Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photos That Inspire...

Jean Harlow

With my photo shoot happening three weeks from now I  have been researching and studying photos to help with my Pinup Practice. Not only did Celeste Giuliano recommend that I practice some poses before my shoot but one of my closest friends who also happens to be an extraordinary bellydancer suggested I practice as well.

I have asked around a bit because I don't fully understand how does one practice poses when they aren't well---modeling in front of a camera? I have heard to practice in front of the mirror but with my lifestyle as it is most days I am lucky to get in eating and potty time and a quick shower. My babies take a lot of energy and they are busy exploring their world so mama doesn't always have to time to stand in front of a mirror and make faces at myself. Goodness that sounds weird.

I was also told that I should find my character within myself. Hummm...this should be interesting!

Here are some photos that inspire me:

Jean Harlow

Ava Gardner

Linda Darnell

Marilyn Monroe

Vivien Leigh

Betty Grable

Clara Bow

Jane Russell

These are just a few photos that I find inspirational. The woman in front of the camera were pretty inspirational as well.

Do you know what I have noticed about the pinups of yesteryear? They all had amazing faces! Their bodies were all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many were petite, some were buxom, some had a young boys figure, but what they all had in common was that their faces were exquisite. They all took hold of the camera with their gaze.

That's what I want to achieve for myself. I have the curves (and a bit extra too LOL) but its through my face that I want to connect with the camera. I want to project emotion and make the viewer feel what I am expressing.

One day I want my photos to be an inspiration for others! One day!

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