Friday, May 3, 2013

Help Save Bomb Girls!

Bomb Girls
I cannot believe this but Global TV has decided to not bring back Bomb Girls for a third season. This show is so incredibly inspirational and I am a huge fan!!If you are too or if you feel we need to continue having amazing shows like this that spotlight strong and courageous female characters, please check out this link!

This campaign is outstanding and I am hoping it will make our voices be heard. You can also contact Global TV on Twitter or comment on your own Twitter page using the hashtag #savebombgirls. You can also follow and share the links of Save Bomb Girls Tumblr and Save Bomb Girls Facebook page and share them on your own social media networks.

Get the word out. This show is something special and in a world of a 300 channels and only perhaps 10-15 incredible shows-we NEED to save the incredible shows when their life lines are being threatened. It's time to KEEP CALM and SAVE BOMB GIRLS!



  1. This is sad. I have never had the chance to watch it. But I have wanted too. They always keep all that reality tv crap and ditch the good tv shows. :-/

  2. Oh no! I have most of season 2 on my DVR, but haven't been able to sit down and watch it yet. Spreading the word!

  3. Oh what a bummer! I've taped them all and had no idea it wasn't renewed, I haven't even gotten to start watching them yet but now it'll be kind of melancholy to. :/

  4. I know they will be having a special two hr movie to wrap up the stories but still-having another season would be much better! xox

  5. Here, here! Knowing Canadian television, I wasn't terribly shocked when I heard the plug was going to be pulled (sadly, often, TV shows, even popular ones, seem to be short lived in this country - there are exceptions to that statement of course, but plenty have been canned after just a season or two as well), but that doesn't mean I wasn't still taken aback and sad to get wind of the news. I think this campaign to try and save the show is a fabulous idea and am behind it 100%!!!

    Fingers crossed!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I was so devastated to hear this. Hopefully we can save it!

  7. This TV show was not even programmed in France, what a pity!!!!!

  8. I saw a clip of it on youtube, and my sweetie bought me the 1st season on DVD! It showed up on Netflix recently, too.

    I hope it can be saved!!


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