Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bucket List

Write your own Bucket List!

A week ago I wrote probably the most amazing blog post ever and it was this one. Well for some reason it didn't save and well I am writing it again. Oh dear---hope it turns up just as fabulous! So here I go!

I have shared with you that I have always been a memory keeper but I am also a list maker. I love making a list and being able to scratch out what I have already done and look at how accomplished I have been. I tend to make many lists especially since my memory has been so mushy after having my babies LOL

The experience of losing my mother just six days after my eighth birthday has changed my life in every way. Growing up without her I sort of didn't think about the fact that she wasn't there. In some ways I was living in a cloud and I don't think I was ready to face that truth entirely.

I have never said this aloud too often but I tend to feel time differently than most people I know. I speak about death a little more candidly and cemeteries are actually beautiful to me. Does this make me morbid? Perhaps some may think so. My mother taught me that life is fleeting, its precious, and that time waits for no one.

Mommy and Me~1977

Her biggest dream was to have children and she made that dream come true. Ironically my biggest dream was to have children as well. My three beauties--every little part of them (well maybe not the poop lol) is precious to me. Their little noses, the way they laugh, their little toes, and when they show each other affection I just fall deeper in love with them.

My mother taught me that it is a gift to give life and a gift to receive it. What we do with this life is up to us. I am now older than my mother which is a difficult thing for me to acknowledge. I think about her everyday and I even  named my daughter after her. I feel her all the time. What I don't have is her arms around me to tell me everything is going to be okay. I strongly believe there is nothing more sacred than a mother's love. I am grateful that I have known that love even for just seven years of my life.

My dream came true. I am living my life with an incredible man and we helped create three incredible little humans. Now I am creating more dreams for myself. Things I never thought I would dream--ever!

Here is my Bucket List:

  1. Write a journal to each of my children specifically just for them.
  2. Meet New Kids on the Block (yes I really did just write that!)
  3. Create a nice vintage wardrobe for myself
  4. Travel to the place my mother was born (Moca, Puerto Rico)
  5. Ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy
  6. See my image in a vintage-inspired magazine
  7. Have my likeness painted/drawn by an artist
  8. Renew my wedding vows with my husband and have our children present
  9. Become a published author
  10. Learn everything about Classic Film from the silent era to the 1960's
  11. Go to the TCM Film Festival in California
  12. Build an amazing modeling portfolio
  13. Write a children's book
  14. Watch my children grow up to be adults
  15. Be on a camel in Egypt when I take my first look of a pyramid
  16. Travel to Spain, Italy, Scotland, and Australia
  17. Watch a screening of Doctor Who and meet a member of the cast
  18. Finish all my scrapbook albums of  my children
  19. Work with amazing photographers
  20. Become a Vintage Classic Pinup Model
  21. Have my family travel to England to visit with our godchildren/friends
  22. Learn how to speak another language aside from English
  23. Learn how to finally do vintage hair-all on my own!
  24. Become a better cook (especially since I have two growing boys lol)
  25. Have vintage inspired classic holiday photo shoots-Halloween, Christmas, and Easter
It's important I think to create a list for yourself, to set goals, and to have something to strive for. I hope after you read this post that you will sit down and write out a bucket list for yourself!  xox


  1. I'm up before my princess and I plan on writing my list after my coffee! This was a fabulous post!

  2. Yeah-so happy to hear that! Thank you! It will feel great to write some stuff down! I would love to hear some of yours if youd like to share! Hope you had a good morning! Hugs!


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