Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News, Surprises, Discoveries, and More!

I am in Retro Lovely Magazine!! Ahhhhh!!!

So many super cool things have been happening lately that I wanted to share it with you all. I am not the jealous type and I just don't bother comparing myself to others. Just doesn't go with who I am and how I was raised. I am typically really happy for others when great things happen to them so I hope you can all share in this joy with me!

There is so much to say that I will just randomly share it without putting it chronological order. Yes, I tend to do that with many things but no, mama is going to be free about her blog entry! LOL

A month ago the owners of Pinup Lifestyle notified me that I would be included in their cork board in Retro Lovely Magazine Issue #6. When I saw the post to try out for it, I figured, "what the heck, why not give it a try!", and I did! I did not expect to hear that I would be in a magazine especially one that is very popular in the pinup world. I didn't totally believe it til I got my issue in the mail and there I am!

One of my many hopes is that this will be one of many. If not, it doesn't matter, because it was so unexpected and I just feel grateful for the chance.

This week I also found out I was the winner of not one but two blog contests! There are so many amazing blogs out there and when I find them I really try to keep up with the readings, participate with comments, and if they hold a contest, again I figured, "what the heck?".

I still can't believe I won! The first is from an amazing artist named Mickie Mueller whose blog is called, Tales from the Old Wooden Art Table....  Her work is ethereal and magical. I loved her depiction of the goddess and I just had to join in the fun with her contest. She also has an Etsy shop where you can view and shop for some of her work. (just click on the word "etsy")

OMG-look at the bundle of goodies coming my way-drool!!

The next day I am looking through my favorite blogs again and I see my name on it. I said to myself, "no way!" so I took a peak and YES WAY it was! This prize is makeup from Stila Cosmetics and the selection is to die for.
The package includes over 15 items some of which are all over shimmer in kitten, long wear lip color, and stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner. The blog is called Retro Girls Guide and it is fun, informative, and a pleasure to read!

Living my stay home life day in and day out doesn't allow me to pamper myself but I can honestly say that these amazing prizes are sure going to give me some pampering!! I feel very blessed indeed!! Feel free to check out those two amazing blogs--you will not be disappointed!

On other news, my photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano has been finalized. I know what my two looks and two themes will be. Am I nervous? I think at this point I am more excited and anxious but in a good way. Celeste is just so nice and friendly, communicating with her has put a lot of my worries at ease. I cannot wait to play dress up, take some time away from my responsibilities, and just enjoy being a GIRL!

My last bit of news is about my challenges in finding some vintage-inspired clothing to wear either on a daily basis or for smaller scale photo shoots. By the way, I am working diligently in finding some photographers who are willing to work for TFP. Since I don't feel ready to sign on to Model Mayhem I have been asking people I know if they know any photographers who would like some practice.

I know I will be working with Celeste soon but I also know that its vital for me to gain more practice. You cannot get better at anything unless you practice!

So with that being said, I ordered a few items from three well-known vintage-inspired online shops. They were all shipped very quickly, packaged beautifully, and all the items were really made well. I was impressed. Problem is that not one piece fits my figure well or is flattering to me at all.

But this was actually a good learning experience for me because although I felt greatly discouraged and defeated of sorts it inspired me to keep looking and researching. In midst of my researching I found a woman on etsy that has a shop called time machine vintage that I might be collaborating with to make custom made vintage-inspired tops and pants!

Pinafore Trousers that this seller makes-love it!!!

I already emailed her my inquiry so now I am just waiting to hear from her. I calculated how much other pants and tops are and found that her prices are just about the same as the other online shops. Plus I will be taking a big risk again if the items don't fit me well. You see, my body dimensions are a little off since having had my last baby. I mean something has to give right? I think my figure could look a whole lot worse but my post-babies pouch is there to stay unless some kind soul pays for a tummy tuck LOL

It is what it is and so is my disability. And because of it my wardrobe has to consist of pants and tops. I can wear dresses but mostly for photo shoots preferably in studio. I think it will be worth every penny to have items hand made to my new figure. I will also be able to pick colors and fabrics that compliment my complexion as well.

All in all, this has been an incredible week for me. Doing pinup and participating in the vintage life is a lot more important to me than I let on. Its given me a way to express myself not just for the people closest to me but to others out there in this great big world of ours. Its also allowed me the chance to do things I never dared to dream. Now one of my many motto's is, "What the heck-what do I have to lose?". I have nothing to lose so I am going for  it!!!!



  1. Congrats!! That is SO exciting about the magazine! One step at a time will lead you where you wnat to be. :) I love those pinafore trousers- cute, cute x

  2. Thank you Brittany!!! I know those pinafores look so comfy right?!! xox


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