Thursday, May 23, 2013

Miss Subway Book Winner and Being Curious...

The winner of the Meet Miss Subway book is...Wendi from Haute Rockabilly Fashionista! Wendi just contact me via email at Thank you all for joining in the fun!

So along with my announcement of the winner of this fabulous book.  I am curious to know since many of you are either vintage bloggers or read many amazing vintage blogs-what topics do you yearn to see/read more in the vintage world? I have just been curious lately and wanted to hear what my dear vintage sisters thought. :)

I'd love to hear your feedback. Til then-I hope you all have a super fab weekend!!!! 



  1. I guess I'm a sort-of vintage blogger, but I blog about other stuff, too. I just love flipping through vintage blogs because it absolutely triggers a stress-relief in my brain. I never feel angry, anxious, resentful, etc when I am just looking at vintage blogs. I love everyone's pictures, their stuff, their perspectives. It's like window shopping without having to put on a bra or get up off the couch. :)


  2. I just write about things that I like and that interest me and hope that it will interest others too. lol

  3. I just read this and actually squealed aloud! Super, super excited! Thank you so very much Bunny!

  4. Huge congrats, dear Wendi!!!

    I really love posts on vintage blogs that include yesteryear photos of real world people (especially stylish lasses) and vintage images, such as pages from fashion magazines. Overall though, I adore it - and often find myself more captivated by a given blog - when a site doesn't pigeonhole itself too narrowly. I love a range of topics pertaining to vintage and the old school elements that are near and dear to the blogger's heart (something that I definitely think you and your blog already excel at, dear Bunny).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh thank you ladies for your imput. Helps me understand a lot more and congrats again Wendi!!! xox


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