Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventures in the City

Taken on Friday, August 12th, 2011

Last week one of my closest and dearest friends flew in from the UK to be the Godfather of my youngest son. I haven't seen him in person for ten years but in the past year we have been skyping and keeping in better touch. Those are the days I love technology.

Ten years ago I was single and moving out of my fathers house into my own apartment. Now is whole other story. I now come with four people and one fur child LOL Thursday night finally came and it was amazing to say the least. Best part was how the children took to him so quickly.

Pinup Mama with my three munchkins!

Friday, August 12th, we all headed out to have an adventure in the city--three babies, three adults, one uber heavy diaper bag (mama had to take things just in case!), and a double stroller. We headed off to the Native American Museum near Wall Street which is fantastic and free (even more fantastic).

Inside the Native American Museum

I have always been a cheesy, smiling child--always ready for the camera but I was never one to purposefully pose for the camera. To me it seemed unnatural and I have always prided myself on being natural and just being me.

Well now its different. For the first time ever---and I mean---EVER---I consciously posed. I wanted to put in some Pinup Practice while doing some sight seeing. I figured--why the heck not. I am learning that posture is very important. Not just sticking our your chest but straightening your back and being conscious (in a good way) of your body and how the camera could be portraying it.

Afterwards we went to Freedom Tower--it wasn't an easy thing for me to do but I went anyway. It was sort of eerie, as if I was at a grave. Gave me chills but it looked really pretty---the building I mean. Can't believe it will be ten years this year! Wow!
The last two parts of our adventures was stopping by The Trinity Church for two reasons--mama need to rest her gams and also there was a really nice cemetery there. I was intrigued. My two eldest played with my friend with this pseudo jungle gym that I really think was a piece of art "The Trinity Roots"--literally the roots of a tree!

You probably don't know this but I actually find cemeteries very peaceful and comforting. Even the ones with my loved ones in it. To me its a place where one can be remembered and I believe its vital to remember others.

A beautiful cemetery in the middle of a bustling city!

I still can't believe I sat on the wet grass for this picture but it was well worth the mud smudge! LOL After we rested we took another train (six in total-sheer madness!) to 42nd Street to eat at my husband's favorite place Famous Dave's. While walking over I noticed this incredible building that I just have to share with you, especially those who love classic cinema as much as I do!

Yes! I am in front of The Barrymore Theatre-how cool!!!

The restaurant we choose is one of my husband's favorites but we usually go to the one in Long Island which is very family friendly. This one not so much. There were no changing tables and thank goodness I packing extra change of clothes and bottles and oh my---I am tired just writing that!

After all the commotion and everyone settled into their seats (I know they were really tired by then but such troopers!) mama ordered a strawberry daiquiri! Oh yes I did!! Okay you defiantly might not know this but I am not interested in alcohol very much, honestly that was for my early twenties and it just doesn't do me any good. Also I always feel like I am on duty with my babies so I never have anything. But since my husband and bff were with me I slurped my drink up---okay with the help of my hubby!

So, to conclude my little adventure, I must say it was not only fabulous to get out with my entire family on a gorgeous summer day, go sight seeing with my friend, or going into the city, but it was a learning experience for me to be more aware of myself and how I express myself in front of a camera. Such fun!


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