Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are all Pinups together!

I have been meaning to post something about this for some time now. You will never ever hear (or rather read me) naming names because truly it is just tacky and so not lady like. And I pride myself in being a lady.

But the subject of this post is simple. WE ARE ALL PINUPS TOGETHER! So why is their cattiness,  jealousy, shadiness, insincerity, phoniness, and just plan ole ugliness involved in the world of pinup? The answer is: I don't really know.

Okay I just fibbed-I do know. I mean come on, it really is common sense. No matter how confident and sure of themselves a person can portray them self it doesn't mean they have a healthy self-esteem. People can be actors you know. They can pretend to be something they are not in order to get what they want out of people. Be it money, fame, attention, friendship, affection---the list can go on and on and on.

I will be honest about myself. I have always had a strong sense of SELF-LOVE. I still feel my mother's love around me. I am proud to say I was created from love and brought into this world because of love. I know not everyone can say that and I am sharing what I feel  not to hurt those who have never experienced that but rather just to share my truth.

My parents with their little pinup!

My parents adored me and I lived with that adoration all my life. My husband adores me. Yes, I think I deserve it and I relish in it and enjoy every second. I adore him too *wink* There's something about being treated that way that helps create a foundation of self-love. Now the rest I think is up to you, depending on your personality and experiences of course.

Through this process of becoming a pinup I have realized that I have confused self-love with self-confidence. I thought I was confidant but I am learning that I am not as confidant about my body as I assumed I was. The rest of me rocks but how I express myself through my physical self is not as high as it should be. Then again I did have three babies in four years and my body has changed also with age, but I don't want to use that as a crutch but rather celebrate it to the fullest capacity.

Thankfully my experiences with those in the pinup world be it vintage, fetish, rockabilly, alternative, cheesecake, etc has been about 90% amazing. But a small percentage of people have just made me shake my head and say to myself," Really now?".

What I have learned is that just because someone acts nice, speaks kindly to you, or answers your emails in a timely manner doesn't exactly mean they are a good person. Nice and Good---two different ways of being. I have learned  time and again how phony, insincere, and uncouth people can really be. I have realized that many people in the business (any business really) are out there just to make a buck off of you.

Some people in the pinup world are in it for themselves. Not to celebrate the times, the eras, the people, the history but to make a living off of the past. I believe in doing you but don't do it at the cost of others and also do it tastefully. Whatever you do in this life--do it with passion, love, and honesty.

Us pinup girls should stick together, not tear another down. I never understood why women need to compete with one another (unless it is a competition) or screw over someone else because they have something they themselves do not possess.

I say we all have something special to offer the pinup world. Every one's story is unique and special. Not everyone will obtain fame, riches, and glory but you can obtain self-respect, joy in what you're doing, and possibly even inspired others. Be yourself no matter what. In the end at least you can say you lived your life sincerely and authentically.


  1. What an AMAZING post Bunny! Your honesty, integrity and compassion is really beautiful, and I feel the same way too! We need to support and nurture each other, especially in times when life throws us a curve ball (...and i have certainly had a few of those in my time!). My work as a School psychologist with adolescent girls, reflects repeatedly how fragile our self-esteem and self-confidence can be, and how those who are less mindful, empathic, and considerate (and especially less HONEST with themselves) can serve to deflate others. You are truly a "special" light in this world Bunny, and I thank you for your inspirational and thought provoking post. Let's hope that those of whom you speak of listen with an open heart, and learn that to love yourself doesn't mean you have to compromise your integrity by making others feel "less than". Blessings! Penni Pops xxx

  2. Oh Penni-you are a gem! Thank you so much! I can relate to you as well. I taught teen girls and learned so much from them and myself. Everything in life is a learning process-when others try to hurt that process you either can learn from it or remain hurt. I say, learn. Thank you again Penni for your generous kind words-means a great deal to me-hugs!! xox

  3. I'm a photographer and I deal with this all the time. I'm trying to remain positive but this was a great article. I posted if on my facebook wall and got a great response. Thank you for writing this. Much love and respect! -Lilly PS I added you on facebook so look for my friend request!

  4. Oh yeah-youre so sweet Lilly!!! xox


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