Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrating {Father's Day} the Vintage Way

Father's Day is this Sunday here in the states. It is a time to remember all the dads whether in memory or by gifting him another tie for the office. Either way, in a society where many father's are absent either because of choice or by design, there are many father's out there who do an outstanding job at tending to their loved ones. 

I was raised primarily by my father after my mother's passing and he is one of my favorite people I have ever known. He has taught me it is okay to be imperfect, that being different is the best way to be, and that life is a journey. It is safe to say that I am a daddy's girl and I still am and yes I still call him daddy.

When I met my husband, within two months of being with him I knew he would be a fantastic husband and father. He set out to have only one child, but three babies later....hehe He defiantly is the type of father I believe every child deserves.

He isn't perfect, he isn't my dad, he isn't a super hero. He is exactly as he is-gentle, kind, fun loving, sweet, nurturing, responsible, and loving, All the things he was before he became a father just amplified three times! And I love every bit of it.

Today we decided to celebrate Father's Day for my husband since technically mama mistakenly booked a massive vintage event for the family to attend and yes, I didn't realize it was on Father's day! ekkk! But it's okay because now we have three days to tell him how much we love and adore him.

My husband is a simple guy. What makes him happy is having us safe, paying the bills on time, having a good meal, and drinking a nice cold beer. So, I figured the best gift for my hubby would be to take him out to a place he has been yearning to go to for ages! 

We went to the Manor Oktoberfest. Delicious food and scrumptious beer-perfect combination for my hubby. And you cannot get any more vintage than celebrating Oktoberfest (it began in 1810) and the closest we have gotten to so far is by going to this restaurant hehe
The bunny crew~hubby and the little ones 

I aimed to wear a pretty dress for my hubby because call me old-fashioned but when a woman dolls herself up for her loved one, its a special gift they are giving to them. Well, because of the impending rain I decided to wear my Freddies of Pinewood jeans (purchased on ebay for half the price!) and top (gifted by my Swing Sister). Hubby was pleased as punch and that made both of us happy. Score!
Of course it ended up not raining much but I think I still rocked the vintage casual look. What do you think? Do you have a go-too vintage look on bad weather days?

What plans do you have for Father's Day?

Bunny's Outfit
Top and Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Navy Cardigan: Old Navy
Handbag: 1940's Embriodered Fabric Purse: Vector Vintage
Accessories: Earrings, belt, bracelet, and scarf: Purchased in MO


PS For those who love classic films, check out this amazing blog and their list of father themed films!


  1. You certainly DID rock the casual vintage look :) I know what you mean about husbands- mine loves it when I am dressed up. I think he enjoys escorting a lady (especially if I am getting appreciative looks ;) )

    1. Awww thanks mama! Your hubby sounds so sweet! We are lucky gals indeed!!! xox

  2. Beautiful outfit, dear Bunny - I think blue is really one of your best colours (I personally tend to reach for it more often than black, at least near my face, too, as I find it injects more colour into my skin than black does).

    Happiest Father's Day wishes your sweet husband and dear father!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Black is very tempting esp here in NY-its a basic color everyone seems to go to heheh Thank you Jessica! It felt good to dress up!!! Thank you for the father's day wishes!!! xox

  3. What lovely words about your Dad and Husband.

    You look great in your Freddies - I must say that I am tempted to get a pair but I never wear jeans/ trousers so I don't know if they would suit me!

  4. Beautiful family, and beautiful sentiments! You truly rock that look, too, BTW!

  5. Fab! I would love to find a pair of trousers that actually would fit me. Oh well cant have it all.
    In Denmark we celebrate fathers day on June 5th but all the same reasons.

  6. What a lovely post. Isnt it wonderful to have such great men in your life? I have the same with my Dad and husband and I feel so blessed.

    You look great! I have two pair of Freddies, one I bought from their site and the other pair I got on ebay for about half the price, but sadly neither of them fit me very well. I must have a weird shape. lol I would love to have a pair that truly fit.

  7. A lovely post, you look lovely - I love that bag!

  8. I think blue maybe your color. Particularly the shades you are wearing in these pictures. You look so beautiful.

    As for my go to vintage on a bad day: Freddies, a NudeeDudee 1930's sailor top, and a vintage head scarf tied a la Rosie the Riveter to protect my locks.

  9. That bag is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too will be doing myself up tonight as my hubby has been away for a week working for the first time since we have had 2 children so it feels right to make myself look presentable for his arrival.


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