Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine Presents: Issue Four: The Great Gatsby


  1. You and Brittany have truly outdone yourselves! You're the cat's meow!

  2. You ladies keep on knocking it out of the park with your incredible editions of Hey Doll! I've got the twenties on the brain this month, too (though, it stems more from a newly released novel I was sent to review than Gatsby - which, don't me wrong I'm excited about as well!) and am off to cozy up with the cat and savour every last page of this month's magazine.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love this issue! They've all been wonderful!
    I like the part on the Assiut shawls. I used to live in Egypt (my parents are there), and they still sell those sorts of things in Egypt and Sudan, though I've only run across them in the antique-ish sections of markets. There are also tunics, face veils, etc. that are made out of that mesh with metal bits woven in, just like the shawls!


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