Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Vintage Home: Making Progress....

Happy June everyone! Gosh, I feel like I have been away from blogging for the longest time! Eeek! I don't like being away for this long! But I do have a good reason! The painting process in my home began and we are now mid-way through. 

I feel as though painting is the foundation. Once you have that done then you can clean, organize, and redecorate. Of course we have met some challenges; rainy days, hot days, hubby's work schedule, my dad's schedule, etc. A project that I thought would take two weeks is now going into its sixth week. But the foyer, living room, kids bedroom, and bathroom are painted. We just need to finish the moldings in the dining room and hallway. I was going to leave our bedroom and kitchen for the fall but I decided to do our bedroom this summer as well. That will just leave us with the kitchen and front lawn to deal work on come September. The fall is usually super busy for us anyway so this way we can focus on those areas and it won't be as overwhelming.

A part of creating a home with your loved one is to compromise. Our home originally was painted with simple shades of cream and white and I yearned for some color. So we compromised-light colored walls and dark curtains and decor. That way hubby has his light colors and I get the darks that I love, plus it creates a fantastic contrast giving the home more depth and warmth as well.

For the foyer we choose a color by Behr called Full Moon. We added a beautiful shade of grey curtains to the foyer which has given it incredible contract. The the living room, dining room, and hallway were painting Sterling. Which is just a shade darker than Full Moon but it has made such a difference. It is like a light grey/blue and not heavy on the eyes. I am so pleased with the way it is turning out! Whoot!
We originally worked on the kid's room first. Their playroom still needs to be decluttered, organized, and set up for them to play in but their bedroom is about 90% completed. It was painted a shade of light blue and as you can see from the photo below-all three little bunnies sleep in a row!

I have to still hang their decor-their belly molds (each one has one), frames, and this super cute garland where you can clip on photos of their artwork. I chose sheep so I can put it over their beds and help them sleep. Cheesy I know but I couldn't help it! I will add a few more touches as time progresses to their shelves, but so far it is on its way to being done.
The curtains and wall you see above are from my foyer and a frame I purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the living room. Painting and redecorating is a challenge but trying to add something vintagey to each room has proven to be uber tricky! Hubby isn't a fan of things that are old and so we compromised and he agreed he wouldn't mind retro (new) decor here and there. Trouble is what to get and where to get it!!! Gahhhh!

So, that is what I have been up to so far! Do your spouses/partners have a hard time with  your love of vintage in your home? How have you compromised?

Tune in for more on My Vintage Home segments as well as loads of jam packed posts to come soon!



  1. Looking good, Bunny!! I love the family picture frame!

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start! Those sheep are so incredibly cute!

  3. Everything looks so pretty!!! Job well done, Bunny girl!!!

  4. Thanks mama! Phew! This is a tough job but I am excited at what the results will be a month or two from now! Yeah!! xox

  5. Looking good! Now the feeling when things take longer then you anticipated.
    I'm blessed with a guy whos loving old stuff and vintage almost more then me. He loves finding bargains and going to flea markets. I think the tricky part is not to end up living in a thrift shop.
    Looking forward to seeing what you find!

    1. Oh you are lucky my dear! I hope to make to reflect us both-fingers and toes crossed! xox

  6. My decor is a mix of 50's or 60's vintage with a country/lodge look. My husband actually appreciates old stuff, like vintage phones or radios and he likes the lodge look, so he doesn't complain much, especially if the items are cheap used items from the thrift shop. The only thing he has complained about is when I get more kitchen items, because he feels I have plenty of dishes, glasses, mugs, etc., but these are my favorite items! But as long as I have a place to put the stuff, he doesn't mind "new" old things.

  7. I love your choices of paint color. We are starting to redecorate as well and I have paint swatches taped up all over the house trying to decide what colors to choose and seeing how they look on our walls at different times of day. Its a tough decision because I know a lot of work will lie ahead and whatever I choose I will need to live with for quite a while. Yours is looking great!

  8. Compromise is so important when it comes to home decor, I agree. Rarely will any two peoples' tastes match exactly on all counts - and there's nothing wrong that (could you imagine if we all lived in houses that looked the same?). I find that it's a matter of picking your battles, opening yourself up to the idea of perhaps liking decor styles (or household items) that you'd previously not been interested in, and trying to find some items (or decorating some rooms) in ways that appeal to both people.

    ♥ Jessica


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