales are frightening!!!

First up is one of my favorite 1980's films, Ghost Story (1981). There are so many things that make this films special and eye catching. Let's start with the fact that it was originally a novel. It also starred four....yes FOUR of Classic Hollywood's finest actors; Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, and John Houseman. Ugh...just wow! It also stars Craig Wasson who is known for his role in "Body Double".

During the 1930's, a group of boyhood friends meet a newcomer in their town named Eva (played by the amazing Alice Krige. One night in an argument, one of the guys pushes Eva and she hits her head. They think she is dead, place her in a car, and drive the car off into a lake. It is at that point that they realize they had made a horrible mistake. Eva was alive!

Many years later, a women named Alma enters the lives of two of the sons of one of the boys from that fateful night. The boys, known as the Chowder Society, are now older gentlemen who lived very successful lives. But....but....they harbor a dark and sinister secret that is about to seek it's ultimate revenge!

The Others (2001), set in the 1940's during WWII, a mother and her children live in remote country house. Her children suffer from photo sensitivity and so she works hard to protect them from the sunlight. You see her randomly cry or get upset, you don't know why though. Then enter three "new" servants to help out around the house. Grace (Kidman) begins to become suspicious of them and the children feel as though they are being haunted!

It stars Nicole KidmanFionnula Flanagan, and Christopher Eccleston. Every performance was outstanding and heart wrenching too. You actually don't know why until the end. The end is beautiful done and I will NOT give it away for those who have yet to see this film.

Haunted Honeymoon (1986) isn't entirely spooky but it's good to laugh once in a while! It stars some outstanding comedians of the 1980's; Gene Wilder, the late Gilda Radner, and the late Dom DeLuise.

Also set in the 1940's, where Larry (Wilder) and Vickie (Radner) were radio stars in the Murder Mystery Theater. Larry has been on-air panic attacks and speech impediments since he proposed to Vickie. So how to solve these problems you may wonder? Scare the out of you of course!! 

They travel to visit Larry's eccentric family hoping this would solve his problem. The end result is a real life murder mystery just like in their shows!!! Totally hilarious and fun!!

Who wasn't madly in love with Louis??! I know I was especially after reading the book! Interview with the Vampire (1994), starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and set both in multiple time periods-1791 and 1870 primarily.

While you watch the film (or read the book) you follow the lives of one vampire named Lestat and one human (turned vampire) named Louis. You go with them on their travels, their killings, their conquests, and you watch as they live long, long lives without aging. Now to be pretty and not age sounds tempting but not for Louis who still holds on to the memories of humanity.

Okay, now I know most of  you have never seen or heard of this film. This one is for the really big horror fans! I first saw Dead Alive back in 1992 when my brother handed me a VHS tape of it. He was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of horror so of course I took his suggestion seriously. I watched it in my grandma's house and was left dizzy, overwhelmed, and saying..."what the heck??!" But I wanted more....soooooo of course its a winner!

This film was set in the 1957 in New Zealand, Lionel (played by Tim Balme) and his over bearing mother (played fantastically by the late Elizabeth Moody) visit the zoo where there is said to be a rare rat monkey. A rat monkey you say? Oh dear, I cannot even describe-way too gross and the story behind it, even grosser! His mother gets biten and all hell breaks lose. Not kidding!

Paquita (played by Diana Penalver), a shopkeeper's daughter and Lionel fall in love. Of course his mother is none too pleased but you see she has other problems on hand, like becoming a flesh eating zombie! These zombies are the kind you have never seen before-trust me! Mayhem of course ensues!

It is directed by Peter Jackson, yes "The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy" Peter Jackson-it was early in his career. But he created a true horror and gore masterpiece. I can tell you one thing, once you see the lawnmower scene, you will never think of horror the same way again! There is comedy, action, loads or gorey gore, and romance of course. This film is truly one of a kind! 

Are there any you are interested in seeing? Do you know of any other spooky films that are set in the past?? Don't forget to tune in for Volume Two of "Bunny's Spooky Flicks" tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed my little list!!



  1. I'm stunned I had never heard of Ghost Story before. It looks awesome. I definitely need to see that soon. In fact, the only one of these movies I've actually seen is Interview with the Vampire. Sheesh.

    1. Jen-you will LOVE it! Be prepared but there are some scenes that are like...OMGGGGGGGG heheh Let me know when you see it!! xox

  2. Awesome post - so rich with the frighteningly fun (or just plain frightening!) spirit of the season. Of these five, Interview with a Vampire is my favourite, followed closely by Haunted Honeymoon. Can't wait to see the next installment of this terrific series!

    Wishing you a boo-tiful Halloween Eve, Eve!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Whooooaaa yeah thanks Jess! So glad you enjoyed it! xox

  3. The Others is terrifying, and I love Interview with a Vampire as well.

    Have you seen Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe? Scared the living daylights out of me :o)

  4. I haven't yet! It is!! Ahhh cant wait to see it though! Thanks mama! xox


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